Namhae Food Namhae Travel Course, a place to visit in Namhae, Gyeongsang-do

Places to visit in Namhae, Gyeongsang-do, Namhae Food, Namhae Travel Course
A place to visit in Namhae, Gyeongsang-do, Spring Trip~It’s spring with warm sunshine, but traveling south is always exciting wherever it is. I visited all the places worth visiting in Namhae for the first time in a while for 2 days and 1 night with my favorite acquaintances.It’s a good season to travel these days, with a long day. Spring flowers pop all the time, so it’s a happy trip with flowers everywhere.
I left early in the morning and ran 4 hours to get to Namhae. It’s been almost a year since I went last year, so it was a trip to the South Sea with many places I wanted to go. I was curious about the pasture where the green shoots came up, so I headed to the Yangmartre hills.
I bought tickets at the entrance and prepared hay and carrots. I experienced feeding guinea pigs and rabbits at the entrance of the ranch.
Yangmarte Hill, 5 minutes from the German village in the South Sea, is equipped with the first to third ranches. I grazed the sheep according to the pasture situation.
Oh my, so cute!!! Entering the first ranch, the lambs were busy grazing the grass that had grown green. It was so cute because it was a lamb, so I sat still and looked at it.
The lambs, who were constantly grazing, were healed just by looking at them eating and eating so deliciously even if they gave them hay with their hands. It’s so cute that I can’t help but smiling like a mom!!
The Second Ranch is located on a large meadow above the hill. Unlike the first ranch on flat ground, it was a meadow with a good view along the mountain slope.
I recommend you to ride a steam locomotive with your children. The boarding fee is extra, but it was a place worth visiting in Gyeongsang-do with a special experience where you can take a mini train and walk around the village.
After spending the morning with the cute lambs at the sheep ranch, I headed to Eunseong Kokmak, a six-minute drive away. It was a place that I personally like to visit in Namhae where I can eat cockle set meal and anchovy wrap.
It was nice to be able to sit wherever we wanted as if we rented the entire hall after 2 p.m. Even during that time, the guests came one by one and settled into an independent room inside.
Four of us sat down and chose the menu we wanted. I like cockle, so I ordered cockle bibimbap, and my acquaintance ordered abalone stone pot rice and two cockle tables.
The table setting can be ordered for two or more people, and there are anchovy ssambap, fried anchovy, herbal sweet and sour pork, abalone, cockle pancake, cockle sashimi, anchovy sashimi, and seasoned cockle.
Among them, seasoned anchovy sashimi and seasoned cockle are definitely thumbs up as Namhae foods!!The seasoned anchovy sashimi was so soft that the seasoned anchovy sashimi melted in my mouth, and the seasoned cockle was so delicious that I could eat it with my eyes closed.
Anchovy Ssambap is boiled down with bracken on the bottom and anchovies, onions, and green onions on top. It has bracken in it, so it has a chewy texture.
The luxurious table setting with even Korean sweet and sour pork was good to eat with anchovy sashimi and boiled pork, and I could taste it as a delicacy even with anchovy ssambap with boiled pork.
I ordered my favorite cockle bibimbap as a single item. The taste was a combination of sweet and sour taste that no more words needed and chewy texture, so it was a rice thief.My acquaintance who likes abalone ate abalone hot pot rice. It was unique that abalone intestines were topped with hot pot rice. It was a Namhae food that you wouldn’t know what it was when you mix it with the side dish of the Dallae sauce.
The German village, where you can look around without an entrance fee, was a must-see course in Namhae. The colorfulness of the orange buildings standing over the ocean view from the German village observatory made me feel like I was traveling to a city in Europe.
If you go up to the German village, there is a large square. There are a snack bar where you can taste German beer around the square and a Paddock exhibition hall.
This day was a happy German village in an unexpected place. It was a sightseeing spot in the South Sea where I felt good as if I had been lucky with flower grass blooming brightly along the slope of the mountain from the observatory to the village road.
I’ve been to and from German villages several times, but it was my first time going to a slope with flower grass. The flower grass was in full bloom, but that was enough to see the South Sea.
Namhae Horticultural Art Village is a good trip to Namhae as a set with the German village. After parking in a German village, I looked back to the horticultural art village
I went inside after ticketing, and I was on my way to cheer for the light green leaves that sprouted with soft leaves. I felt refreshed just by walking while looking at the Leaf Tunnel, saying, “This is the prettiest now.”
The tulip flower path that continued from the entrance was a flower path that was not boring just with the collaboration of the two colors of red and yellow. Namhae Horticultural Art Village was a horticultural village where there were plenty of things to see in Namhae anytime.
Inside the bright flower path with spring flowers, viola and pen paper that bloomed on the floor bloomed in various colors, adding color to the green forest.
The double cherry blossoms I saw while walking were always amazing. It was a beautiful spot that made the hearts of travelers who traveled on the road beat.
The horticultural art village, which is approaching the peak of spring, was full of soft spring sensibility as if the shouts of soft sprouts surround the arboretum rather than colorful flowers.
On my way back to my accommodation after a day’s schedule, I stopped by the Namhae Abalone English Association Corporation as a place to visit in Namhae. It was easy to find because it was located on the beach as an abalone store.
After 5 p.m., I was able to buy the sales floor at the price of natural abalone, chamsora, sea squirt, octopus, and sea cucumber collected by haenyeo.
I could buy natural and cultured abalone at abalone store. It was convenient to use because the information panel was displayed to distinguish between natural and Western products.
Inside, which was divided into abalone and seafood stores, natural seafood was distinguished in each basket as if it had been freshly caught.
As I was curious about the strong stone octopus, the employee put it on his hand. It was smaller than an octopus, but it was really strong.
At the abalone store right next door, natural and cultured abalone differ in the tank and taught us how to distinguish between natural and natural products. In the picture above, the left side is aquaculture and the right side is natural, so the natural product was much bigger.
The best places to visit in Namhae after 1 night and 2 days were the Namhae travel course, starting with the sheep ranch, stopping by Eunseong Restaurant, a restaurant with cockle set menu, and visiting the abalone store. It was a spring trip that gave me healing.

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Goheung Aerospace Festival Naro Space Center Space Science Museum and other places to visit in Goheung in April

