Gapyeong Weekend Outing, Gapyeong Drive Course, a place to visit in Gyeonggi-do

Gapyeong Weekend Outings Gapyeong Drive Course, a place to visit in Gyeonggi-do
Gyeonggi-do Weekend Outings Gapyeong Drive Course Sheep Ranch~ It’s a good time to go out in spring. It’s a season where you can enjoy the spring energy of the green shoots just by looking around the house without leaving far away. Gapyeong, an hour away from Seoul, was a good weekend outing to visit Gyeonggi-do.Gapyeong Sheep Ranch, where you can experience feeding animals with ~Yeol Cimi~Bakery Cafe, is a good place to drive with your family or lover in Gyeonggi-do. It was a popular hot place for couples to visit Gapyeong.
Cloud Hill sits on a hill. If there are white clouds floating in the blue sky, it’s a place where you can hold clouds. I think that’s why it was named Cloud Hill.
If you park in the parking lot, get a ticket at the kiosk, and go inside, you will find two ways to open the cypress tree. The straight course is on the way to the Cloud Hill Cafe, and the right side is the animal experience site.
I headed to the cafe to use Cloud Hill first before it got crowded. On my way up, a cypress tree stood as if escorting me, so I shrugged my shoulders.
Cloud Hill Cafe is connected by a building that embodies sculptural clouds. It was divided into four zones, and I could relax wherever I wanted.
There is a newly built tube sledding slope under the pine forest behind the cafe. Now you can enjoy tube sledding after finishing the construction.
Out of the four spaces, the main one is where the bakery is displayed. I could order here and choose the bread I wanted to eat.
It is an hour away from Seoul, so you can visit Gapyeong Sheep Ranch as a drive course in Gyeonggi-do. It was a good place to visit Gyeonggi-do, where you could meet sheep and eat freshly baked bakeries.
It was a Tongchang building located on a hill, so no matter where I sat, the outside view was bright in all directions, so it was a refreshing view.
I liked that if I went early in the morning, I could taste all the freshly baked bread. Popular bread is sold out quickly in the afternoon, so if you like bread, I recommend you to visit early.
Jeonju Choco Pie..There’s also a Choco Pie from Gapyeong sheep ranch. It’s not much sweeter than Jeonju Choco Pie and it’s a little smaller than Jeonju.
Strawberries are in season, so there were many breads with raw strawberries on top. Other than that, there are brownies with sheep on top, which symbolize the sheep ranch, and bread with sheep hair.
There were many types and numbers, so I had a choice problem. I chose the bread that I want to eat, including the salt bread that I can eat lightly.
For drinks, I ordered fresh juice, signature brown bunny cream coffee, and mango smoothie. The signature brown bunny cream coffee tasted like a dark latte with cookies baked directly at a cafe, chewy cream like jelly, and espresso.
I recommend that you eat bread with strawberry toppings with bread rather than just strawberries. You can taste a different delicacy than when you only eat strawberries.
When I sat by the window, I felt relieved by the open scenery. It’s not easy to get a seat near the window if you’re looking for a weekend outing in Gyeonggi-do.
I carefully packed the leftover bread. In the past, I would have left it because I was lazy, but now I bring it home and eat it. I could feel a different taste from eating in the cafe atmosphere.
As I left the cafe, I went to the animal experience center with ice cream in my hand with a cool taste. It was sweet and refreshing to eat ice cream while looking at the scenery outside.
if you go left down from cloud hill located on cloud hill, there is an animal experience center. It’s an experience center with meerkats, rabbits, and sheep. It was a good place to visit Gyeonggi-do where you can enjoy near Seoul.
If you go further down from the experience center, there is a hay exchange. If I showed you the entrance ticket, you could get hay for free only once.
We received hay for animals and started a full-fledged feeding experience. Hay is food for sheep and alpaca.
I could buy big and hard carrots for 2,000 won each. Carrots were food for rabbits.
Stretching meerkats.. The place made of sand has wood and rocks where meerkats can exercise. Meerkats should not be fed.
Oh my! So cute!!! The lambs were huddling together. I laughed when I saw him wiggle because he was so cute.
A kid with big eyes… The rabbit was driven around and followed around even when it pretended to be close to a person.
If you add carrots, they chew like they’re gone.. When I pulled a carrot with my teeth, it was so strong that it was taken away.
If you go down after passing the hay exchange, there is a sheep and pony experience center on the straight course, and there is a ranch on the left where you can see alpaca.
As time went by, more and more visitors visited the sheep ranch. They were travelers looking for a place to visit for lunch in Gapyeong.
If I gave the prepared hay to the sheep as an envelope, I put my mouth into the bag and enjoyed the hay.
When feeding the sheep, hold the hay with both hands and bring it to the sheep’s mouth, and the sheep ate it on their own. On the other hand, I didn’t eat it well if I took out a few hay.
If it wasn’t easy to feed the sheep at the experience ranch, we could have given them outside. It was a place worth visiting in Gyeonggi-do, where I could feel the familiar atmosphere quickly when I patted and fed sheep.
After the experience of feeding sheep, I went to the alpaca across the street. It was good to walk like a walk because Isaac, the silver grass in autumn, opened the way.
It was the same as feeding an alpaca to a sheep. At the alpaca ranch, alpacas were enjoying sunten because of the midday sun. The sheep ranch where you can meet animals and drink freshly baked bakeries and a cup of tea was perfect for the Gapyeong drive course.

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Jeju Seopjikoji Jeju Island East Course Jeju Island Canola Flower

