[Morning activities in elementary school] Drawing associations to improve creativity. – V.

There is a clear difference between a child who constantly connects stories to one general chapter and a child who draws them here and there and forgets them, saying, “I don’t know where the general chapter is.” In the former case, the attitude of the class is good and the basic lifestyle is well formed. Preparing for the next class during break time, the textbooks used are children who have established basic habits throughout their school life, such as keeping them in lockers, sitting in their seats at the end of break time, not forgetting assignments or necessary documents, and organizing in desk drawers. In the latter case, checking the desk drawer is a mess. No, there is a difference even if you look at the desk before looking at the drawer. Textbooks used in the previous session are piled up on the desk, scissors or paper that are not related to the class are on top of the desk, and when the class is about to start after the break, most of them go to the locker to collect the textbooks the next time. “Teacher, I don’t have a Korean book.”Did you take it home?””No, it’s not.”If you look carefully, you’ll find it in the locker.”If you open the locker…There’s no such thing as a mess of garbage dump. Eventually, my friends help me find the textbook in the corner. There are a lot of kids who say, “There you go!”요즘 Nowadays, it will not be easy to check textbooks or notes at home every day because I leave all my textbooks in my school locker. If you are curious about your child’s school life, I recommend that you bring your child’s notes or textbooks on weekends and check them out.특히 In particular, Korean books, math books, and experimental observation are good textbooks to check the attitude of classes.교실 In the case of children who are playful in the classroom or who are unable to concentrate on the class, they can see that their writing is not properly done and they are not organized.기본 When basic lifestyle habits are well formed, it seems that studying habits are also formed stably.
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I want you to be happy. – Park Chan-wi Essay

Book Introduction

When you read a book, there are articles that are good to think about and good to share. It is sometimes difficult to introduce articles that are easy to think about. This is because the content is profound and there are many times when only feelings are exchanged. Writing that is good to share is good to read lightly and sympathize with. So is the essay. Sometimes when I meet essays, I feel fluttering and flowers bloom in my mind. This kind of writing is good to share. It is an article that slightly touches emotions in a tight daily life. Reading emotional essays softens daily life. It relaxes and relaxes.The title is so nice. In the book, the precious keyword of life is love. People. It’s made up of life. I wonder what else is as precious as loving people in life. Meet a small emotional story. Draw a few short sentences and write them shorter.
How to meet a lover for a long time How to stay with a lover for a long time, it is not difficult.If you promised, keep it.Expressing love often.Not acting like you don’t like it.It’s trivial, but it’s about protecting the most basic things that lovers should keep.That’s all I need. Love is to talk to each other pretty, behave properly, and respect opinions. Love should be a teaching practice, not a one-way street. It’s coming and going. The other person is my mirror. My dream?Just a life with you next to me.Eating together, sleeping together, crying and laughing together.Life with you all the joys and sorrows.My world is full of you.That’s my dream.Is that a proposal? One of my unconditional supporters per day is enough.One person who remains by my side and stands by me in any situation is much more precious than 100 people who pass by for a while.Whenever I look back, whether I’m happy or sad, I’m the kind of person who always cheers me up next to me.If there is such a person, treat the relationship dearly.I’ll be the most reliable supporter of my life.//Everyone has at least one reliable supporter, right? Can I be a strong candidate for someone too?
The surrounding environment is the most important to increase self-esteem of the surrounding environment.I have to have people around who recognize my value so that I can love myself naturally without losing my value due to them.However, on the contrary, if I keep people around who value me cheaply, I have no choice but to reduce my value even by their influence.So please cut it firmly if it’s a relationship that undermines you.It is a short life to be happy with only good people and good words.I don’t need people around who tarnish my values.// He who knows how to love himself knows how to love others. When I am next to someone who supports me, my hidden talent begins to wriggle. If there is anyone who thinks my value is higher than me, I never fall down. Conversely, self-esteem can decrease due to someone who degrades my value. That kind of person… Let’s stay away from it
there’s bound to be my side.As I can’t love everyone, everyone doesn’t love me, so close your ears to the voices of people who hate me and live the life you want.There is always someone who will like you even if you don’t have to live up to other people’s tastes.// You can’t love everyone. As such, not everyone loves me. The relationship between the person who affirms me and the person I love is enough.
It means that a person who has already given several opportunities does not want to change in the first place.There’s no need to worry about it, and it’s not worth trusting more.You can cut it off.There’s nothing so useless as maintaining a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to try for me.// That’s right! People who don’t love me in the first place can’t try. If you don’t think so, just cut the radish and flirt with it!Distancing Everyone in this world has neither the right to hurt others nor the obligation to be hurt.Keep your distance from people who habitually hurt your shortcomings.Rather than trying not to be hurt in the midst of sharp people, I hope you will be happy without even a small wound by those who protect your vulnerability in the first place.// A caring person is less likely to hurt the other person. It’s good to be considerate. I like a caring life. It is better to care for a wound than to hurt it. I’m sure there’s no one who likes to be hurt. Dark cloud misfortune always intervenes in our lives without warning.But don’t be crushed by the misfortune that suddenly came to you.It’s not because you’re bad.It’s not your fault.It’s just a passing dark cloud.I’m sure it’ll be a good day again.It’s darkest before sunrise, it brightens when you go through the tunnel, rain and wind just pass by, darkness doesn’t stay, it doesn’t have to pass by. A good day comes after that. After night comes morning.
It exists even if you don’t see itJust as not seeing the sea doesn’t mean that the sea disappears, not seeing your value doesn’t mean that your value disappears.So don’t doubt your own worth.It’s definitely shining.If there is light inside, it shines. You, who are warm, are shining, too. All you have to do is acknowledge your light, don’t doubt your existence.
A self-esteem-boosting joonna is the most shining jewel in the world and the best art my parents have ever made.No one is worth more than me and no one can scratch me.I’m strong. It’s more beautiful than anyone else.The best happiness will surely come to me, who is strong and beautiful.// The probability of being born in this world? It’s a one in a billion chance. Your value is great just by being.
The gift of life When I look back on my life so far, so many things have happened.There were moments when I wandered, fell in love, was hurt and hurt, cried a lot, and there were happy moments.More things will happen in the future.There will be countless different days that I don’t expect.But no matter what moment comes to me, I will enjoy every moment of it.// It is the most valuable thing to do in life, laugh a lot, enjoy and love. Let’s grow a bowl to fill the gift of life. I want you to be happy. – Park Chan-wi Essay
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when one’s ears are deaf.

