Jeju Seopjikoji Jeju Island East Course Jeju Island Canola Flower

Jeju Seopjikoji Jeju Island East Course Jeju Island Canola Flower
Jeju Seopjikoji~ Jeju Island, which I met on the way to April, was a wave of yellow rape flowers. It bloomed vividly in time for the cherry blossom season in Jeju City and colored the surroundings brightly. I realized that yellow is perfect for spring.I feel good just by looking at the yellow rape flowers. It’s the reason why I feel upbeat with bright colors. Jeju Island’s Seopjikoji, which I visited around the end of March, was in full swing.
When early spring begins, Jeju Seopjikoji is a spring destination that you should visit on the eastern course of Jeju Island because there are rape flowers blooming against the backdrop of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.
The flower garden is located near the white lighthouse and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. It’s a spot where you can capture yellow rape flowers and Seongsan Ilchulbong at the same time.
I parked in the parking lot of Seopjikoji on this day and walked. It was a very cloudy day and quite chilly, so I felt like winter temperature was left.
It was cloudy as if it were pouring out in no time, but I expected clear weather in the blue sky from time to time. If you walk along the entrance, you can look around Seopjikoji at the observation deck where you meet first.
It was early in the morning, but the parking lot was almost full of cars, so I realized the popularity of Seopjikoji, a spring destination.
If you go up to the observatory and look around, you can’t see the yellow rape flower field. If you visited this place for the first time, you might be embarrassed because you don’t know where the rape flower field is. There are no flowers around the white lighthouse, so you can walk to see the flower garden.
Jeju Seopjikoji is a good course to walk along the coast. If you walk as if you’re taking a walk, you can realize that your heart feels refreshed by the sea scenery that always follows you.
Seopjikoji means a geographical area where many talented people are produced, and Koji is said to be a Jeju dialect that refers to a cape.
As I walked with a guide on a wooden fence surrounded by the coast, a teddy bear on the roof was sitting as if beckoning.
Each traveler visits Seopjikoji in Jeju Island. If you climb to Bangdupo Lighthouse with a white lighthouse and turn around to the swing swing, two hours is enough.
The coastal road surrounded by a wooden fence is wide enough for one or two people to walk. When I walk, I feel good in the spring breeze.
It was a healing time to walk leisurely if I took a step or two as if I were taking a morning walk. If you are traveling east of Jeju Island, Seopjikoji is a good point to stop by lightly.
It was a rainy weather, but it was nice to be able to walk along the coastal road only with cloudy weather. It was a good walking trail where you can walk with an umbrella when it rains.
On this day, I didn’t climb the Mangdupo Lighthouse, but just looked at it from afar. The purpose was the rape flower of Seopjikoji, so I took a picture of the lighthouse and headed to the flower garden.
The stone pillar resembling Oedolgae, which I met on the way to the lighthouse, is a fairy rock with a height of 30m and a circumference of 15m. There is a legend related to Seonnyeo Rock, so it’s good to know lightly.
As the rape flower field approached, I felt refreshed by the strong scent of rape flowers. The scent was so strong that I could smell it with a bitter smell.
On this day, there were many student groups and many MZ generations who visited the flower garden with their friends in twos and threes. It was so refreshing and pretty to see them cheering at the flowers..
When I saw them laughing endlessly, I almost laughed. The bright and lively appearance seemed to bring life to the rape flowers that had just bloomed.
It’s the same background, but the scenery is pretty, so I fell in love with the rape flower scenery by taking pictures and taking pictures in the same place. It is a representative spot in the east of Jeju Island on a spring day.
The rape flower field bloomed along the slope on the left hill before going to the lighthouse. It would have been quite large if it had bloomed on the flatland, but it looked small thanks to the bloom along the slope.
As the yellow rape flowers bloomed toward the horizon, the surrounding area was bright even in cloudy weather as if it were about to pour out.
Jeju Seopjikoji is famous for filming dramas such as the eyes of the dawn, all-in, and Danjeok Biyeon. There are tourist attractions such as Udo Island, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and Sinyang Beach nearby.
If I took a picture with my back to the lighthouse, I could enjoy another view. Seopjikoji rape flowers bloomed around the end of March, so I think there are only traces left by now.
Seopjikoji rape flowers are good because you can enjoy different scenery no matter where you look. Depending on the view, you can see Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and you can look around Mangdupo Lighthouse, All-in-House, and Phoenix Park.
Jeju Seopjikoji Hotple was a swing swing standing in the background of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak with a yellow rape flower field. It’s an insider spot for MZ generation looking for Seopjikoji.
Traveling to find flowers is always exciting when you can see flowers in Jeju Island. Jeju Seopjikoji rape flowers were one of them.
On the way back after looking around the rape flowers in Jeju Island, the blue sky opened near the parking lot and felt good. I felt sorry for the blue sky all along, but when I turned around the blue sky as the ending, I remembered it as a good memory.

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