Jeju Seopjikoji Jeju Island East Course Jeju Island Canola Flower
Jeju Seopjikoji~ Jeju Island, which I met on the way to April, was a wave of yellow rape flowers. It bloomed vividly in time for the cherry blossom season in Jeju City and colored the surroundings brightly. I realized that yellow is perfect for spring.I feel good just by looking at the yellow rape flowers. It’s the reason why I feel upbeat with bright colors. Jeju Island’s Seopjikoji, which I visited around the end of March, was in full swing.
When early spring begins, Jeju Seopjikoji is a spring destination that you should visit on the eastern course of Jeju Island because there are rape flowers blooming against the backdrop of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.
The flower garden is located near the white lighthouse and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. It’s a spot where you can capture yellow rape flowers and Seongsan Ilchulbong at the same time.
I parked in the parking lot of Seopjikoji on this day and walked. It was a very cloudy day and quite chilly, so I felt like winter temperature was left.
It was cloudy as if it were pouring out in no time, but I expected clear weather in the blue sky from time to time. If you walk along the entrance, you can look around Seopjikoji at the observation deck where you meet first.
It was early in the morning, but the parking lot was almost full of cars, so I realized the popularity of Seopjikoji, a spring destination.
If you go up to the observatory and look around, you can’t see the yellow rape flower field. If you visited this place for the first time, you might be embarrassed because you don’t know where the rape flower field is. There are no flowers around the white lighthouse, so you can walk to see the flower garden.
Jeju Seopjikoji is a good course to walk along the coast. If you walk as if you’re taking a walk, you can realize that your heart feels refreshed by the sea scenery that always follows you.
Seopjikoji means a geographical area where many talented people are produced, and Koji is said to be a Jeju dialect that refers to a cape.
As I walked with a guide on a wooden fence surrounded by the coast, a teddy bear on the roof was sitting as if beckoning.
Each traveler visits Seopjikoji in Jeju Island. If you climb to Bangdupo Lighthouse with a white lighthouse and turn around to the swing swing, two hours is enough.
The coastal road surrounded by a wooden fence is wide enough for one or two people to walk. When I walk, I feel good in the spring breeze.
It was a healing time to walk leisurely if I took a step or two as if I were taking a morning walk. If you are traveling east of Jeju Island, Seopjikoji is a good point to stop by lightly.
It was a rainy weather, but it was nice to be able to walk along the coastal road only with cloudy weather. It was a good walking trail where you can walk with an umbrella when it rains.
On this day, I didn’t climb the Mangdupo Lighthouse, but just looked at it from afar. The purpose was the rape flower of Seopjikoji, so I took a picture of the lighthouse and headed to the flower garden.
The stone pillar resembling Oedolgae, which I met on the way to the lighthouse, is a fairy rock with a height of 30m and a circumference of 15m. There is a legend related to Seonnyeo Rock, so it’s good to know lightly.
As the rape flower field approached, I felt refreshed by the strong scent of rape flowers. The scent was so strong that I could smell it with a bitter smell.
On this day, there were many student groups and many MZ generations who visited the flower garden with their friends in twos and threes. It was so refreshing and pretty to see them cheering at the flowers..
When I saw them laughing endlessly, I almost laughed. The bright and lively appearance seemed to bring life to the rape flowers that had just bloomed.
It’s the same background, but the scenery is pretty, so I fell in love with the rape flower scenery by taking pictures and taking pictures in the same place. It is a representative spot in the east of Jeju Island on a spring day.
The rape flower field bloomed along the slope on the left hill before going to the lighthouse. It would have been quite large if it had bloomed on the flatland, but it looked small thanks to the bloom along the slope.
As the yellow rape flowers bloomed toward the horizon, the surrounding area was bright even in cloudy weather as if it were about to pour out.
Jeju Seopjikoji is famous for filming dramas such as the eyes of the dawn, all-in, and Danjeok Biyeon. There are tourist attractions such as Udo Island, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and Sinyang Beach nearby.
If I took a picture with my back to the lighthouse, I could enjoy another view. Seopjikoji rape flowers bloomed around the end of March, so I think there are only traces left by now.
Seopjikoji rape flowers are good because you can enjoy different scenery no matter where you look. Depending on the view, you can see Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and you can look around Mangdupo Lighthouse, All-in-House, and Phoenix Park.
Jeju Seopjikoji Hotple was a swing swing standing in the background of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak with a yellow rape flower field. It’s an insider spot for MZ generation looking for Seopjikoji.
Traveling to find flowers is always exciting when you can see flowers in Jeju Island. Jeju Seopjikoji rape flowers were one of them.
On the way back after looking around the rape flowers in Jeju Island, the blue sky opened near the parking lot and felt good. I felt sorry for the blue sky all along, but when I turned around the blue sky as the ending, I remembered it as a good memory.

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Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest Tulip Playground Date Seoul Forest Road Hot Place

Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest Tulip Playground Date Seoul Forest Road Hot Place
Seongsu-dong Hot Place Seoul Forest Playground Tulip Flower Garden~On the weekend morning when there was a rain forecast, I diligently headed to Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest in consideration of the traffic jam. It’s a short distance that takes less than 40 minutes from home, but I was on my way early considering the weekend crowd.~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.15) ~ When I arrived at Seoul Forest, it was just past 7 o’clock, but I was surprised that there were so many cars in the parking lot and quite a lot of travelers who visited the Seoul Forest Road.
I went straight from the parking lot to the Seoul Forest tulip. At the entrance to the forest road, pink double cherry blossoms bloomed greedily, making me feel refreshed in the morning. I felt cool looking at the light green wave surrounding me.
The photo spot popular with lovers was empty because it was early in the morning, but even those empty spaces were good.
Thanks to the name of the garden, I was excited about my mom who liked flowers.
The western corolla, where pink flowers bloomed among the light green leaves, was beautiful even though the flowers were falling one by one.
I lowered my head along the flower branches, but it was a refreshing morning with a clear light petal color and light green background.
The colorful Seoul Forest tulips that you can see when you enter the ecological forest were spectacular. Seoul Forest, with its light green leaves, was a green spring light against the backdrop of colorful tulips.
Unlike last year, tulip flowers bloomed like hamburg flowers this year. The petals bloomed in layers as if they were peonies or roses.
Dark pink and purple tulips caught my eyes as tulips with colorful flowers. The deep purple looked like a peony.
The tulip with the flower bed straightened up was blooming a little tightly closed bud. It looked like I was just stretching in the early morning air.
wow~~ It was a tulip flower road that changed completely from the last time I visited. It was worth running early in the morning to see such a beautiful flower path.
The densely planted tulips were planted sequentially as if they intersected the thread and the raw thread when weaving the fabric. The arrangement of flower colors also played a part in appreciating flowers.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. It was such a beautiful morning that I was so happy to walk on the Seoul Forest Road.
The red tulip, which looked like a lotus flower from the side, could be enjoyed in various ways depending on the view. The white line and red on the edge of the petals were in harmony.
I didn’t think it was a tulip because the tulips surrounded by layers looked like peony flowers. It was a Seoul Forest tulip where I could observe flowers that looked similar but were different.
This time, orange wave~ The orange flower, which looked darker than red, was special enough to check if it was a tulip.
Unlike other flowers, the orange tulip, which is wrapped in layers of petals, has broad petals, making it look like an orange carpet.
I spread out the petals, but the flowers bloomed in yellow and orange two-tone, and it’s as fresh as a flower that just bloomed. If you go on a date in Seongsu-dong, it would be a pretty Seongsu-dong hot place if you take a picture with an orange tulip in the background. Maybe because it was less than 8 a.m., each flower was full of life. Just by looking at it with my eyes, I felt like I was receiving the vitality of the flowers.
That’s why I was so proud of the way I gave up my morning sleep. It would be nice to walk the Seoul Forest Road as an early morning walking course.It was such a pretty Seoul Forest tulip. Once I see it, I automatically make up my mind to come back next year. I was happy just looking at the flowers and walking.
The flowers that bloomed while measuring acorns bloomed without arguing as if they had their own share.
The flower garden that bloomed with yellow looked more flexible than the space that bloomed in groups of red.
The Seoul Forest, which I visited as a hot place in Seongsu-dong, circled around the tulip flower path as if I was wandering around. There are large and small flower fields around the main flower path.
You can see various scenery in Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest all four seasons. In spring, you can walk on cherry blossoms and tulips, and in summer, you can walk on yellow ginkgo trees and maple forest roads in the fall of hydrangeas.
Among them, Seoul Forest tulips that you meet in spring are the best!!! It was a place I visited twice to see the blooming scenery.
It was early in the morning, but as time went by, there were more travelers. When I left before 9 a.m., there were a lot of people as if I were looking at the daytime scenery.
As if everyone feels the same way when they see flowers, those who visited the forest on a date in Seongsu-dong walked along the flower path with a happy expression.
It was a happy time to see tulips blooming in color under the dense forest.. I wish I could see you every day while the flowers are blooming.
Every time I saw a dark purple double tulip, I thought it was peony and saw a flower. I don’t think it’s just me, but some people said the same thing.
I started my day by looking at Seoul Forest tulips on the morning of the weekend. When I came out of Seoul Forest Road, I received a lot of bright energy from the yellow tulips.