Goheung Aerospace Festival Naro Space Center Space Science Museum and other places to go to Goheung in April
This year, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed our daily lives for about three years at the Space Aviation Festival in Goheung, Jeollanam-do. An aerospace festival is being held in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, the center of Korea’s space development, under the slogan ‘Star*Nan Space Travel Welcome to Goheung’.The festival was held at the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum in Oenarado, Goheung, where the Naro launch base, Korea’s first space launch vehicle, is located. In the grass square of the science museum, there was a booth for each experience, so you could participate in experience activities and programs.
This year’s 13th Goheung Aerospace Festival will be held for three days from April 21st to 23rd (Sun). The 2023 Jeonnam Science Festival was held from April 22 to 23 in time, making it a worthwhile place to go to Goheung with richer science experience programs than ever.
Starting with the opening ceremony at 10 a.m., the festival was held for each experience booth. I was able to enjoy more than 200 programs related to space science along with the Jeonnam Science Festival.
It was the first aerospace festival in four years, but the experience square was crowded from the first day of the festival. It was a place where children could create and experience the infinite imagination of the universe and experience indirectly.
The experience program consisted of differentiated experiences from other festivals, such as making smart airplanes, making model gunpowder rockets, making Nuriho models, and making pin buttons, and the children who participated in the festival were full of curiosity.
There were more than 200 experiences, but each booth was crowded with children who wanted to participate in the experience. It was a special Goheung Aerospace Festival where children could experience space and rockets to the extent that the three-day festival was regrettable.
Making an air rocket is an experience where you can learn about the actual propulsion of a rocket, and you can learn about its action and reaction. The experience of touching and connecting with your fingertips was simple, but it was a making that hid the principles of science.
The coil gun, an electronic energy launcher, took about 30 minutes to participate as an experience for 5th graders to high school students. It was a description of what a capacitor does and what a ferromagnetic body does. Even if I listen to it, it’s hard for me…But I thought I’d get used to hearing it if I made it myself and experienced it.
In this festival, there were various things to see and play in the experience yard, including space celestial experience, magic balloon show, bubble parade, and character performance.
The children’s hands were busy at the Nuriho model booth. I was able to experience science related to the connection of LED bulbs by learning the principles of rockets. The projectile assembled in the order of the top plate and the appearance was an experience of connecting the projectile to the acrylic support.
Most of the children’s activities were in the experience yard, but there were also adult activities where they could participate with children. I thought it would be possible if I participated in all three days to go around the experience booth.
There was also a rocket launcher on the side of the experience square. It was an experience of sending a rocket far away by putting pressure on it. The children participated with great interest.
At the edge of the experience yard, there is also a booth for specialties and social economy companies in Goheung-gun. Along with various hands-on activities, it was a local food direct market where you can taste and experience excellent products while looking back on Goheung’s representative specialties and economic companies.
Goheung, Jeollanam-do has many specialties that can be tasted in clean areas. Among them, Goheung citron and pomegranate are the best. I was able to find other special crops representing Goheung with confidence in the agricultural direct trading market.
I was also able to taste Gimbap where you can taste Goheung seaweed, the nation’s No. 1 seaweed production. Goheung laver, which grew up in Goheung sea, which boasts the largest amount of sunlight in the country, is registered as the 21st geographical indication of marine products.
Yuja, Korean beef, pomegranate, and laver from each farm were displayed on the stands at the agricultural product store. Enjoy the freshness of Goheung citron with drinks.
The food booth was far from the experience yard, so it seemed to emphasize that the flower of the Goheung Aerospace Festival was the experience yard. I really liked how the experience and food were arranged separately.
The festival experience was also held at the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum. On the first floor of the Space Science Museum, there is a permanent exhibition hall and a special exhibition room.
In the planning exhibition room, there is an explanation related to the Nuri, a Korean-style projectile that succeeded in launching last year, giving a glimpse of Korea’s dreams of space.
In addition, since the development of the space launch vehicle began in 2003, it was interesting to display the actual rocket products so that we could see the development history of Korean rockets at a glance.
The permanent exhibition hall is an exhibition space where you can learn about space, and you can find out what space science and artificial satellites do through actual experiences and information boards.
I was able to experience the space scale. It was a test to see how my weight changes on each of the planets that make up the solar system, and it was an experience to see that each of the eight planets in the solar system changes.
I also became an astronaut using Chroma Key, a technique that combines screens and screens to create new video images. Space travel to Chromaqui was also popular with children.
The permanent exhibition hall of the Narrow Space Center Space Science Museum was also located on the second floor. When I went up to the second floor, I explained the principles and tasks of human satellites operating in a space environment with a temperature difference of about 300 degrees between day and night, along with each model, which helped me understand.
The International Space Station, created as a space station, is realistically decorated to recognize the activities of astronauts in space. It felt strange when I actually went in.
Each exhibition space in the Space Science Museum was operated as an experience program. It was an experience center that would satisfy the infinite imagination of the universe.
After completing the experience activities at the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum, I moved to Deokheung Astronomical Observatory, which is open, operated, and experienced only on April 21. Deokheung Observatory was able to look around a telescope that could observe various stars in space. There was a dome-shaped experience center in the lawn yard.
I asked if it is possible to observe constellations because Deokheung Observatory is located at a low place compared to other observatories are high. It is said that there is no big city to light artificial lights around, so it can be observed even in low places.
With the guidance of an employee, I observed the sun through a telescope. It was amazing to see sunspots on the surface of the sun and the flamingos surrounding the sun.
There is an astronomical observatory behind the observatory. This place was not open to the general public, but it was a place that fostered and supported the dreams of space dreamers.
The large reflective telescope installed in the main observation room was a telescope that observed space through a mirror about 1m in diameter. It was a special telescope that helped selected teenagers experience astronomical observation through open recruitment.
It was the National Youth Space Center where the Goheung Aerospace Festival was held. This place was also running an experience program only on April 21.
You could try three experience programs here. The first was an experience of looking at various planets in the solar system, including the image of the Earth sent by NASA on a large circular screen suspended in the air called SOS.
Through the accumulated videos in real time, we were able to see the day and night of the Earth, and we were able to see the process of typhoons and earthquakes making and disappearing.
In the second experience, I was able to experience astronauts working on the surface of the moon, which has less gravity than Earth. The moon adaptation experience program reminded me of astronauts jumping on the surface of the moon on TV.
The child who participated in the experience showed his/her desire to experience it quickly with curious eyes. I wore a helmet and told the children what to prepare.
The moon is only one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, so it is said that the body is light even if the same force is applied as on Earth. I was able to experience gravity by letting go of the children’s bodies with springs.The third was a multi-axial rotational adaptation training program. It was nice to have a similar experience a long time ago. It was an experience to adapt to the sense of balance experienced by astronauts operating in space.
It is a program that fixes the body to a chair connected by three rotating shafts and maintains a sense of balance on the rotating shaft that shakes up, down, left, and right, and it made me dizzy just by looking at it from the side. The courage of the child who participated in the experience made me applaud.
I went around Mugwort Island as a place worth visiting in Goheung. It wasn’t easy to meet the time because only one car was operated per hour. I was able to visit there twice. Along with the Goheung Aerospace Festival, which will be held for three days, we toured the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum and had various experiences at the observatory and the space center. On the occasion of Science Month in April, I think it would be good to go on a space trip to Goheung, where our space launch pad is located.

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Pyeongtaek Agricultural Ecology Center Tulip Date Playground One-day trip near Seoul Travel to Pyeongtaek