Yesterday, I had a big dinner, drank a glass of wine, and went to bed. As I lay back in my sleep, I felt the sound coming from my ears. I get up in the morning, drop a cup of coffee, and prepare breakfast bread. But it’s weird. When I chewed the bread, my left ear rang. As if you are deafening when you climb a high mountain. It is no use swallowing saliva or food. Is it because of earwax? I don’t usually touch my ears, but I can’t help it. I dug up my earwax. It’s no use
most hospitals are closed today. It’s also a busy day for me. It’s frustrating, so I search for an otolaryngologist who is being treated. It happens to be a little far from home. It’s the second group. Get dressed quickly and head to the hospital quickly. The two hospitals undergoing treatment are located not far from each other. I stopped by one place first. As soon as the door is opened, there are full of patients waiting. First, I’ll register. It’s a situation where you have to wait at least an hour. I went to another hospital. Children and adolescents and otolaryngology. When I enter, I notice so cute children. He’s taking over again. Medical treatment is going faster than expected here. When I was called by name and entered the doctor’s office, the doctor was so happy~^^ I explained the symptoms. Look at both ears. It explains that the earwax falls from the left ear and slightly blocks the eardrum. I inhaled earwax like a vacuum cleaner. He asked me if I usually sell earwax, so I said I don’t touch it at all, and he said it’s better not to touch it.
There is no prescription. I left the hospital and headed to the hospital I received first. There are still many people waiting for medical treatment. I submitted it to the nurse, but she said she would come next time, and the answer came back quickly. I try the food again when I get home. There’s nothing wrong. “I can’t believe it’s this good.””I’m so grateful for the hospital for taking care of me on holidays, and I feel relieved that I’m glad I went to the hospital quickly without delay. I almost had a hard time during the holidays.^^ If I feel something wrong with my body, I conclude that it is also good for me to visit a hospital as soon as possible even if it is small. -by Walking Writer
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[Speechless] Isaiah Chapter 15. – Warning to Moab, tears to Moab.