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Ilsan Lake Park Tulip Gyeonggi-do flower viewing Spring flower blooming season

Ilsan Lake Park Tulip Gyeonggi-do Spring Flower Blossom Time
Gyeonggi-do Spring Flower Blossom Time ~ These days, colorful tulips are blooming beautifully after cherry blossoms have fallen. I saw the tulips in Ilsan Lake Park, one of the most popular tulip spots.From April 14, 2023, to mid-April, I used to visit Ilsan Lake Park as a flower viewing spot in Gyeonggi-do. This year, I went diligently because of the fast news of flowers, but I was busy preparing for the Goyang International Flower Fair, which is only 10 days away.
I parked in the parking lot of Goyang Flower Exhibition Hall and went to the theme square in front of the exhibition hall.
There were tulip flower fields on a large and small scale all over the way to the exhibition hall. The flowers were just blooming.
The tulip spring flower blooming season in Ilsan Lake Park has just begun. Only the tulip flower bed was so green that it was less than 10% blooming.
When I entered the theme square, it was regrettable that the tulip flower field, which grew in the form of green grass, did not bloom even 1%, let alone 10% of the flowering rate. Instead, I felt refreshed as I was colored with spring vibes.
It was a pity that the main square of Tulip was green, but the flowers blooming one by one were pretty in their own way, so I was able to overcome the disappointment for a short time.
Tulips that only have round buds.k.a. round flower.. The round buds are so cute, so take a picture!!
In the theme square, there is a sculpture of roses in a vase symbolizing Ilsan Lake Park. It is a flower that symbolizes Goyang City and was created with the scent, peace, and future wishes of Goyang citizens.
There were photo zones of various colors around the rose vase, so it was a good spot to take pictures.
Among them, the most personal spot was the mint-colored gate. The color was pretty and the rose vine that climbed up the arch gate was a sweet and refreshing point.
In the fall, pink muli would have been the main attraction, but after the season, only empty ears decorated the area as if they had become dry flowers.
There were only one or two tulips blooming in the theme square, but I could see the tulips in full bloom around it.
The grass of flowers blooming in crimson and purple was bright by adding spring light. I thought it would be better to expand the space of the flower grass that bloomed where there are no tulips.
This was the day I went to see tulips, so I only followed tulips, but I was satisfied with the fact that I could meet them every few steps outside the main square.
The flowers that bloomed in crimson must have bloomed early, but they already seemed to be losing. In contrast to that situation, I could see the flower bed that had just stayed.
The tulips blooming in purple felt elegant depending on the view. I thought it would look like velvet if I touched it. It was a flower that I fell in love with when I looked at it.
White tulips and colorful flowers such as orange, yellow, and crimson were more beautiful than monochrome colonies.
I would have cheered for white and yellow at any time, but I fell in love with purple tulips that emit purple colors on this day.The flower language of purple tulips is ‘Eternal Love’. I think it would be good to give purple tulips to your loved ones.
In spring, the tulips that bloom yellow~ yellow seem to play a role in making the surrounding flower colors stand out more brightly and clearly.
When I looked up at the white tulip from below, it looked like a light yellow color. It’s a white flower from the top, but if you look at it from the bottom, it’s an ivory color..The tulips in Ilsan Lake Park are planted around the trees, so you can enjoy flowers with the trees. It was more fresh like a flower that was seen in the forest by coloring the surroundings of the trees rather than just flowers blooming.
The tulip with its petals wide open as if it were sticking out its tongue was twice as big as any other flower, so the flowers were large.
Ilsan Lake Park was a good flower spot to see flowers in Gyeonggi-do because it was full of spring flowers such as plum blossoms, tulips, and azaleas in spring.
White tulips were placed on the edge and red tulips were filled inside, so it was a flower garden that was more colorful than any other place. It was nice to see the color blooming, but I liked the red garden with white because I could feel the passionate atmosphere.
The tulip, which is yellow only on the edge of the petals, resembles a crown. Flowers are known as the essence of tulips. There are so many kinds of tulips that I think I might forget the original flower condition.
Lanunculus, which resembles a rose, is a flower that is easy to mistake if it blooms in the rose season. It’s a flower that blooms in spring, so you can distinguish it from a rose.
Colorful anemones are also in full bloom. It was a flower that bloomed in a small mini garden, but it was pretty as if the space was filled with flowers.
Tulips blooming against the background of the lake.. It’s still soft, but if you raise the flower bed more and make the flower big, the tulip in the background of the lake was a good point to take pictures.
Royal azaleas were also blooming in time for the spring flower blooming season. It’s a good time to just walk along Ilsan Lake Park Dulle-gil, and I think tulips will be in full bloom next week.

