Gapyeong Weekend Outing, Gapyeong Drive Course, a place to visit in Gyeonggi-do

Gapyeong Weekend Outings Gapyeong Drive Course, a place to visit in Gyeonggi-do
Gyeonggi-do Weekend Outings Gapyeong Drive Course Sheep Ranch~ It’s a good time to go out in spring. It’s a season where you can enjoy the spring energy of the green shoots just by looking around the house without leaving far away. Gapyeong, an hour away from Seoul, was a good weekend outing to visit Gyeonggi-do.Gapyeong Sheep Ranch, where you can experience feeding animals with ~Yeol Cimi~Bakery Cafe, is a good place to drive with your family or lover in Gyeonggi-do. It was a popular hot place for couples to visit Gapyeong.
Cloud Hill sits on a hill. If there are white clouds floating in the blue sky, it’s a place where you can hold clouds. I think that’s why it was named Cloud Hill.
If you park in the parking lot, get a ticket at the kiosk, and go inside, you will find two ways to open the cypress tree. The straight course is on the way to the Cloud Hill Cafe, and the right side is the animal experience site.
I headed to the cafe to use Cloud Hill first before it got crowded. On my way up, a cypress tree stood as if escorting me, so I shrugged my shoulders.
Cloud Hill Cafe is connected by a building that embodies sculptural clouds. It was divided into four zones, and I could relax wherever I wanted.
There is a newly built tube sledding slope under the pine forest behind the cafe. Now you can enjoy tube sledding after finishing the construction.
Out of the four spaces, the main one is where the bakery is displayed. I could order here and choose the bread I wanted to eat.
It is an hour away from Seoul, so you can visit Gapyeong Sheep Ranch as a drive course in Gyeonggi-do. It was a good place to visit Gyeonggi-do, where you could meet sheep and eat freshly baked bakeries.
It was a Tongchang building located on a hill, so no matter where I sat, the outside view was bright in all directions, so it was a refreshing view.
I liked that if I went early in the morning, I could taste all the freshly baked bread. Popular bread is sold out quickly in the afternoon, so if you like bread, I recommend you to visit early.
Jeonju Choco Pie..There’s also a Choco Pie from Gapyeong sheep ranch. It’s not much sweeter than Jeonju Choco Pie and it’s a little smaller than Jeonju.
Strawberries are in season, so there were many breads with raw strawberries on top. Other than that, there are brownies with sheep on top, which symbolize the sheep ranch, and bread with sheep hair.
There were many types and numbers, so I had a choice problem. I chose the bread that I want to eat, including the salt bread that I can eat lightly.
For drinks, I ordered fresh juice, signature brown bunny cream coffee, and mango smoothie. The signature brown bunny cream coffee tasted like a dark latte with cookies baked directly at a cafe, chewy cream like jelly, and espresso.
I recommend that you eat bread with strawberry toppings with bread rather than just strawberries. You can taste a different delicacy than when you only eat strawberries.
When I sat by the window, I felt relieved by the open scenery. It’s not easy to get a seat near the window if you’re looking for a weekend outing in Gyeonggi-do.
I carefully packed the leftover bread. In the past, I would have left it because I was lazy, but now I bring it home and eat it. I could feel a different taste from eating in the cafe atmosphere.
As I left the cafe, I went to the animal experience center with ice cream in my hand with a cool taste. It was sweet and refreshing to eat ice cream while looking at the scenery outside.
if you go left down from cloud hill located on cloud hill, there is an animal experience center. It’s an experience center with meerkats, rabbits, and sheep. It was a good place to visit Gyeonggi-do where you can enjoy near Seoul.
If you go further down from the experience center, there is a hay exchange. If I showed you the entrance ticket, you could get hay for free only once.
We received hay for animals and started a full-fledged feeding experience. Hay is food for sheep and alpaca.
I could buy big and hard carrots for 2,000 won each. Carrots were food for rabbits.
Stretching meerkats.. The place made of sand has wood and rocks where meerkats can exercise. Meerkats should not be fed.
Oh my! So cute!!! The lambs were huddling together. I laughed when I saw him wiggle because he was so cute.
A kid with big eyes… The rabbit was driven around and followed around even when it pretended to be close to a person.
If you add carrots, they chew like they’re gone.. When I pulled a carrot with my teeth, it was so strong that it was taken away.
If you go down after passing the hay exchange, there is a sheep and pony experience center on the straight course, and there is a ranch on the left where you can see alpaca.
As time went by, more and more visitors visited the sheep ranch. They were travelers looking for a place to visit for lunch in Gapyeong.
If I gave the prepared hay to the sheep as an envelope, I put my mouth into the bag and enjoyed the hay.
When feeding the sheep, hold the hay with both hands and bring it to the sheep’s mouth, and the sheep ate it on their own. On the other hand, I didn’t eat it well if I took out a few hay.
If it wasn’t easy to feed the sheep at the experience ranch, we could have given them outside. It was a place worth visiting in Gyeonggi-do, where I could feel the familiar atmosphere quickly when I patted and fed sheep.
After the experience of feeding sheep, I went to the alpaca across the street. It was good to walk like a walk because Isaac, the silver grass in autumn, opened the way.
It was the same as feeding an alpaca to a sheep. At the alpaca ranch, alpacas were enjoying sunten because of the midday sun. The sheep ranch where you can meet animals and drink freshly baked bakeries and a cup of tea was perfect for the Gapyeong drive course.

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