It is a warning about Moab that Moab’s eggs will perish overnight, and Moab’s girdle will perish overnight (Sa 15
God talking about the destruction and judgment of Moab.Who is Moab?The descendants of Lot were Moab, dating back to the days of Abraham and Lot.Lot left the mainland with his uncle, but chose Sodom and Gomorrah in pursuit of success in pursuit of what was visible.Lot who was saved from Sodom and Gomorrah as Abraham’s mediator prayer.What did Lot think of God, whom his uncle trusts and relies on, after leaving only his daughter and wife because the sons-in-law did not leave together.Moab, who said when Israel was leaving Egypt, he would pay the necessary amount and pass through the land, but he did not open the way, saying, “Never.”Maybe Moab is my family, my relatives, my friends.Someone close to me, not a total stranger.Nevertheless, he will be Moab, who does not like me to accompany the Lord.God warns against Moab, and on the other hand, he shows a completely different appearance.My heart cries for Moab; the refugees go up to Soal and Eglad Slysiah, crying, going up the slope of Luhit, crying out for defeat on the road of Horonaim (Sa 15
5), the tears of God crying for Moab.How much do I hold the heart of God and pray for Moab next to me?God’s heart wants to revive God who calls 18 cities one by one to remember that he placed me next to Moab for the restoration of Moab, not the destruction of Moab.Our prayers should also be more specifically sung to that one soul soul, raising his life, environment, and vulnerability.1 Moab’s warning is that Moab’s eggs will perish overnight, and Moab’s girdle will perish overnight. 2 They will go up to Bait and Dibon’s high places and weep for Nebo and Medba. They will each shave their hair and shave. On the third street, they will cry loudly for the sound of Moab’s hearts and herps in the roof and wide places. The grass has withered and the soft grass has dried up, and nothing is clear. 7 Therefore, they cross the willow with their wealth and accumulated. 8 The song is all over Moab, the cry of sorrow reaches Eglaim, and the cry of 9 Dimon is full of blood. #I will send more disaster to Dimon #15among #15amongjabjang #15among #kumon #kumon #kumon #15amon #kumon #kumon #kumon #kumon #kumon #kumon #kumon #kum #kumon #kum #kumon #kum

Wrist fracture treatment and recovery process – 9 weeks of ventilation period and post cast removal care

I finally took off my cast.The sound of sawing a cast is terrifying.After removing the cast, I found that my arm muscles have fallen out, so I am skinny, and I haven’t washed for more than two months, so my skin has a lot of dead skin cells.11ㅠㅠ I hurt my arm on the evening of November 21st, and five days later, I put it on with a splint while the swelling subsided after the bone was adjusted the next morning. I was initially diagnosed for about six weeks, but I only had a cast for nine weeks.You have to wear assistive equipment for a month, not yet fully bony.It took so long for a broken bone to stick together.The shape of the bone shown in the picture seems to be being corrected quite evenly.
When I first started wearing a cast, I was worried that the bones didn’t stick properly.”In a child, even if the bone is slightly crooked or bent, the concave area overgrown and the bulging area is naturally corrected through the process of bone absorption. After the growth is complete, it is treated properly.”As the doctor said, it is fortunate that the convex part is being adjusted to the normal bone shape.However, it is good to continue to see a doctor, but I am a little concerned about changing the treatment time zone because the doctor in charge of pediatric orthopedics said he would move to another place.
It is not completely recovered yet, but you need to be careful. You can live for up to six months in your life, but most sports such as Taekwondo, soccer, and basketball are prohibited.And, since the wrist has not been used at all, the joints have been hardened, so you should continue to stretch your wrist up and down at home.This year, the ski resort was over the water, and I wanted to play basketball so much after watching the slam dunk, but I have to wait for another six months, which is worth crying about.Be careful not to fall or strain your arms until the broken bone is fully attached and recovered, and follow-up tests should be conducted regularly regarding growth plate damage.She recovered very cleanly when she was treated in April.I’ll be able to hear that, right?#WristbandPeriod #EyeWristBoneFracturePeriod #WristBrainFracturePeriod #WristFractureRemoval #WristFractureRecoveryPeriod #WristFractureReleasePrecautions