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Recommended travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do, Namhae Horticultural Art Village Spring Outing

Recommended travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do, Namhae Horticultural Art Village Spring Trip
I went on a trip to Namhae with a small but bright spring scenery I met at Gyeongsang-do Horticultural Art Village. The trip that accompanied the warm spring sunshine was a day when even a thin coat was cumbersome. In Namhae Horticultural Art Village, spring flowers bloomed lightly and seemed to stand in the middle of spring.These days, when flowers and flowers are relayed, I am Yeol Cimi, who is having a happy day with the news of flowers. For a trip to the South Sea, the horticultural art village, which was decorated with spring light, was a recommended spot for travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do.
Namhae Horticultural Art Village looked around the German village and walked to the Horticultural Art Village. It was a spring outing set travel destination because it was right next to the German village.
The branches, which had been thin all throughout the year, were plump and fresh from embracing the green shoots, so the tip of the nose was refreshing. The forest tunnel, which started from the entrance of the hot weather, felt like walking along a gentle mountain path.
A coveted flower that solved the question of whether it was a fruit flower thanks to an acquaintance who told me that it was Da Allia..
Tulips bloomed in the Horticultural Art Village as if they represent spring. When I entered the ticket office, there was a flower garden decorated with tulips, but the place was already withered, and as I walked about 50m inside, yellow red tulips led to a flower path along the edge of the road.
The flowers in the morning sun forgot my color and shone transparently as if they were conforming to nature. The flower colors were yellow and red, which were simpler than any other tulip flower garden, but they were blooming firmly.
The Namhae Horticultural Art Village has beautifully decorated houses and gardens centered on horticultural experts. There are 11 communal gardens in the village, and there are observation decks, trails, cafes, and outdoor performance halls.
As I walked along the road that was wide enough for one or two people, I felt familiar with the warmth of walking in the back garden. Even if the attractions are not colorful, it is a place where you can relax your mind just by looking at the small scenery, and it is a perfect place for a spring outing.
Among the flowers colored with spring light are violas and pansies. Flowers bloomed in color, and everywhere around them was full of bright spring light.
Walking along the walk, there are private gardens decorated with springy gardens in the drama. The lawn was planted in a large yard and a palm-sized pond was built on the side to provide the basic form of the garden.
The sculptures along the slope were also harmonized with the picturesque scenery, so it was like looking at a nice outdoor gallery. When I think about it, I realize how important the surrounding environment is.
The royal azaleas were in full bloom in the Namhae Horticultural Art Village. Tulips were blooming only at the entrance, but red azaleas could be seen everywhere.
Park Won-sook’s Coffee Story ‘ which sounds like an essential spot in the art village is good because you can look around the cafe and yard garden.
When you enter the entrance, the counter is divided into three centers and there is an outdoor door. Two of the three were independent spaces and one was a large hall.
Inside, there are pictures of Park Won-sook, who feels comfortable like a friend, everywhere, and I could see the pictures from Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together.
The tea table and chair were also outstanding, and the simplicity of the wooden and chair was outstanding.
Fortunately, when I visited in the morning, I looked around in detail because I could take pictures of the spots I wanted because there were few people in the hall.
If you go out to the outdoor garden, there is a rooftop-like space surrounded by pine trees, and there is a yard and garden. If you go down to two places, the rooftop looks like you’re trapped in a dense forest, and it’s all green.
When I was drinking warm citron tea and iced latte in it, I felt so comfortable that I thought there would be fresh play.
Enjoying a cup of tea and toddling to go on a spring outing again.. Even the jangdokdae placed in the garden harmonized with the tile wall and became a landscape.
At the foot of the gentle mountain, both families were having a relaxing time. The mother’s ease of playing with the baby sheep was so vivid that I didn’t think it was a sculpture.
Oh my~~ So pretty peacock.. The elegance of the peacock with its broad tail was as pretty as it really was, except for the fixed sculpture.
The Namhae Horticultural Art Village consists of about 20 theme gardens, including cafes and handicraft shops. There are cultural centers such as the Star Stone Gift Corner and the European Traditional Costume Experience Room. You can also look around European antique props.
The horticultural art village, which is decorated with flowers and trees, has been turned into a garden even on the way to the German village. Ladies Garden was an elegant and restrained garden.
It was a graceful scenery with violas on both sides of the walk and pansies planted in color. It was a garden where the overall atmosphere of the horticultural art village continued.
I planted pink tulips between the yellow pansies to look around the flowers again. I could see a neat garden around it.
The pink tulip with the flower bed between the yellow pansy bloomed in solid color. I wonder if the person who cultivated this flower garden would like pink..
The yellow daffodils surrounded by layers of petals were large in flowers. The red color inside the petals stood out.
At the end of Ladies’ Garden, there is a wall of ash that was built with concrete exposure. I don’t know if it’s built as a boundary between inside and outside, but it’s one of the good spots to take pictures.
When you leave the garden, it leads to a downhill road. It was a good trail to walk in eye contact with the dense forest around. ‘Windmill Story’ I was walking with a praiseworthy step past the building.
As you walk, there is a breakfast of the ranch, a gift shop, and a Bremen house where you can get a glimpse of European antique props, and a Mexican sage where you can see flowers and quilts. I couldn’t look into each place, but it was a Namhae horticultural art village that was abundant for morning walks and spring outings.

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Jeju Jungmun Places to visit Jeju Island Food Attractions Jeju Island Spring Travel