Pyeongtaek Agricultural Ecology Center Tulip Date Playground Seoul Near School Trip Pyeongtaek Travel
Pyeongtaek Date Pyeongtaek Agricultural Ecology Center Tulip Flower Complex Seoul Near School One-day Trip, I went to Pyeongtaek Agricultural Ecology Center with tulips in full of tulips. I was on my way to visit you after seeing posts from my blog neighbors. It was nice to hear lightly because it was a tulip garden that you can see close to your house.Pyeongtaek Agricultural Ecology Center, which I visited around 3 p.m. from Yeol Cimi (2023.4.20) to 3 p.m., was a popular destination in the metropolitan area because many tourists visited the flower garden even though it was a weekday.
The Agricultural Ecology Institute has been holding ‘Pyeongtaek Flower Outing Event’ every year from mid-April to early May. The flower outing event, which was suspended due to Koshi, was held from April 15th to 19th this year.
The day I visited was the day after the flower outing event, but I was glad to find it as a one-day trip near Seoul because I can still see the flower path around.
The large backyard of the Agricultural Ecology Institute was full of spring flowers, and cute sculptures were installed in the middle, so it was not boring because there were many good points to take pictures.
It was an agricultural ecological center where you can see flowers every season and prepare various experiences, games, and exhibitions to become a rest-like park for local residents.
The garden of Naeumdal, where tulips are in full bloom, bloomed as if flowers were flowing down from a low hill. It was a flower garden with colorful tulips in full bloom now.
It was a flower garden that you can visit on a date in Pyeongtaek if you are with your family or lover. It is a place where you can enjoy various flowers by season, so I was looking forward to what flowers would welcome you after the tulips fall.
Not even a drop or two of raindrops could halve the colorful color of tulips. It was a colorful flower garden with red and yellow flowers in order.
The newly bloomed tulips were bright and clear, so I could receive vivid energy. The collaboration of red and yellow tulips was the main thing in my Eumdal Garden.
If you climb up the hill and look around the surrounding square, it leads to a wide park. There were walking trails and rest areas where you could rest.
The tulips that bloomed red were cool with white lines on the edge of the petals.
The windmill was running because I couldn’t beat it because it was blowing endlessly on the walk. It was a pinwheel with patterns such as white, orange, and Taegeukgi.
It is said that Naeumdal Garden is a flower garden decorated with hydrangeas in summer and silver grass gardens in autumn. I was proud that there was a flower garden close to my house.
In Naeumdal Garden, where red, yellow, and dark pink colors are arranged sequentially, flowers bloomed like terraced rice paddies and were pretty.
The tulips were mostly in bloom, but some were still budding. Since it is a flower that gives flowers quickly, I thought it was planted sequentially so that I could see the flowers for a long time.
The flowers that bloomed in the form of an arch continued to flow on a wide plain with colors. The colors were red, purple, white, yellow, and pink, but that was enough.
The tulip flower garden was quite spacious, but it took less than 30 minutes to look around. If you look at the flowers and take a picture, there are many photo spots, so it was a garden that would pass an hour.
If you want to walk along the flower path, just walking around the tulip garden has healed the flowers. It’s a flower that just bloomed, so I felt the lively energy.
The tulip garden is also decorated with a circular pattern on the grass square. If you look closely, it’s.. But it was a pretty garden if you look two or three steps away.
Tulips grown with soft grasses have a bright flower garden against the background of green grass. It was a mini garden full of freshness.
Pyeongtaek Agricultural Ecology Center was a resting place for local people with a park for picnics, a pavilion for shade rest, and rocking chairs everywhere, including Naeumdal Garden where you can enjoy flowers in all four seasons.
Naeumdal Garden, which was created as a tulip flower complex, is a flower garden that expresses the richness and generosity of Pyeongtaek City and was being cultivated as a theme botanical garden.
Although the flower complex was not large, the area was quite large to enjoy the tulip flower garden in the metropolitan area.
Travelers who went on an outing with their families took pictures against the background of the flower garden and enjoyed flower healing by observing the shape of the flower in detail.
As if there were no purple flowers with velvet feel, there was less presence of flower color. I liked the flowers that drew attention with their colorful colors, but I also liked the flower color that was a subtle background.
The road between flowers is made with an eco-friendly mat. It was good that it didn’t break the beauty of the flower because it was wide enough for one person to walk.
Naeumdal Garden made a flower path in a different type from last year, and the spacious yard garden was made into a flower path with a smooth curve like a waterway.
There is also an animal experience zone other than the complex created as a flower garden, so there were plenty of things to play in Pyeongtaek and see with children.
The Pyeongtaek Agricultural Ecology Center, which I visited on a trip to Pyeongtaek, was a tulip complex that was good to stop by on the way rather than visit on purpose to see the tulip flower garden. It was a good spot to take insider pictures.

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A place to go when it rains in Jeju Island. A place to go on a rainy day in Jeju Island

Places to go on a rainy day in Jeju Island. Places to go on a rainy day in Jeju Island
Places to go on a rainy day in Jeju IslandI went on a trip to Jeju Island for the first time in a long time, but if it rains!!! It’s bound to be a disaster. You don’t have to be disappointed because the weather conditions of Jeju Island are different depending on the place where you can check the condition of the day only when you go to the site. Still, if it’s inevitable rain news, it’s okay to look around all the places to visit when it rains.~Yeol Cimi~The last trip rained for two days out of a three-day schedule. I didn’t prepare enough travel destinations to prepare for the rain, but it was a trip where I could enjoy Jeju’s emotions as it rained.
There is a spot in Dodu-dong, Jeju-si where you can take bright pictures even in cloudy weather. It is a place where the seven-colored rainbow colors are connected along the coast. If you visit Jeju Island on a rainy day, you can see a clearer barrier than ever.
Rainbow Coastal Road is always busy with travelers no matter what season you visit every year. The MZ generation’s favorite photo spot allows you to create unique photos on the barrier.
It is also fun to cross the barrier one by one like crossing a stepping stone bridge by the stream. When I walked on top of it, it was a stone path that I wanted to walk on the ocean view.
The protective walls, which are placed in the order of exactly seven-color rainbow colors, extend about 500m from Dodubong Peak to Yongdam Leports Park along the coast.
The colored barrier could be used as a photo spot for some and a good chair for others.
When I went to the Kim Chang-yeol Museum of Art, I remembered the Underground Museum of Art and Bennett’s Se House, which I met on a long trip to Japan. The unique style of the building seen from the exterior and the space composition of the indoor exhibition hall were specially decorated, so I felt similar.
The Kim Chang-yeol Museum of Art was established on September 24, 2016 as an exhibition hall to commemorate the achievements of artist Kim Chang-yeol and to give a glimpse of the artist’s work world.
In the exhibition hall, you can look back at various works by artists called ‘Waterdrop Artist’. Painter Kim Chang-yeol has been showing works based on water droplets since 1972. The special thing about finding a water drop writer in a place to visit when it rains in Jeju Island!!
The material of the work is water droplets, but the works on display are separately and together to make various changes in water droplets.
Outside, I could enjoy the scenery where water droplets were constantly falling by turning on the fountain with transparent beads. It was Jeju Island on a rainy day, but the water droplets that harmonized with the fountain were unique.
I looked around the artist’s statue on my way out of the museum. I felt like the writer’s eyes were looking at the water drop.
While traveling to Jeju Island, the place that sounds like a mill was a prop shop located in Jungmun, Seogwipo. I liked the fact that it was located on the side of the road, so it was easy to find and there was a large parking lot, so I didn’t have to worry about parking.
When I entered the room, it was so bright that there was no difference between inside and outside, so it was good to shop. As bright as the lighting, I could see the products displayed on the stand clearly.
At the entrance, the most basic props that anyone needs are placed. Most of them were handmade products, but in the middle of them, there was a pot stand stone made of volcanic stone, a folding umbrella, and a hand wallet.
The store was decorated in all white except for the ceiling, so the atmosphere was refreshing. The stand tailored to the eye level of children and adults is displayed so that you can touch and experience the object yourself, making it easy to choose the product.
The display case where the items were placed was placed horizontally and vertically so that there was no inconvenience for customers to use it. There is a lot of space so that many people can shop even when they enter the shop without worrying about getting in trouble.
The products were equipped with food, Jeju specialties, and various gifts. Dolhareubang and soju glasses were popular products.
I was able to compare the products because the products displayed on the shelves were displayed as much as I needed.A tangerine hat is a must if you travel to Jeju!!It was used as a couple’s favorite item, but these days, I can see that they are a couple with friends and family.
Being able to see all the handmade products was one of the fun of finding a prop shop, Mandal. Along with him, the birthstone bracelet and the money opener were unique.There was also a present for cats and dogs. I think the pet section would be interesting for people with pets.
Jeju Island’s food was diverse with specialties. It was fun to choose because there were various kinds of ramen such as Dotman, Moondak Ramen, and Ddakmen, where octopus and red-banded lobster met.
In addition, there were various foods such as makgeolli, chocolate, liquid tea, and honey based on Jeju tangerines and Hallabong, so it was fun to choose.
If you drive about 15 minutes west of Mandal, Andeok Valley is located along the Ilju road. It was included in Jeju Olle Course 9, and the forest path from the entrance to the valley was refreshing. It was a good forest road to visit when it rains in Jeju Island.
It’s been a few years since I visited this place, but the surrounding scenery toward the valley has not changed, so I could easily. Around the walking trail, the winter scenery was preserved intact.
Andeok Valley is a place with flat bedrock and surrounded by strange rock cliffs like a folding screen. As if it was a dry season, the valley water showed the bottom brightly, but the rock stones that formed the bottom seemed to be carved like sculptures.
As I walked inside, I could see the valley water trapped between rocks like stagnant water. On top of it, camellia flowers with fallen petals were placed as if they were covered with red beads of red.
The camellia flower, which dropped the entire flower, was leaning on a rock and wishing for the sky. On both sides of the valley, evergreen broad-leaved forests were developed, and about 300 kinds of plants were growing.
Andeok Valley is home to a variety of plants, including juniper trees, thorn trees, cedar chestnut trees, and red pine trees. I heard that you can see rare plants such as Dampalsu and Sangsahwa, so I think it would be good to visit during that season.
Arte Museum was the perfect place to visit when it rained. It was a popular spot for couples as an indoor tourist attraction or a date course.
I was on my way to Jeju Island on a rainy day. The contents of the exhibition were different from the last time I went, so it was new as if I saw it for the first time.
Life in the jungle, which absorbs the surrounding colors with a transparent body, is a media art exhibition hall where you can experience the mysteriousness of the jungle, and you could have a special experience if you visit Jeju Island when it rains.
Jeju Arte Museum consists of 14 themes, including Camellia Flower Zone. It was amazing to see the beach that collapsed and disappeared into a bubble.
During the exhibition at the Arte Museum ‘The Garden of Light with Famous Paintings’ was a feast of masterpieces that you can just sit still on the floor and appreciate.
The travel destinations I visited when it rains in Jeju Island were places where I could feel the sentiment of Jeju Island on a rainy day and enjoy instead of the scenery on a rainy day in Jeju Island. It was a good trip to find places to go to in Jeju Island.