Family Study – Written by Choi Kwang-hyun

Book Display

Family study is divided into three main categories.Parents, children, couples, generational conflict and independence, first side with the couple. The couple is like a homework to solve as their marriage begins. I can see the sub-title that the couple is the most similar person to me. Do my spouse and I look alike? turn the pages of a book by asking back The marital conflict is said to be the legacy of childhood wounds that are mistaken for the pain of the two today. It is said to be a shadow of the hidden past. That’s right! It’s not like you’re born anew when your marriage begins. This may be because it is a connection between the past and the present.Sometimes, when I go to my in-laws, I look closely at the way my elders speak, behave, and think. This is because you may meet a part of your husband. In addition to appearance, there are habits that have become similar due to living environment. What is the worst husband in a word?”What does the worst wife mean?If you ask a question of ‘, you can grasp the reality of the fighter in an answer that you inadvertently say. Unconscious answers such as husbands who do not help with housework or husbands who do not have economic power sometimes pop out. The scars that the couple cannot resolve in their childhood may be passed on to their children. If you realize that it can be the image of your child from the side, it can be a starting point to solve the thread of conflict that you can’t solve.A couple has no one-sided relationship. If one side unilaterally uses force to suppress the other, a certain amount of time may be possible, but it is difficult to maintain it until the end. When the oppressed spouse reaches the critical point, the marital relationship is bound to break. A couple must have respect and love. To do so, we need to learn how to communicate.

-Criticism, (Why are you always like that?)-Defense, (Then what did you do well?)-Disrespect, (You do well)-Damming, (Treats your opponent like an invisible man)
Likes and respect- This dinner is really good, and your outfit looks great. Honey, it’s hard, but it’s hard to put it in. – It can be relaxed and welcoming when the spouse can contain some of the emotional lumps and negative thoughts that arise from the couple’s life.-Sometimes, you can enter the stage of communication through the process of pampering each other in your daily life.
The most necessary thing in the process of forgiving myself for being hurt is a change in the way I look at myself. Instead of schematically fixing the experience of the wound to the perpetrator and the victim, you should look at it separately into yourself at the time of the wound and yourself now. If you look at the difference between the hurt childhood and the current adult image, you can see the overall picture of the wound at a glance. These tasks are referred to as ‘objective’. -p265
We all have a family. There will be childhood families, family now, and family in the future. We have no choice but to live surrounded by our families in some way from birth to death.What is your family like now? Is it hurt and pain, joy and hope. But everything that the whole family has on their faces can change as much as I want depending on how I accept myself, how I change, how I try. That I love myself. Please remember that the seed of your heart is a drop of spring rain that wets your dry family with wounds and conflicts. -p267
Conflicts between family, parents and children, followed by marital conflicts, generational conflicts, and various family conflicts. Family is also a source of personality formation, lifestyle, language and behavior. It’s hard to fully understand. It is believed that it should start with admitting that it is different. There are two keywords that hit me in the book. ▶ The wounds of the heart are always linked to the body’s disease.
▶Recovery of all wounds begins with loving me’
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I can’t believe hot water isn’t coming out!

This cold wave is terrible. The cold wave hit the capital without deflecting. I get scared when there’s a cold wave. It is because of the memory of suffering every time. When there is a cold wave, turn on some water at night so that the tap water does not freeze. Fortunately, the water came out well. It was yesterday. I went to the library after turning the boiler off for a while. It’s only about three hours. When I came back home and turned on the hot water to wash my hands, the water didn’t come out. I’m embarrassed. I quickly turned it into cold water, and cold water came out. That’s a relief. Both the sink and bathroom have cold water but no hot water. When I asked the facility, the boiler hot water pipe was frozen. It takes a long time to melt, but they say they can’t do it right away because they have a lot of work these days. Quickly take out the sleeping stove from the corner of the veranda. There’s no kerosene. Ask his son to buy kerosene and take out the stove and wipe the dust. It operated for about three hours. There is no sign of hot water coming out. I haven’t been able to see the hot water so far. I’ll try melting the boiler pipes again tonight, but I don’t know if it’ll work. I wrapped a wet towel warm, but all I had left was labor. Once again, I feel how grateful I am for the trivial convenience of daily life. Hot water compared to the days when water was drawn from a well. It is grateful that tap water comes out regardless of cold water. The body, which is tamed by convenience, cannot stand the inconvenience and is excited about it. If the temperature rises and the sun shines warm, the frozen pipes will melt like snow. Will I be able to endure the discomfort until then? Maybe I’ll be thrilled again tonight. This is because the body will struggle to return to convenience. -by Walking Writer #Singlesang #DailyThoughts #FearfulWomen #DailyBook #Janginok Writer #WakingWriter #BoyerOnsu #When the hot water doesn’t come out #Hanpahttp

