Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest Tulip Playground Date Seoul Forest Road Hot Place

Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest Tulip Playground Date Seoul Forest Road Hot Place
Seongsu-dong Hot Place Seoul Forest Playground Tulip Flower Garden~On the weekend morning when there was a rain forecast, I diligently headed to Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest in consideration of the traffic jam. It’s a short distance that takes less than 40 minutes from home, but I was on my way early considering the weekend crowd.~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.15) ~ When I arrived at Seoul Forest, it was just past 7 o’clock, but I was surprised that there were so many cars in the parking lot and quite a lot of travelers who visited the Seoul Forest Road.
I went straight from the parking lot to the Seoul Forest tulip. At the entrance to the forest road, pink double cherry blossoms bloomed greedily, making me feel refreshed in the morning. I felt cool looking at the light green wave surrounding me.
The photo spot popular with lovers was empty because it was early in the morning, but even those empty spaces were good.
Thanks to the name of the garden, I was excited about my mom who liked flowers.
The western corolla, where pink flowers bloomed among the light green leaves, was beautiful even though the flowers were falling one by one.
I lowered my head along the flower branches, but it was a refreshing morning with a clear light petal color and light green background.
The colorful Seoul Forest tulips that you can see when you enter the ecological forest were spectacular. Seoul Forest, with its light green leaves, was a green spring light against the backdrop of colorful tulips.
Unlike last year, tulip flowers bloomed like hamburg flowers this year. The petals bloomed in layers as if they were peonies or roses.
Dark pink and purple tulips caught my eyes as tulips with colorful flowers. The deep purple looked like a peony.
The tulip with the flower bed straightened up was blooming a little tightly closed bud. It looked like I was just stretching in the early morning air.
wow~~ It was a tulip flower road that changed completely from the last time I visited. It was worth running early in the morning to see such a beautiful flower path.
The densely planted tulips were planted sequentially as if they intersected the thread and the raw thread when weaving the fabric. The arrangement of flower colors also played a part in appreciating flowers.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. It was such a beautiful morning that I was so happy to walk on the Seoul Forest Road.
The red tulip, which looked like a lotus flower from the side, could be enjoyed in various ways depending on the view. The white line and red on the edge of the petals were in harmony.
I didn’t think it was a tulip because the tulips surrounded by layers looked like peony flowers. It was a Seoul Forest tulip where I could observe flowers that looked similar but were different.
This time, orange wave~ The orange flower, which looked darker than red, was special enough to check if it was a tulip.
Unlike other flowers, the orange tulip, which is wrapped in layers of petals, has broad petals, making it look like an orange carpet.
I spread out the petals, but the flowers bloomed in yellow and orange two-tone, and it’s as fresh as a flower that just bloomed. If you go on a date in Seongsu-dong, it would be a pretty Seongsu-dong hot place if you take a picture with an orange tulip in the background. Maybe because it was less than 8 a.m., each flower was full of life. Just by looking at it with my eyes, I felt like I was receiving the vitality of the flowers.
That’s why I was so proud of the way I gave up my morning sleep. It would be nice to walk the Seoul Forest Road as an early morning walking course.It was such a pretty Seoul Forest tulip. Once I see it, I automatically make up my mind to come back next year. I was happy just looking at the flowers and walking.
The flowers that bloomed while measuring acorns bloomed without arguing as if they had their own share.
The flower garden that bloomed with yellow looked more flexible than the space that bloomed in groups of red.
The Seoul Forest, which I visited as a hot place in Seongsu-dong, circled around the tulip flower path as if I was wandering around. There are large and small flower fields around the main flower path.
You can see various scenery in Seongsu-dong Seoul Forest all four seasons. In spring, you can walk on cherry blossoms and tulips, and in summer, you can walk on yellow ginkgo trees and maple forest roads in the fall of hydrangeas.
Among them, Seoul Forest tulips that you meet in spring are the best!!! It was a place I visited twice to see the blooming scenery.
It was early in the morning, but as time went by, there were more travelers. When I left before 9 a.m., there were a lot of people as if I were looking at the daytime scenery.
As if everyone feels the same way when they see flowers, those who visited the forest on a date in Seongsu-dong walked along the flower path with a happy expression.
It was a happy time to see tulips blooming in color under the dense forest.. I wish I could see you every day while the flowers are blooming.
Every time I saw a dark purple double tulip, I thought it was peony and saw a flower. I don’t think it’s just me, but some people said the same thing.
I started my day by looking at Seoul Forest tulips on the morning of the weekend. When I came out of Seoul Forest Road, I received a lot of bright energy from the yellow tulips.

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