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Jeju Jungmun Places to visit Jeju Island Food Attractions Jeju Island Spring Travel

Jeju Island Spring Tour
Jeju Island Spring Tour, a tourist attraction in Jeju Island, where the spring energy of Jeju Island’s tourist attraction visited by the spring trip to Jeju Island, was filled with yellow and yellow scenery everywhere I went. It was a spring trip to Jeju Island where I could see cherry blossoms because it was a trip in time for the cherry blossom season. It was Lululala because it was Lululala.~Yeol Cimi~Jeju, where you can go anytime, has many places to go and places you want to go, so you can split your time. Seogwipo Jungmun course was a must for spring trip.
Yeomiji Botanical Garden, located in Jungmun Tourist Road, Seogwipo, is a hot place to visit in Jungmun, Jeju. It was the largest greenhouse garden in the East where you can see flowers and green plants regardless of the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.
From spring to autumn, you can look around the forest path of the outdoor garden, so it takes plenty of time to watch. There were so many things to see in Jeju Island that it would be enough to look around the indoor greenhouse if you were to visit in winter.
The greenhouse botanical garden consists of flower gardens, water gardens, cactus gardens, and tropical gardens, so you can observe plants according to climate change in greenhouses.
There are a total of 2,300 species of plants in the botanical garden, and you can look around 1,300 different plant groups in the greenhouse, which is half of them.
Entering each theme garden, I could breathe freely the comfort and clean air that I could feel in the dense forest that reached the ceiling of the greenhouse.
Since it is divided into various gardens, I could see unique flowers in each garden. In places that reproduced gardens from all over the world, including France, Italy, and Japan, you could enjoy the unique gardens of each country.
Saekdalbadang is a 3-minute drive from Yeoji Botanical Garden. It’s open from 17
00 p.m., so I made a reservation in advance and went there on time.
I thought it was unusual to open from 5 p.m., but I was surprised that people who made reservations in advance came on time around the opening.
When I entered the room, there was a large hall and an independent room inside. I reserved a room while making a reservation in advance and ordered a special menu for 4 people per bar.
Badang Special Course is a special sashimi course where you can taste high-quality fish species and fresh seafood caught in Jeju, and various jade stones are put in cypress trees.
I was surprised to see high-quality sashimi such as tuna sashimi, croaker, and sea bream. It was served on a jade stone and I could taste it coolly.
Shrimp, red-banded lobster, red-banded lobster, marinade, abalone, and sea cucumber that can be eaten as sashimi. Even fresh seaweed was put in a basket and there was an understated charm.
The quality of the menu that came out as a meal was also different. I was able to taste the style of Suki, including creamy shrimp, freshly fried sweet potatoes and shrimp, grilled mackerel and okonomiyaki.
Pot rice is Anago pot rice with fried conger eel on top. The staff mixed the rice evenly with the fried food and served it for each of us. I could eat the hot pot rice with a savory and light taste without the fishy smell of eel.
For mackerel sashimi, I wrapped it with perilla leaves and pickled onions. It was a delicacy because the scent of perilla leaves and the savory taste of mackerel were combined.
After eating raw fish, spicy fish stew was served as a must. A bowl of rice was instant when I ate spicy fish stew. The spicy and clean taste was excellent.
After a big dinner at Saekdalbadang, I headed to Mandal, a Jeju prop shop that is 5 minutes away by car. It was a good place to visit in the middle of Jeju Island for night shopping.
It was good to find a parking lot around the building without worrying about parking. The parking lot was so popular when I visited it in the evening.
When I entered the room, the lighting was brighter than outside, so it was good to shop. The exhibition stand is on the second floor, so I could look around at eye level.
Popular props such as magnetic, eco-bags, and pouches were located at the entrance. From the size of large and small to the design that resembles the four seasons of Jeju, it was the same, so it was various.
I waited for the guests to leave I used to take pictures. The exhibition stands were neatly organized without any disruption, so I felt good as if I was the first one to look around.
It was dinner time, but I realized that it was a popular place to visit in Jeju’s Jungmun because there were many tourists who visited the prop shop.
Mandal, which is full of items that are good for gifts, also had a variety of lucky souvenirs. It was a lucky item that I thought something good would happen if I kept fish, whales, and owls.
On the other hand, the Molang series, masking tape, etc., which are popular these days, and the back and handmade products that will provide subtle lighting, were also colorful.
A tangerine hat is a must-have item for a spring trip to Jeju Island. Hats are so popular that I was able to meet various variations of designs.
At the same time, you could find various items made of basalt in Jeju Island. It was good as a gift because there were various souvenirs using volcanic stones such as basalt bracelets, stone harvests, natural air fresheners, and pot stands that I like.
Air fresheners, diffusers, and vehicle air fresheners containing the scent of Jeju were also popular as thumb products that cannot be left out in Jeju tourist attractions.
Most of the food in Jeju Island was based on Jeju specialties. The raw materials of Hallabong, tangerines, and Udo peanuts were unique foods of Jeju.
You can see the variety of Jeju Island gifts such as basic makgeolli, ramen, and beef jerky. It was good to go shopping because it sounded light as a place worth visiting in Jungmun, Jeju.
In spring, Yerae Ecological Park is the number one place to visit in the middle of Jeju Island. It was a good park for a spring trip to Jeju Island as a tourist attraction where you can see a collaboration of yellow rape flowers and cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms did not bloom in Jeju City, but it was nice to see cherry blossoms in Yerae Ecological Park. The clean air was a bonus because it was a morning walk.
When I walked along the park in the morning, the cherry blossom tunnel road continued throughout the way, and the rape flowers blooming yellow lined up right next to me as if cheering.
The pink cherry blossoms among the white cherry blossoms were very pretty. The flower color is pretty, so I’ve been hanging around for a long time.
7 minutes drive from Mandal to Taeponjusangjeolli. It takes less than 10 minutes with Saekdalbadang. It was a good sightseeing spot in Jeju for a light walk.
Daepo Columnar Joints were designated as a natural monument in Jeju Island, and a walking deck was built along the coast, so you could see the columnar joints closely.
The columnar joint was surrounded like a folding screen along the coast. It was a vertical joint of a cliff cut with rectangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal columns.
After seeing the main joint, I went to the park along the deck road. I walked to the observatory where I could see the columnar joint while walking around the park.
Starting at the Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Jeju’s Jungmun attraction was a spring trip to Jeju Island, which was full of Jeju food and attractions as a prop shop Mandal where you can buy Jeju Island gifts and Jeju Island special sashimi course. It was always a good Jeju Island that I enjoyed with the warm spring sunshine.

