Ilsan Lake Park Tulip Gyeonggi-do flower viewing Spring flower blooming season

Ilsan Lake Park Tulip Gyeonggi-do Spring Flower Blossom Time
Gyeonggi-do Spring Flower Blossom Time ~ These days, colorful tulips are blooming beautifully after cherry blossoms have fallen. I saw the tulips in Ilsan Lake Park, one of the most popular tulip spots.From April 14, 2023, to mid-April, I used to visit Ilsan Lake Park as a flower viewing spot in Gyeonggi-do. This year, I went diligently because of the fast news of flowers, but I was busy preparing for the Goyang International Flower Fair, which is only 10 days away.
I parked in the parking lot of Goyang Flower Exhibition Hall and went to the theme square in front of the exhibition hall.
There were tulip flower fields on a large and small scale all over the way to the exhibition hall. The flowers were just blooming.
The tulip spring flower blooming season in Ilsan Lake Park has just begun. Only the tulip flower bed was so green that it was less than 10% blooming.
When I entered the theme square, it was regrettable that the tulip flower field, which grew in the form of green grass, did not bloom even 1%, let alone 10% of the flowering rate. Instead, I felt refreshed as I was colored with spring vibes.
It was a pity that the main square of Tulip was green, but the flowers blooming one by one were pretty in their own way, so I was able to overcome the disappointment for a short time.
Tulips that only have round buds.k.a. round flower.. The round buds are so cute, so take a picture!!
In the theme square, there is a sculpture of roses in a vase symbolizing Ilsan Lake Park. It is a flower that symbolizes Goyang City and was created with the scent, peace, and future wishes of Goyang citizens.
There were photo zones of various colors around the rose vase, so it was a good spot to take pictures.
Among them, the most personal spot was the mint-colored gate. The color was pretty and the rose vine that climbed up the arch gate was a sweet and refreshing point.
In the fall, pink muli would have been the main attraction, but after the season, only empty ears decorated the area as if they had become dry flowers.
There were only one or two tulips blooming in the theme square, but I could see the tulips in full bloom around it.
The grass of flowers blooming in crimson and purple was bright by adding spring light. I thought it would be better to expand the space of the flower grass that bloomed where there are no tulips.
This was the day I went to see tulips, so I only followed tulips, but I was satisfied with the fact that I could meet them every few steps outside the main square.
The flowers that bloomed in crimson must have bloomed early, but they already seemed to be losing. In contrast to that situation, I could see the flower bed that had just stayed.
The tulips blooming in purple felt elegant depending on the view. I thought it would look like velvet if I touched it. It was a flower that I fell in love with when I looked at it.
White tulips and colorful flowers such as orange, yellow, and crimson were more beautiful than monochrome colonies.
I would have cheered for white and yellow at any time, but I fell in love with purple tulips that emit purple colors on this day.The flower language of purple tulips is ‘Eternal Love’. I think it would be good to give purple tulips to your loved ones.
In spring, the tulips that bloom yellow~ yellow seem to play a role in making the surrounding flower colors stand out more brightly and clearly.
When I looked up at the white tulip from below, it looked like a light yellow color. It’s a white flower from the top, but if you look at it from the bottom, it’s an ivory color..The tulips in Ilsan Lake Park are planted around the trees, so you can enjoy flowers with the trees. It was more fresh like a flower that was seen in the forest by coloring the surroundings of the trees rather than just flowers blooming.
The tulip with its petals wide open as if it were sticking out its tongue was twice as big as any other flower, so the flowers were large.
Ilsan Lake Park was a good flower spot to see flowers in Gyeonggi-do because it was full of spring flowers such as plum blossoms, tulips, and azaleas in spring.
White tulips were placed on the edge and red tulips were filled inside, so it was a flower garden that was more colorful than any other place. It was nice to see the color blooming, but I liked the red garden with white because I could feel the passionate atmosphere.
The tulip, which is yellow only on the edge of the petals, resembles a crown. Flowers are known as the essence of tulips. There are so many kinds of tulips that I think I might forget the original flower condition.
Lanunculus, which resembles a rose, is a flower that is easy to mistake if it blooms in the rose season. It’s a flower that blooms in spring, so you can distinguish it from a rose.
Colorful anemones are also in full bloom. It was a flower that bloomed in a small mini garden, but it was pretty as if the space was filled with flowers.
Tulips blooming against the background of the lake.. It’s still soft, but if you raise the flower bed more and make the flower big, the tulip in the background of the lake was a good point to take pictures.
Royal azaleas were also blooming in time for the spring flower blooming season. It’s a good time to just walk along Ilsan Lake Park Dulle-gil, and I think tulips will be in full bloom next week.

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