Jeju Island Spring Tour
Jeju Island Spring Tour, a tourist attraction in Jeju Island, where the spring energy of Jeju Island’s tourist attraction visited by the spring trip to Jeju Island, was filled with yellow and yellow scenery everywhere I went. It was a spring trip to Jeju Island where I could see cherry blossoms because it was a trip in time for the cherry blossom season. It was Lululala because it was Lululala.~Yeol Cimi~Jeju, where you can go anytime, has many places to go and places you want to go, so you can split your time. Seogwipo Jungmun course was a must for spring trip.
Yeomiji Botanical Garden, located in Jungmun Tourist Road, Seogwipo, is a hot place to visit in Jungmun, Jeju. It was the largest greenhouse garden in the East where you can see flowers and green plants regardless of the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.
From spring to autumn, you can look around the forest path of the outdoor garden, so it takes plenty of time to watch. There were so many things to see in Jeju Island that it would be enough to look around the indoor greenhouse if you were to visit in winter.
The greenhouse botanical garden consists of flower gardens, water gardens, cactus gardens, and tropical gardens, so you can observe plants according to climate change in greenhouses.
There are a total of 2,300 species of plants in the botanical garden, and you can look around 1,300 different plant groups in the greenhouse, which is half of them.
Entering each theme garden, I could breathe freely the comfort and clean air that I could feel in the dense forest that reached the ceiling of the greenhouse.
Since it is divided into various gardens, I could see unique flowers in each garden. In places that reproduced gardens from all over the world, including France, Italy, and Japan, you could enjoy the unique gardens of each country.
Saekdalbadang is a 3-minute drive from Yeoji Botanical Garden. It’s open from 17
00 p.m., so I made a reservation in advance and went there on time.
I thought it was unusual to open from 5 p.m., but I was surprised that people who made reservations in advance came on time around the opening.
When I entered the room, there was a large hall and an independent room inside. I reserved a room while making a reservation in advance and ordered a special menu for 4 people per bar.
Badang Special Course is a special sashimi course where you can taste high-quality fish species and fresh seafood caught in Jeju, and various jade stones are put in cypress trees.
I was surprised to see high-quality sashimi such as tuna sashimi, croaker, and sea bream. It was served on a jade stone and I could taste it coolly.
Shrimp, red-banded lobster, red-banded lobster, marinade, abalone, and sea cucumber that can be eaten as sashimi. Even fresh seaweed was put in a basket and there was an understated charm.
The quality of the menu that came out as a meal was also different. I was able to taste the style of Suki, including creamy shrimp, freshly fried sweet potatoes and shrimp, grilled mackerel and okonomiyaki.
Pot rice is Anago pot rice with fried conger eel on top. The staff mixed the rice evenly with the fried food and served it for each of us. I could eat the hot pot rice with a savory and light taste without the fishy smell of eel.
For mackerel sashimi, I wrapped it with perilla leaves and pickled onions. It was a delicacy because the scent of perilla leaves and the savory taste of mackerel were combined.
After eating raw fish, spicy fish stew was served as a must. A bowl of rice was instant when I ate spicy fish stew. The spicy and clean taste was excellent.
After a big dinner at Saekdalbadang, I headed to Mandal, a Jeju prop shop that is 5 minutes away by car. It was a good place to visit in the middle of Jeju Island for night shopping.
It was good to find a parking lot around the building without worrying about parking. The parking lot was so popular when I visited it in the evening.
When I entered the room, the lighting was brighter than outside, so it was good to shop. The exhibition stand is on the second floor, so I could look around at eye level.
Popular props such as magnetic, eco-bags, and pouches were located at the entrance. From the size of large and small to the design that resembles the four seasons of Jeju, it was the same, so it was various.
I waited for the guests to leave I used to take pictures. The exhibition stands were neatly organized without any disruption, so I felt good as if I was the first one to look around.
It was dinner time, but I realized that it was a popular place to visit in Jeju’s Jungmun because there were many tourists who visited the prop shop.
Mandal, which is full of items that are good for gifts, also had a variety of lucky souvenirs. It was a lucky item that I thought something good would happen if I kept fish, whales, and owls.
On the other hand, the Molang series, masking tape, etc., which are popular these days, and the back and handmade products that will provide subtle lighting, were also colorful.
A tangerine hat is a must-have item for a spring trip to Jeju Island. Hats are so popular that I was able to meet various variations of designs.
At the same time, you could find various items made of basalt in Jeju Island. It was good as a gift because there were various souvenirs using volcanic stones such as basalt bracelets, stone harvests, natural air fresheners, and pot stands that I like.
Air fresheners, diffusers, and vehicle air fresheners containing the scent of Jeju were also popular as thumb products that cannot be left out in Jeju tourist attractions.
Most of the food in Jeju Island was based on Jeju specialties. The raw materials of Hallabong, tangerines, and Udo peanuts were unique foods of Jeju.
You can see the variety of Jeju Island gifts such as basic makgeolli, ramen, and beef jerky. It was good to go shopping because it sounded light as a place worth visiting in Jungmun, Jeju.
In spring, Yerae Ecological Park is the number one place to visit in the middle of Jeju Island. It was a good park for a spring trip to Jeju Island as a tourist attraction where you can see a collaboration of yellow rape flowers and cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms did not bloom in Jeju City, but it was nice to see cherry blossoms in Yerae Ecological Park. The clean air was a bonus because it was a morning walk.
When I walked along the park in the morning, the cherry blossom tunnel road continued throughout the way, and the rape flowers blooming yellow lined up right next to me as if cheering.
The pink cherry blossoms among the white cherry blossoms were very pretty. The flower color is pretty, so I’ve been hanging around for a long time.
7 minutes drive from Mandal to Taeponjusangjeolli. It takes less than 10 minutes with Saekdalbadang. It was a good sightseeing spot in Jeju for a light walk.
Daepo Columnar Joints were designated as a natural monument in Jeju Island, and a walking deck was built along the coast, so you could see the columnar joints closely.
The columnar joint was surrounded like a folding screen along the coast. It was a vertical joint of a cliff cut with rectangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal columns.
After seeing the main joint, I went to the park along the deck road. I walked to the observatory where I could see the columnar joint while walking around the park.
Starting at the Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Jeju’s Jungmun attraction was a spring trip to Jeju Island, which was full of Jeju food and attractions as a prop shop Mandal where you can buy Jeju Island gifts and Jeju Island special sashimi course. It was always a good Jeju Island that I enjoyed with the warm spring sunshine.

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Gunpo Azalea Festival Blooming Period Near Seoul Gunpo Azalea Garden

The Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held in Gunpo Azalea Garden for the first time in four years at the Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held in Gunpo Azalea Garden. This year, away from Koshi, spring festivals are being held under the title of ‘After 4 years’. Starting with the Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival, the flower festival is held in relay, so it is a happy spring flower outing.On my way back home from the afternoon schedule from ~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.18), I headed to Gunpo Azalea Garden looking at the blue sky that stretched out neatly. I took a cell phone with me on the way without any preparation. I took all the pictures with my cell phone.
The parking lot was prepared from parking lot 1 to parking lot 3. I parked there by blocking the entrance to the festival and telling me the bypass. I parked in the second parking lot. The place close to the festival venue was the first parking lot.
On the way up to the azalea garden, the pink double cherry blossoms were just blooming. The flowers were not in full bloom, but I was looking forward to next year more than this year when I saw the flowers blooming greedily.
On the way up to the flower garden, red azaleas were lined up. I was satisfied because the color of the flowers and the condition of the flowers were good.
I went there after the rain, so I could see drops of water on the azalea petals. When I took it with my cell phone, I could vividly capture the petals with water droplets.
The entrance from the parking lot was about 10% blooming. I was looking forward to seeing the flowers a week earlier than usual, but the scenery was full of buds from the entrance.
When I went up from the parking lot, I passed the graveyard of Lee Ki-jo, who was registered as a cultural property designated by Gyeonggi-do. After passing there, standing on a hill, wow~~
The azaleas blooming like flowing down the foot of the mountain were spectacular. Even though it wasn’t in full bloom, it felt like it was blooming.
I found it when the rain was just clear, so all the flowers were smiling. They were flawless petals without a speck of dust.
It was a gentle slope when I walked down the road after passing the observatory where I first met. When I walked along the road, it was a flowery path that I walked along the flower wall.How can I be so beautiful… I wanted to ask. The azaleas are currently blooming at about 10%, and I think they will be in full bloom this weekend.
It was Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival with large raindrops on each flower. The azaleas, which seemed to flow down the gentle hillside, were like red castes.
Gunpo Azalea Garden, where the azalea festival is being held, is said to have planted 220,000 trees, including azaleas and jasan red, on 16,900 pyeong. I couldn’t estimate all those numbers, but I had no objection to the beautiful flower palace.
I went up and down the stairs and looked around the flower garden. The wooden stairs led to various movements as if they were pruning from east to west.
The flowers blooming at the edge of Gunpo Azalea Garden were slow every year, perhaps because they were shady. If you look at this place alone, it seems to show the flowering period of about 4-5%.
The azalea garden in Gunpo, viewed from the other side, was not colorful because azalea flowers had just begun to bloom around, but I thought it would be spectacular when the flowers were in full bloom.
The eco-friendly mat between the flower roads was a consideration that made it easier to enjoy the Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival. The floor was a dirt road, so it would have been slippery after the rain like this day, but it was good to walk with an eco-friendly mat.
The azaleas, which had lost their vitality due to the disappearance of the gray sky and the full blue sky, seemed to have a strong flower energy.
The flower road, which was wide enough for two people to walk, was a spot that would be the main character no matter who walked. It was a flowery road with flower walls on both sides.It was a time when I fell in love with the colorful colors and was fascinated by the abundance of densely planted flowers. It was so pretty that I went up and down the stairs to see the flowers.
During the Azalea Festival, busking performances such as Azalea Garden and local small business goods sales and promotional events will also be held. The Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held for three days from April 28 to 30.Under the title of
‘Into the Pink World’, azalea festivals are held in Gunpo City, including azalea hill, azalea park, Chomakgol ecological park, and Sanbon rodeo street.
I enjoyed the flower view from the top where I climbed the mountain, went to the end of the edge, and came down the road. It was a flower gallery where you can see another scenery if you look up from below.
The Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held for three days from April 28 to 30. Prior to that, Azalea Week continued from April 21 to April 30.
I went down to the bottom and walked along the flowery path to the parking lot. The flower wall, which was covered more than usual, made me feel like I was walking in the flower.
Looking at the azalea garden, it was spectacular as flowers bloom along the slope as if flowers were flowing down. If azaleas are in full bloom this weekend, you can enjoy a feast of colorful flowers.
Flowers with flower buds covered more than adults waited for their turn. The flowers that bloomed in deep purple were beautiful.
It is said that azaleas are divided into jasan red, Yeongsan red, and mountain azaleas. The meaning of the flower is ‘Joy of Love’, and I think it would be good to fully enjoy the joy of love at Gunpo Azalea Garden, where the Gunpo Azalea Festival is held.

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Places to visit in Saipan, including the North Tour BEST5, Free Trip to Saipan

Saipan Free Travel, including the Northern Tour BEST5, Saipan Free Travel
Saipan Free Travel, which was visited by Saipan Free Travel, was a healing schedule while resting for 5 days and 5 nights. It was a tour where I enjoyed a hotel vacation because I only had two or three schedules a day. I made a reservation for accommodation, entertainment, and attractions through Saipan Play.On the last day of my trip to Saipan, I made a reservation for the northern part of Saipan. I picked up at the hotel and looked back on the half-day schedule with a Korean guide. I was able to look around all the places worth visiting in Saipan.
For the first course of the northern Saipan tour, I visited the Korean memorial peace tower first. It was a place to commemorate Koreans who were killed in Saipan during the Pacific War, and my heart ached.
The tower in the center of the grass square read ‘Pacific Korean Memorial Peace Tower’. Large and small headstones were erected around it to commemorate it.
The sky from the Peace Tower was clear and clear enough to make my eyes ache. A memorial monument was erected around the memorial tower against the backdrop of Mafisan Mountain, and the lion statue is said to be looking at Korea.
If you drive north from the Korean memorial tower for about 3 minutes, there is Manse Cliff on the coast. It is said to be the place where the Japanese army fought until the end. Well… I felt like I didn’t know what it was here.
The Manse Cliff is said to be the place where the Japanese soldiers who were defeated by the shaved cliffs jumped on their own. Around the Manse Cliff, you could see a memorial monument in Japanese. It was a basic course to visit Saipan.
I went to the suicide cliff that I saw from the world cliff. I was so careful that I was afraid to call you by name. It’s located behind the Manse Cliff.
The view from the suicide cliff was beautiful. We could see the horizon at the highest point in northern Saipan. It is said that the Japanese and Japanese jumped down the cliff instead of surrender to the U.S. military.
After getting off the suicide cliff and passing through the Emerald Sea View on the way to Bird Island, I fell in love with a tree standing on the edge of the road and took a break. I felt like I was watching a tree in the movie.
While driving on the road again, I stopped my way because there was a spot where the bony tree standing on the side of the road and the ocean view were beautifully matched. It was good to take various directing pictures like a scene in a commercial.
Bird Island, which is good for birds, was an island for birds. From the observatory, it looks like there is a gray island, but it was originally a black rock island. It is said that the sea birds flew in and left traces, and became the color they are now.
It was refreshing to stand facing the new island because of the sea breeze. The edge of the coast was emerald with shallow water, and the sea where the waves swept away was cobalt. It was one of the best places to visit in Saipan.
1.5 km from the new island, there is Grotto, a hot snorkeling attraction. It was a place I expected a lot from the northern Saipan tour, but I couldn’t go into the water due to weather conditions, but I only looked around.
I even changed my schedule to go to Grotto, but it was a pity that I didn’t have a relationship on the last trip. Instead, I was able to walk around the observatory where I could see Grotto.
Around the entrance down to Grotto, there were photo zones one by one, including murals, so it was okay to take pictures.
Grotto was a cave under the cliff of Cape Syphilis, where you had to go down 100 steep stairs to the same place as the diver’s holy place.
On the left side of the entrance to the cave, there is an observatory where you can see the sea as well as a shelter. I thought it was a resting place for travelers who visited this place.
One of the must-see places in the northern Saipan tour is the park with Saipan sculptures. I felt like I came to Saipan only after taking pictures here. I got to know this spot thanks to my sister who went to Saipan earlier.
The Saipan sculpture standing in mint color was suitable for taking pictures with various directions along with the alphabet. With my friends, it would be nice to go into each alphabet and direct it.
During the northern Saipan tour, I was able to see the traces of Japanese troops everywhere. The last place I visited was the Japanese military’s last headquarters located under the cliff of Mount Mafi.
The surrounding area is a large park like a lawn square, but it was bitter because the remnants of the fierce Pacific War were displayed in it.
I was nervous because there were weapons and guns in the park that would have been used at the time. Behind it is a staircase leading up to the cave.
collectively called ‘Last Command Post’ you can also see traces of a 2m hole in the rock during the bombing during the war. I got goosebumps!!
The stairs were low enough for one person to climb. I hesitated about going up and went up. A wooden fence was installed around the natural rock wall and walked along the edge.
The Japanese military’s last command used natural caves as its command, and the entrance to the cave was narrow, but the inside was quite wide. I didn’t go in because I got goosebumps, but I think it would be good to hear it lightly as a place worth visiting in Saipan.
Other monuments and large and small monuments were erected in memory of the Okinawans. I think it’d be nice to stop by on the way.
I did one massage a day while traveling in Saipan. Among them, I stopped by the newly opened Ocean Spa. I made a reservation through Saipan Play as a place I liked because the facilities were clean and the interior was luxurious.
Ocean’s Par, which I visited during the evening, was picked up from the hotel and I was able to move comfortably. It was a dark night, but thanks to the lighting poured out through the entrance, the wooden gate felt eco-friendly, so I entered comfortably.
When I entered the room, there was a counter and I felt like I was herbal therapy with hydroponic plants and air purifying plants around me.
The passageway leading to each room was decorated with gravel stones, creating a natural and luxurious atmosphere. It was refreshing because it was a newly opened place.
The course has a full body care course, and there were aroma stones that were heated with basalt stones, followed by candle therapy, and foot massage.
There was a room with a sink and a bathroom in the shop, so I could use it comfortably. It was a good place to visit in Saipan, and it was a good place to find a place to recover from fatigue and rest after traveling with the northern Saipan tour.