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Places to visit in Saipan, including the North Tour BEST5, Free Trip to Saipan

Saipan Free Travel, including the Northern Tour BEST5, Saipan Free Travel
Saipan Free Travel, which was visited by Saipan Free Travel, was a healing schedule while resting for 5 days and 5 nights. It was a tour where I enjoyed a hotel vacation because I only had two or three schedules a day. I made a reservation for accommodation, entertainment, and attractions through Saipan Play.On the last day of my trip to Saipan, I made a reservation for the northern part of Saipan. I picked up at the hotel and looked back on the half-day schedule with a Korean guide. I was able to look around all the places worth visiting in Saipan.
For the first course of the northern Saipan tour, I visited the Korean memorial peace tower first. It was a place to commemorate Koreans who were killed in Saipan during the Pacific War, and my heart ached.
The tower in the center of the grass square read ‘Pacific Korean Memorial Peace Tower’. Large and small headstones were erected around it to commemorate it.
The sky from the Peace Tower was clear and clear enough to make my eyes ache. A memorial monument was erected around the memorial tower against the backdrop of Mafisan Mountain, and the lion statue is said to be looking at Korea.
If you drive north from the Korean memorial tower for about 3 minutes, there is Manse Cliff on the coast. It is said to be the place where the Japanese army fought until the end. Well… I felt like I didn’t know what it was here.
The Manse Cliff is said to be the place where the Japanese soldiers who were defeated by the shaved cliffs jumped on their own. Around the Manse Cliff, you could see a memorial monument in Japanese. It was a basic course to visit Saipan.
I went to the suicide cliff that I saw from the world cliff. I was so careful that I was afraid to call you by name. It’s located behind the Manse Cliff.
The view from the suicide cliff was beautiful. We could see the horizon at the highest point in northern Saipan. It is said that the Japanese and Japanese jumped down the cliff instead of surrender to the U.S. military.
After getting off the suicide cliff and passing through the Emerald Sea View on the way to Bird Island, I fell in love with a tree standing on the edge of the road and took a break. I felt like I was watching a tree in the movie.
While driving on the road again, I stopped my way because there was a spot where the bony tree standing on the side of the road and the ocean view were beautifully matched. It was good to take various directing pictures like a scene in a commercial.
Bird Island, which is good for birds, was an island for birds. From the observatory, it looks like there is a gray island, but it was originally a black rock island. It is said that the sea birds flew in and left traces, and became the color they are now.
It was refreshing to stand facing the new island because of the sea breeze. The edge of the coast was emerald with shallow water, and the sea where the waves swept away was cobalt. It was one of the best places to visit in Saipan.
1.5 km from the new island, there is Grotto, a hot snorkeling attraction. It was a place I expected a lot from the northern Saipan tour, but I couldn’t go into the water due to weather conditions, but I only looked around.
I even changed my schedule to go to Grotto, but it was a pity that I didn’t have a relationship on the last trip. Instead, I was able to walk around the observatory where I could see Grotto.
Around the entrance down to Grotto, there were photo zones one by one, including murals, so it was okay to take pictures.
Grotto was a cave under the cliff of Cape Syphilis, where you had to go down 100 steep stairs to the same place as the diver’s holy place.
On the left side of the entrance to the cave, there is an observatory where you can see the sea as well as a shelter. I thought it was a resting place for travelers who visited this place.
One of the must-see places in the northern Saipan tour is the park with Saipan sculptures. I felt like I came to Saipan only after taking pictures here. I got to know this spot thanks to my sister who went to Saipan earlier.
The Saipan sculpture standing in mint color was suitable for taking pictures with various directions along with the alphabet. With my friends, it would be nice to go into each alphabet and direct it.
During the northern Saipan tour, I was able to see the traces of Japanese troops everywhere. The last place I visited was the Japanese military’s last headquarters located under the cliff of Mount Mafi.
The surrounding area is a large park like a lawn square, but it was bitter because the remnants of the fierce Pacific War were displayed in it.
I was nervous because there were weapons and guns in the park that would have been used at the time. Behind it is a staircase leading up to the cave.
collectively called ‘Last Command Post’ you can also see traces of a 2m hole in the rock during the bombing during the war. I got goosebumps!!
The stairs were low enough for one person to climb. I hesitated about going up and went up. A wooden fence was installed around the natural rock wall and walked along the edge.
The Japanese military’s last command used natural caves as its command, and the entrance to the cave was narrow, but the inside was quite wide. I didn’t go in because I got goosebumps, but I think it would be good to hear it lightly as a place worth visiting in Saipan.
Other monuments and large and small monuments were erected in memory of the Okinawans. I think it’d be nice to stop by on the way.
I did one massage a day while traveling in Saipan. Among them, I stopped by the newly opened Ocean Spa. I made a reservation through Saipan Play as a place I liked because the facilities were clean and the interior was luxurious.
Ocean’s Par, which I visited during the evening, was picked up from the hotel and I was able to move comfortably. It was a dark night, but thanks to the lighting poured out through the entrance, the wooden gate felt eco-friendly, so I entered comfortably.
When I entered the room, there was a counter and I felt like I was herbal therapy with hydroponic plants and air purifying plants around me.
The passageway leading to each room was decorated with gravel stones, creating a natural and luxurious atmosphere. It was refreshing because it was a newly opened place.
The course has a full body care course, and there were aroma stones that were heated with basalt stones, followed by candle therapy, and foot massage.
There was a room with a sink and a bathroom in the shop, so I could use it comfortably. It was a good place to visit in Saipan, and it was a good place to find a place to recover from fatigue and rest after traveling with the northern Saipan tour.

A place to visit in Saipan #SaipanNorthernTour #SaipanFreeTravel

*This trip was written by Saipan Play after receiving all the support from SaipanNorthernTour.