The days of public baths are coming to an end.

After reading the story of the public bathhouse in a news article not long ago, I would like to leave a post that I went to the public bathhouse because I have a lot of regrets about the disappearing local bathhouse.

Among the previous articles, there are quite a few related to baths and saunas. That much, the bathhouse must be a space that I love and like. After 두 two months, the child finally took off his cast. In the meantime, to prevent water from entering the cast, I put plastic on it and roughly took a shower, but I thought I needed to shave the dirt, so I took him to the bathhouse. The sign “I take a bath” at the entrance of the bathhouse is warm. When I was a baby, I think I took him to a women’s bath once or twice, but the gender is different, so the child should be divided into a men’s bath and I should be divided into a women’s bath. The exact opening date is unknown, but it is a bathhouse that has been in operation for well over 10 years because I have not forgotten to visit every time I enter Korea from Hungary.I went there since the time of 4,000 won for the 목욕, but now it has doubled to 8,000 won. Most of the saunas, which were seen one or two in each neighborhood, were closed at the height of Corona. The aunt of Seinsa Temple said that this bathhouse was also considered closing several times, and I’m glad and grateful that she endured it. When you put your shoes in the 신발 closet, lock them with your key, open the door of the women’s bath, and enter the entrance, you will see a snack bar selling shampoo, rinse, dirty towels, all-in-one underwear, nurungji, and baked eggs. Most people order cold coffee from the store lady and go into the soup, but the price has been frozen 2,000 won since before. Wouldn’t the price of coffee in the bathhouse be the only thing that hasn’t gone up in 10 years? Wrap your hair around the closet key, go up on the scale, check your weight, and open the bathroom door and enter. warm air The countless drops of water on the ceiling. After taking a shower, I go into the bath and look at the drops hanging on the ceiling without thinking.”Mom! It’s really refreshing.”How cool would it have been to remove the old dirt? The child’s face glows brightly. Husband is lucky. I have a son to go to the bathroom with. It’s annoying that I don’t have a daughter to go with me to the bathhouse.#The Age of Baths #BathtubHealingPoint #NeighborhoodBathtub #SweetBathtub

Output training – written by Gabasa and Zion

Book Introduction Output Training – Written by Kabasa and Zion
The Output Training book is a picture class. The pictures displayed to help understand are prepared in a communicative way. I should replace this posting with a photo. The key picture is the first picture. It would be nice to pass it over comfortably from the next picture.Input means putting information in the brain, and output means processing information inside the brain and outputting it outwards. Specifically, ‘read’listening’ is input, ‘speak’write’act’ is output. Feedback
Positive Words
Eye Contact
Human Relations
Spacing Out
Goal Realized
Golden Ratio of Input to Output 3
Output to act
Setting small goals
Let’s sit at the desk first, motivation follows.
Trust your intuition, make decisions, or write your thoughts in your notebook
Complete writing, fix 5
Handle anger
Sleep 7 hours a day
Writing to maximize your ability in the basic law of output, and introduce 7 training methods to improve your behavior and output. I transferred the contents of the book to a photo.The key is input is ‘Read’Listen’Output is ‘Speak’Write’Act’. Output Training – Gabasa and Zion Written #BookGhost #Book #Book #Reading #Book #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #BookNote #OutputTraining #KabasawaZion #GoodWriting #GoodWriting #HardWomen #HousewifeReading Research Center