A place to visit in Saipan #SaipanNorthernTour #SaipanFreeTravel

*This trip was written by Saipan Play after receiving all the support from SaipanNorthernTour.

Seosan Gaesimsa Double Cherry Blossom Green Cherry Blossom King Cherry Blossom Seosan Travel Spot

Seosan Gaesimsa Double Cherry Blossoms, Green Cherry Blossoms, King Cherry Blossoms Seosan Travel Attractions
Seosan Gaesimsa Cherry Blossoms Peak~ After the white cherry blossoms are gone, the double cherry blossoms with red petals are at their peak of popularity. Since it is a flower that meets in the middle of spring, it has bloomed with flowers that are as rich as flowers filled with spring energy. It’s a happy season to visit double cherry blossom spots.~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.20)~This is Yeol Cimi who is busy with a trip to find flowers. At this time of year, double cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do. I went to Gaesimsa Wang Cherry Blossoms, which is famous for Seosan double cherry blossoms.
The opening examination I visited around 1 p.m. was crowded from the entrance to the parking lot. Normally, I would have visited it early in the morning, but I arrived in the middle of the day to stop somewhere else.
I barely parked and walked along the valley from Iljumun to Gaesimsa Temple. It was good to walk because it was full of fresh spring energy.
After walking for about 10 minutes from Iljumun Gate, the dense forest became a tunnel and continued to the precincts. The trees that formed the forest tunnel gave bright energy by sprouting light green shoots from branches that had been thin all winter.
I walked lightly with the bright energy of the light green leaves all the way up the stone stairs.
There is a long pond in a straight line on the way to Gaesimsa Temple. It was a good spot to take pictures of, so I was able to take pictures against the reflection of the pond and the dense forest.
After passing the pond and going up to the right, you could see the full-fledged Gaesimsa green cherry blossoms and Gaesimsa double cherry blossoms. I was impressed by the abundant double cherry blossoms that bloomed like sitting down in a shabby storage building piled up with stones.
The cherry blossoms of Gaesimsa Temple, which bloomed in deep pink, were quite large in size, so I was envious. When you get closer, small flowers gather together to express a big flower.
The double cherry blossoms of Gaesimsa in dark pink color were different from the color of the flowers, and the size of the flowers bloomed like rolling up a ball, so they were pretty.
I took a step back and looked at it and cheered automatically at the large flower. I couldn’t believe that the flowers in the same flower were grouped together.
The double cherry blossoms in the shape of an arch next to the shabby warehouse bloomed like dandelion puffs. I thought it was artificial flowers because there were plenty of flowers on every bony branch.
Small flowers bloomed like a flower, facing each other. The grayish soft branches seemed to be drooping because of the weight of the flowers.
Looking from a step back, it was a light pink double cherry blossom, but when I took a step closer, the entire flower petal was in a flushed mood.
Seosan Gaesimsa Temple was undergoing renovation and stonework before Jonggak. I was looking forward to how it would have changed since the construction will be completed by June 1st this year.
Small flowers gathered together and looked like one big flower. The tree itself was a flower as each branch blossomed abundantly.
Gaesimsa Temple is so famous as a famous place for double cherry blossoms in Seosan that many tourists visited on this day. There were royal cherry blossoms in Gaesimsa Temple, which were well over hundreds of years old, and it seemed to be surrounded by pink double cherry blossoms.
Among the double cherry blossoms in Gaesimsa Temple, you can see it on the way down to Myeongbujeon Hall. I couldn’t see the branches because they bloomed in all directions.
It was fascinating to see such a pretty flower color, but seeing flowers with grains like grapes made me feel healed just by looking at them.
wow~~ It was a paper flower made of hanji or a flower that would have been believed to be artificial flowers if I hadn’t seen it in person.
Double cherry blossoms resemble vine roses. The flowers are different in shape, but the petals are surrounded in layers and gathered closely to bloom into a single flower.
Most of the double cherry blossoms are pink, but you can also see white, jade, or red. The flower language is elegant and quiet. It doesn’t resemble the splendor and abundance of flowers, but I felt elegant just by looking at the flowers blooming on the branches.
Travelers who visited Seosan to see the cherry blossoms were busy taking pictures regardless of gender. Anyone wanted to capture the moment when the flowers were pretty.
Although Gaesimsa Temple is famous for its double cherry blossom attraction, the only green cherry blossom in Gaesimsa Temple is a rare species, and crowds gathered to see it from all over the country.
The green cherry blossoms with branches bent in the front yard of Myeongbujeon Hall were also mysterious because they were light green flowers.
If you look closely, it bloomed pink and looked like the color of the flower was changing to light green. It was the only green cherry blossom that was seen in Korea, but now it is said that cherry tree branches are being cut and reproduced.
The color of the flowers blooming in light green is interesting and unique, so I keep looking at them. Unlike the royal cherry blossom of Gaesimsa, the petals of the green cherry blossom looked soft.
The Cherry Blossoms of Gaesimsa Temple in Seosan Gaesimsa Temple have been designated as protected trees and are managed. Because they are such precious trees, it was a double cherry blossom spot that gathers from all over the country to see the royal and green cherry blossoms at this time of year.
The double cherry blossoms that bloomed greedily matched light pink and dark pink, making the flower color stand out more. I think I can see enough Seosan double cherry blossoms in full bloom until next week.
The double cherry blossoms that bloomed greedily along with the green cherry blossoms in Gaesimsa Temple in Seosan were worth visiting as a famous place in Seosan. The flowers from some cherry trees bloomed in abundance like the fruits of the eggs. If you go there once, it was a double cherry blossom spot that’s the case.