Recommended travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do, Namhae Horticultural Art Village Spring Outing

Recommended travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do, Namhae Horticultural Art Village Spring Trip
I went on a trip to Namhae with a small but bright spring scenery I met at Gyeongsang-do Horticultural Art Village. The trip that accompanied the warm spring sunshine was a day when even a thin coat was cumbersome. In Namhae Horticultural Art Village, spring flowers bloomed lightly and seemed to stand in the middle of spring.These days, when flowers and flowers are relayed, I am Yeol Cimi, who is having a happy day with the news of flowers. For a trip to the South Sea, the horticultural art village, which was decorated with spring light, was a recommended spot for travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do.
Namhae Horticultural Art Village looked around the German village and walked to the Horticultural Art Village. It was a spring outing set travel destination because it was right next to the German village.
The branches, which had been thin all throughout the year, were plump and fresh from embracing the green shoots, so the tip of the nose was refreshing. The forest tunnel, which started from the entrance of the hot weather, felt like walking along a gentle mountain path.
A coveted flower that solved the question of whether it was a fruit flower thanks to an acquaintance who told me that it was Da Allia..
Tulips bloomed in the Horticultural Art Village as if they represent spring. When I entered the ticket office, there was a flower garden decorated with tulips, but the place was already withered, and as I walked about 50m inside, yellow red tulips led to a flower path along the edge of the road.
The flowers in the morning sun forgot my color and shone transparently as if they were conforming to nature. The flower colors were yellow and red, which were simpler than any other tulip flower garden, but they were blooming firmly.
The Namhae Horticultural Art Village has beautifully decorated houses and gardens centered on horticultural experts. There are 11 communal gardens in the village, and there are observation decks, trails, cafes, and outdoor performance halls.
As I walked along the road that was wide enough for one or two people, I felt familiar with the warmth of walking in the back garden. Even if the attractions are not colorful, it is a place where you can relax your mind just by looking at the small scenery, and it is a perfect place for a spring outing.
Among the flowers colored with spring light are violas and pansies. Flowers bloomed in color, and everywhere around them was full of bright spring light.
Walking along the walk, there are private gardens decorated with springy gardens in the drama. The lawn was planted in a large yard and a palm-sized pond was built on the side to provide the basic form of the garden.
The sculptures along the slope were also harmonized with the picturesque scenery, so it was like looking at a nice outdoor gallery. When I think about it, I realize how important the surrounding environment is.
The royal azaleas were in full bloom in the Namhae Horticultural Art Village. Tulips were blooming only at the entrance, but red azaleas could be seen everywhere.
Park Won-sook’s Coffee Story ‘ which sounds like an essential spot in the art village is good because you can look around the cafe and yard garden.
When you enter the entrance, the counter is divided into three centers and there is an outdoor door. Two of the three were independent spaces and one was a large hall.
Inside, there are pictures of Park Won-sook, who feels comfortable like a friend, everywhere, and I could see the pictures from Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together.
The tea table and chair were also outstanding, and the simplicity of the wooden and chair was outstanding.
Fortunately, when I visited in the morning, I looked around in detail because I could take pictures of the spots I wanted because there were few people in the hall.
If you go out to the outdoor garden, there is a rooftop-like space surrounded by pine trees, and there is a yard and garden. If you go down to two places, the rooftop looks like you’re trapped in a dense forest, and it’s all green.
When I was drinking warm citron tea and iced latte in it, I felt so comfortable that I thought there would be fresh play.
Enjoying a cup of tea and toddling to go on a spring outing again.. Even the jangdokdae placed in the garden harmonized with the tile wall and became a landscape.
At the foot of the gentle mountain, both families were having a relaxing time. The mother’s ease of playing with the baby sheep was so vivid that I didn’t think it was a sculpture.
Oh my~~ So pretty peacock.. The elegance of the peacock with its broad tail was as pretty as it really was, except for the fixed sculpture.
The Namhae Horticultural Art Village consists of about 20 theme gardens, including cafes and handicraft shops. There are cultural centers such as the Star Stone Gift Corner and the European Traditional Costume Experience Room. You can also look around European antique props.
The horticultural art village, which is decorated with flowers and trees, has been turned into a garden even on the way to the German village. Ladies Garden was an elegant and restrained garden.
It was a graceful scenery with violas on both sides of the walk and pansies planted in color. It was a garden where the overall atmosphere of the horticultural art village continued.
I planted pink tulips between the yellow pansies to look around the flowers again. I could see a neat garden around it.
The pink tulip with the flower bed between the yellow pansy bloomed in solid color. I wonder if the person who cultivated this flower garden would like pink..
The yellow daffodils surrounded by layers of petals were large in flowers. The red color inside the petals stood out.
At the end of Ladies’ Garden, there is a wall of ash that was built with concrete exposure. I don’t know if it’s built as a boundary between inside and outside, but it’s one of the good spots to take pictures.
When you leave the garden, it leads to a downhill road. It was a good trail to walk in eye contact with the dense forest around. ‘Windmill Story’ I was walking with a praiseworthy step past the building.
As you walk, there is a breakfast of the ranch, a gift shop, and a Bremen house where you can get a glimpse of European antique props, and a Mexican sage where you can see flowers and quilts. I couldn’t look into each place, but it was a Namhae horticultural art village that was abundant for morning walks and spring outings.

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Tongyeong Travel Course, a night view tourist attraction of the Undersea Tunnel Sea Tongyeong Bridge

Tongyeong Travel Course
The undersea tunnel found by Tongyeong tourism, the arch bridge, and the night view of Tongyeong Bridge were all covered by Tongyeong Undersea tunnel and Tongyeong Bridge. It was my first time going to both places, so I had a fresh fun of the Tongyeong tour course.During the day, I visited Dongpirang Mural Village in Tongyeong and enjoyed a cup of tea at Yi Sun-sin Park and a cafe. At sunset, I stopped by Tongyeong Undersea Tunnel as a night view spot.
The Tongyeong Undersea Tunnel parked in the Yongmun Public Parking Lot right next to it and entered the tunnel. It was before it got dark, but the entrance to the tunnel was brightly lit. The entrance is ‘Yongmundalyang’.. Written by Yamaguchi, a Japanese governor of Tongyeong at the time, it reaches Japan through the Dragon Gate’ is said to have meaning.
There is a tourist information center at the entrance of the tunnel, so I could find out about Tongyeong travel brochures and other inquiries.
It was my first time to go to Tongyeong undersea tunnel, but my friend who accompanied me already went, so I followed my friend who was in the lead and entered comfortably.
The entrance was connected to a gentle downhill road, and the light was brightly lit inside the tunnel, so it didn’t feel like a tunnel.
If you go along the slope, the entrance is so brightly lit that you don’t know it’s a gray concrete tunnel, so it was a good place to visit Tongyeong as a tourist attraction.
The underwater tunnel runs from Dang-dong to Misu-dong, Tongyeong-si, with a total of 483m and a width of 5m. The tunnel was 3.5 meters high.
As I walked inside for a long time, I could get a glimpse of the undersea tunnel construction. It is said that the tunnel construction was carried out by constructing both embankments first and digging directly under the sea. The construction scenes were displayed in order, which helped me understand the tunnel.
As I was walking through a dull undersea tunnel, I saw the number of 13 meters under the sea and realized that it was under the sea. I couldn’t believe that the place with the sign was under the sea.
Looking through the construction sites of the Tongyeong Undersea Tunnel one by one, I saw the entrance and exit of the tunnel with bright light.
It is said that the tunnel depth is about 10m below the average sea level. It was a national registered cultural property completed in 1932 and was worth visiting in Tongyeong.
I went all the way to the end of the tunnel and walked back to the entrance where I started. I parked there and was on my way back.
A long shadow on the way back, click!!
Although it was less than 5 p.m., I could see local residents coming and going through the Tongyeong Undersea Tunnel. There were also tourists who visited as tourist attractions.
I could feel the tunnel atmosphere of various colors because the lighting color of the underwater tunnel changed. It was cold when the lights were blue, but when the lights were green, I felt like I was in a dense forest.
The tunnel was a good course for local residents to take a light walk and a route to travel. I rode my bike and walked ahead with busy steps.
The night view of Tongyeong that my friend recommended for my trip to Tongyeong was Tongyeong. It was an arch bridge that was colored with colorful legs. It was a night view spot, but it was a good place to visit Tongyeong as a sunset spot.
The lights lit up one by one as it became dark were reflected in the Tongyeong sea as a mirror, and the surrounding area was colorful with the light.
Tongyeong Bridge, which is made of an arch-shaped railway bridge, was a night view spot with colorful lights flowing with colorful lights as time passed. 196 floodlights were attached to the central arch of the bridge, so you could enjoy the night view surrounded by green lights.It would have been nice to see Tongyeong Bridge with sunset.. Because I visited slowly, I could only see the red sunset, Tongyeong sea, and Tongyeong Bridge.
When I took a picture at a good location to take Tongyoung Bridge, I could see the arch bridge in front of me and hold the colorful bridge that changes from time to time.
The bridge, which I found a place worth going to Tongyeong, was bright with the sunset after sunset. Even the night lights of Tongyeong Bridge looked bright.
Right next to the parking lot is a park, and a statue of Jeju haenyeo is built on the beach. Why do I look like a haenyeo out of a sudden?When I looked at the information board next to it, it was built to honor the lives of Jeju haenyeo who are living as a living place in the sea of Tongyeong.
The sunset light penetrated the statue of Jeju haenyeo, and it showed a lively feeling like a haenyeo who just stepped out to do material.
Tongyeongdaegyo Bridge is a bridge that connects Dang-dong to Misu-dong and is 591m long and 20m wide. It was a bridge completed in 1998.
If you are looking for a Tongyeong travel course, it would be good to visit lightly as a night view attraction. I think it would be good to go around the undersea tunnel and Tongyeong Bridge night view as a place to go to Tongyeong.

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Haeundae Blue Line Park Beach Train Haeundae Sky Capsule Date

Haeundae Blue Line Park Beach Train Haeundae Sky Capsule Date
I took the Busan Beach Train and Sky Capsule and went on a Haeundae Date~Busan trip and used the Haeundae Sky Capsule. I visited around 10 a.m. on the weekend, and many people gathered as if it was midday. I felt that it was a hot place representing Haeundae in Busan.~Yeol Cimi~Winter trip has a short day, so the point was to travel well during a bright time. The morning sun slowly rises past 7 o’clock and the sunset ends around 5
30 o’clock, which is why there is not enough time to travel.
I looked back on the Haeundae date after a long time. Among them, I also used the sky capsule that I thought about whether to ride it or not. I left from Mipo station.
Haeundae Blue Line Park is a marine tourism belt made of walking trails, shelters, and green spaces on the old railroad of the Donghae Nambu Line. In 2020, Haeundae Blue Line Park opened anew opened.
Since I moved with my car, I parked in the parking lot on Mipo Street. There is also a public parking lot in Blue Line Park, but the space is small, so I used the parking lot at the right turn corner in the direction of Mipo five-way street.
Mipo station stood as a full glass building after passing Blue Line Square. On the way, there was a photo studio where you can take pictures, a snack corner where you can eat lightly, and an arch-shaped flower tunnel. I saw the flower tunnel when I went last time, and it was refreshing as if it was newly built.
The Flower Tunnel is a flower tunnel with a considerable height and is said to be a flower path presented by Jungkook China in 2021 to celebrate BTS Jungkook’s birthday. I made an orange-colored flower path with the tiger flower, Jungkook’s birth flower and champagne rose.
The Mipo station I visited after a long time after I went last year was not particularly different, but the surrounding area felt refreshed and most of the young people went on a date in Haeundae.
Haeundae Blue Line Park, which I couldn’t see at the time, was confusing whether it was newly decorated or there was also a time, but it was fun to decorate it in a cute way like a hot place representing Haeundae in Busan.It was a weekend morning, but the Mipo station was crowded. It’s ambiguous to take pictures when there are a lot of people, so it looks loose after people pass by, but it was actually a morning that many people visited.
People trying to get on the Haeundae Beach train were already waiting in a long line. It was a train from Mipo Station to Dalmaji Tunnel, Cheongsapo Station, Bridge Stone Observatory, Gudeokpo Station, and Songjeong Station.
The beach train passing 5 stations was a free train where you could get off at each station and enjoy the surroundings. You could use a one-way ticket, two round-trip tickets, and a free pass.
Haeundae Beach Train departs from the first floor of Mipo Station at 9
30 a.m. and the last train at 19 p.m. Instead, it can vary depending on the season, so it would be good to check it in advance and use it.
You can take the train from Mipo Station to Songjeong Station, the last stop, but I think it would be a good opportunity to ride the Haeundae Blue Line Park by train when you leave by sky capsule.
Unlike beach trains, Haeundae Sky Capsule runs from the second floor of Mipo Station to Cheongsapo Station. The distance is 2km, and you will be on board for about 30 minutes one way.
The ocean view running along the Busan sea was the same, but Haeundae Sky Capsule was different in that it was viewed from 7m to 10m above the ground.
The sky capsule that can accommodate four people was a romantic capsule that ran automatically along the rails installed in the air. It was a square that was square and the interior was spacious.
It was a sky capsule that slowed down like a turtle while enjoying the superb view of the Busan sea and coast, but the cool ocean view while moving was touching.
When I was riding a sky capsule and enjoying the 360-degree view, I felt frustrated with the slow driving. On the other hand, it seemed to convey an implicit message that a slow rest would not change much. I’m afraid I’m rushing forward..That’s what I thought.
It was morning time, but the Busan sea was like watching sunset in the evening. The golden light across the horizon looked like evening glow.
It was fun to ride a sky capsule and enjoy the view of the coast, but it was also fun to watch the capsule moving back and forth.
I also enjoyed matching my favorite color among capsules that come and go by myself. The Sky Capsule is divided into two, three, and four seats, and it was available as a package fee that can only be used by Haeundae Beach Train and Sky Capsule One Way.
It was a capsule that moved slowly along the rail, but as I was enjoying the Haeundae coast, I arrived at Cheongsapo Station.
I could get off at Cheongsapo Station and take the Busan Beach Train to Songjeong Station, or I could go back by capsule, train, or walk to Mipo Station where the car was parked.
The weather was warmer than in the middle of winter, so I followed the trail to Mipo Station. On the way back, the light green train also came into Cheongsapo Station.
Walking along the deck road next to the railroad, you arrive at Dalmajijae, a famous place in Haeundae Blue Line Park. I could see a lot of people gathered here. It was a popular moonrise as a photo spot.
Dalmaji Tunnel is a simple station where trains take a break, and North Korean spy ships penetrated in 1985, and access has been restricted for the past 30 years.
The Dalmaji Tunnel has a photo zone painted with seven colors of rainbow in the tunnel. The seven colors painted on the long oval top and bottom and the sky capsule running on the aerial rail above it were popular as a photo spot because of its strange difference.
After passing the Dalmaji Tunnel and walking along the trail, the warm sea breeze made me feel good. I felt like I was in the spring wind in May. I could feel that spring was not far away.
On my way back, I could indirectly feel the romance of the train trip while looking at the Haeundae Beach train that was constantly coming and going.
It was a winter, but it was good to take a walk in the same temperature on a spring day. If I had time, it would have been nice to take a beach train to Songjeong Station and look around the bridge observatory on the way back and enjoy a slow walk in the sea. It was a Haeundae Blue Line Park that can be found on a Haeundae date.