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Driving course Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum Spring Flower Festa, a place

Drive Course Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum Spring Flower Festa
Seoul Nearby Drive 2023 Morning Flower Festa~Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum will be held for more than a month from April 21st to May 28th this week. I enjoyed the spring flower feast in the rainy scenery last weekend.~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.15)~The Morning Calm Arboretum, which was visited in a hurry because it was a weekend morning, was crowded with visitors who wanted to enter in time for the opening time at 8
30 p.m. It was a rainy morning, but I realized that it was a popular hot place near Seoul.
It was good that I could park wherever I wanted when I went there in time for the opening. If you go inside after ticketing at the entrance, there are two roads. He went to the left side of the bridge.
Pink double cherry blossoms bloomed on every thin branch of the road to Cloud Bridge, brightening the surrounding area. It was amazing that the yellow forsythia flowers were still blooming.
The arboretum viewing course is different from the entrance of the two forked road that starts at the entrance, and you can look around evenly wherever you start. If you’ve crossed the cloud bridge, you can choose a course to look around the valley water and the Sansugyeong Greenhouse.
If you climb the cloud bridge, you can see the landscape greenhouse and the garden of your hometown from the other side. It was a garden with watercolor scenery colored with spring flowers such as magnolia, magnolia, red flowers, and flower grass.
The raindrops became stronger and fell into showers, but travelers who visited the morning quiet arboretum looked around the arboretum with calm steps.
As I walked, there were small flower grass and daffodils blooming on the border of the stone wall, so it was fun to look around every corner.
In the morning ahead of the Spring Flower Festa, spring flowers were blooming everywhere in the Quiet Arboretum. Among them, the most colorful place was the sky road to the Moonlight Garden.
The sky road with beautiful tulips blooming in various colors bloomed against the backdrop of various patterns. It led to an S-shaped flower path, so it was a good place to go near Seoul where you can just walk along the flower path.
When I saw the raindrops on the pink petals, it felt like spring. The petals were pretty because the color of the flowers was fresher like washing them in rainwater.
Tulips are personally pretty before spreading the petals. It was most beautiful when the buds were closed and oval or the petals were slightly blooming.
Tulip Garden runs from Sky Road to Moonlight Garden. In addition, you can see it in Hagyeong Garden, J’s cabin garden, and arboretum, so it was a companion with flowers wherever you go.
The tulips blooming in the Sky Garden have bloomed a lot at the entrance, but they are blooming sequentially, so I think I can enjoy the tulip garden until early May.
On the contrary, the entrance to the Moonlight Garden is a green garden that does not even form buds, and it is designed to see tulips during the spring flower festival. The White Church, the signature of the Moonlight Garden, was being renovated.
When I looked around the arboretum with spring rain, soft sprouts and spring flowers harmonized everywhere I saw, and it was full of vitality.Cherry blossoms are in full bloom around the moonlit garden. Cherry blossoms and cherry trees in full bloom were beautiful, so I watched them for a long time. There is a tulip garden full of green leaves around it.
‘2023 Spring Flower Festa’You can enjoy more than 200 kinds of spring flowers and 100 kinds of trees in the theme garden of the Morning Calm Arboretum. It was a suburban drive where you can see 60,000 tulips on the sky road.
In the small pond I met on my way down to Hagyeong Garden, the heart pond made of mountain shadows added to the spring rain atmosphere.
Hagyeong Garden is the main garden of the Morning Calm Arboretum, and it is the most colorful garden throughout the four seasons. I was trying to express my soft spring vibes.
The hot place in the garden was a place where a full-length mirror was placed, and it was a good spot to take pictures with Hagyeong Garden in the background.
The arboretum, decorated with 22 distinctive themed gardens, has an exotic J’s cottage garden. The springy buildings and gardens in foreign movies are modeled after the British cottage garden style. In the spacious yard, it was a yard garden with small spring flowers.
There is also a Korean garden with hanok scenery. In summer, I used to sit on the Daecheongmaru to cool off. The garden was warm as if I had been to my mother’s house in the spring rain.
On the way from the Korean Garden to the Seohwawon, the eyes were fixed on the red plum blossoms blooming as if they were covering the hanok cafe. It was spectacular to see flower branches stretching in all directions around the hanok.
The red-bloomed Manchup Red Plum combines the silent spring rain with the deep scenery of the spring day. With the hipped-and-gabled hanok in the background, I could feel the antique style.The hot spot at the Quiet Arboretum this morning was Seo Hwa-yeon. I thought it would be the main part of Spring Flower Festa. Even the windowsill gate built against the backdrop of Seo Hwa-yeon was cool.
The five-color chairs placed while looking at Seo Hwa-yeon were a popular hot place where you had to wait in line to take a picture.
Around Seohwayeon, cherry blossoms in full bloom, white magnolia and magnolia bloomed abundantly, and soft sprouts grow around, making it the place where you can feel the spring energy where everything is alive the most.
Seo Hwa-yeon was so pretty that I turned around the edge of the pond twice and looked around again. I could see different scenery depending on the gaze, so it felt different depending on the gaze.
Spring flowers were in full bloom along the edge of the pond as if spring flowers were blooming toward Seo Hwa-yeon all at once. Magnolia, which blossomed in purple, also added flower branches toward Seohwajeong.
After carefully looking around Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum, I had lunch at the Food Garden on the way to Bonsai Garden.
The interior was crowded with many people. We were able to choose a seat from a table for two to a table for six. It was made of glass windows on all sides, so it felt like the fresh energy of the arboretum was sitting down.
The menu included country soybean paste stew, vegetable bibimbap, handmade whole chicken cutlet, bulgogi with earthen pot mushrooms, and snowflake cheese tteokbokki. My pick was a veggie chop steak cooked with beans. Ttukbaegi mushroom bulgogi was also good to eat because it had a lot of bulgogi.The Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum, ahead of the spring flower festival, was a spring flower trip that I enjoyed with a drive course near Seoul, including the sky road with colorful tulip flower paths, the moonlight garden in full bloom with spring flowers, and Seo Hwa-yeon surrounded by spring flowers.

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*This post was written by the MorningSilentSilentSpringFesta for a small fee.