Busan Haeundae #HaeundaeBluelinePark #Haeundae Beach Train #HaeundaeSkyCapsule #HaeundaeDate #SkyCapsule #Beach Train #Busan Beach Train

Boracay Restaurant Three Real Restaurants Around D-Mall

Boracay Restaurant 3 Real Restaurants Around D-Mall
Boracay D-Mall Shopping and Pick a Restaurant!!And I went to Boracay in mid-January for three nights and four days. It was a pity that there was not enough sunlight throughout the trip, but I was happy to enjoy Boracay Beach to my heart’s content at the accommodation located in White Beach.~Yeol Cimi (2023.1.10-13)~ Thanks to my stay at Mayumi Pulvilla in White Beach, it was a Boracay trip where I enjoyed the sea yoke while ignoring the beautiful beach. When it was time to eat, you could enjoy a variety of food while walking along White Beach in the direction of Dimall. Among them, I recommend three places that were real Boracay restaurants.
The must-see restaurant in Boracay was red crab. It was famous in Boracay as the original crab restaurant introduced on TV ‘Battle Trip’. I could use the second and third floors of the building.
The second floor was a space that could accommodate 40 people, and the third floor had 80 seats for group travelers. The interior is full of travelers, so I realized that Boracay restaurant is the real deal. The picture was taken after the tourists left, so the seats are quite empty.
I sat down and ordered a variety of must-eat menus from Red Crab. The main menu of the red crab is Alimano, called mud crab, and you can taste the sweet chili crab, Shanghai rice, black pepper shrimp, crab, fried squid, and cream sauce crab.
Garlic butter crab stood out and looked delicious with morning bread-sized lettering bread. I realized that rice cakes that look good are good to eat.
I was able to take a proof shot with my friends first and then sit down. As if I had been waiting for that, the staff came up to me and trimmed the crab so that I could eat it comfortably without any difficulty.
The chubby claw was enough to eat just one. Full of flesh, Alimango was fresh crab and shrimp of Singapore export grade. The firm sweetness of crab seems to be the secret to the popularity of the taste that appeals to tourists who enjoy this place because it only cooks live crab.
Only the body of the shrimp in Carbonara is set with cream sauce. My acquaintance and sister who like cream sauce, unlike Carbonara, which I have tasted anywhere, are all-in with a light and savory cream flavor. Black pepper and red curry were more refreshing and savory to my taste.
I peeled the shrimp and dipped it in the sauce. The shrimp was so big that I ate it in two bites.
The crunchy sound of the fried squid was refreshing when I took a cracker. The freshly fried squid was so sweet that when I tasted it, I fell in love with the taste of the squid that I could chew gently.
My favorite morning glory was good to eat with my bare mouth or with garlic rice. Morning glory is soft and seasoned, so even if you eat a lot, it’s not salty and it’s ssam.
San Miguel beer was perfect for the crab and shrimp cooker. After drinking beer, I ordered mango juice and coconut juice for my mouth. Coconut juice was more delicious than mango juice on this day.
The second recommended Boracay restaurant was Shabukan, which just opened. It is located opposite Dimol Zolabi and is located near Dimol Lake.
The interior was quite spacious. There were so many customers at each table, but I liked the spacious space that there was no fear of bumping into each other while using the self-bar.
The shabu-kan fee is 699 pesos for lunch from 11 p.m. to 16 p.m. and 899 pesos for dinner from 16 p. The service charge is 12% different.
It was great to get a 12% discount with the VIP membership card of the restaurant discount I received in Dagabora at this time. Thanks to my trip with Daga Bora, I felt like I got Pona.
Like the newly opened Boracay restaurant, the interior was clean and pleasant. The self-bar is also managing the ingredients in a fresh way, so I trusted it.
The best thing is that beef is unlimited. I was able to see and eat the meat by slicing it on the spot. Khankan was the happiness to eat beef piled up.
On the other hand, it was a time when I was really excited about the happiness of eating because it had a variety of seafood that I liked. It was a famous Boracay restaurant where you can enjoy unlimited green mussels.
I lost track of time by using self-bar such as japchae, tteokbokki, gimbap, hamburger, sweet potato matang, and fried vegetables.
Each person brought his or her favorite food and prepared the ingredients for the shabu he or she wants to eat. The broth, which is divided into two compartments, has a normal taste on one side and a spicy taste on the other, so we divided it into meat on one side and vegetables on the other.
Yah~ I’m drooling at the visual!! There was also the luxury of eating mushrooms, shrimp, and beef piled up in the kancan, but I felt full even if I didn’t eat it because the kancan piled up.
As I like vegetables, I brought morning glory, bok choy, cabbage, sweet pumpkin, and mushrooms to my heart’s content. I added glass noodles, Chinese noodles, and Philippine noodles to it and tasted it.
I put a lot of beef on one side and vegetables on the other. Shabu tastes better when you put in vegetables and take them out right away. When I dipped the seafood and beef in it and ate it right away, I fell in love with the taste because the texture was fresh and chewy.
The broth kept boiling while eating, so it was enough to soak the ingredients and cook them. The shrimp was also sweetly cooked in boiling broth, so it was fun to peel and eat it, and the noodles that stuck to my mouth were noodles that I wanted to eat no matter what I ate. Especially, the Chinese side is chewy like a chewy snack, so it was my pick on this day.
On the third day of my trip to Boracay, I went to the Mooney Mooney restaurant located at White Beach Station 2. It was easy to find because it was right next to Starbucks.
The Mooneymooni of the three-story building is open to see White Beach on the first floor, indoor on the second floor, and rooftop on the third floor.
It’s dinner time, so we’re on the second floor. Boracay is a famous Mexican restaurant, so it fits perfectly with my picky taste.
I was able to order and taste the vegetable fried rice, enchiladas, pizza, quosadia, and shrimp evenly. Mooney Mooney’s signature was tacos.
Vegetable fried rice is made with whole shrimp and photoito. It was addictive when I tasted a spoonful of Charmaron enchiladas. On top of that, the chubby shrimp was so captivated by the sweetness and spicy taste of the shrimp that popped the more I ate it.
Taco was intense just by his visuals. I put cheese on top and set it up nicely. Fry tortilla crispy and eat it together was crispy and moist.
It was a pretty taco even with your eyes. It was served with paprika and chili sauce, so I could taste it fresh. However, it was uncomfortable to hold tacos in your hand and eat them because every bite you take was sticking out.
Quasadia with chicken was an indispensable taste in Mexican food. It felt like eating a vegetable burrito because it had less meat and strong vegetable flavor.
I tried the enchiladas by mixing it with the sauce. It tasted lighter than greasy, so I could eat it at once. I recommended three real Boracay restaurants. With Dagabora, a travel agency specializing in Boracay, you can pack sweet mango shakes and other amazing ibens, adding to the joy of the trip.
If you are planning to travel to Boracay, you will be able to find various Boracay news along with travel information at Boracay’s local travel agency. It was a reliable guide for traveling because Koreans always reside there.
Press down to find out various information.★★★★↓↓↓↓↓★★★★
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