Recommended travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do, Namhae Horticultural Art Village Spring Outing

Recommended travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do, Namhae Horticultural Art Village Spring Trip
I went on a trip to Namhae with a small but bright spring scenery I met at Gyeongsang-do Horticultural Art Village. The trip that accompanied the warm spring sunshine was a day when even a thin coat was cumbersome. In Namhae Horticultural Art Village, spring flowers bloomed lightly and seemed to stand in the middle of spring.These days, when flowers and flowers are relayed, I am Yeol Cimi, who is having a happy day with the news of flowers. For a trip to the South Sea, the horticultural art village, which was decorated with spring light, was a recommended spot for travel destinations in Gyeongsang-do.
Namhae Horticultural Art Village looked around the German village and walked to the Horticultural Art Village. It was a spring outing set travel destination because it was right next to the German village.
The branches, which had been thin all throughout the year, were plump and fresh from embracing the green shoots, so the tip of the nose was refreshing. The forest tunnel, which started from the entrance of the hot weather, felt like walking along a gentle mountain path.
A coveted flower that solved the question of whether it was a fruit flower thanks to an acquaintance who told me that it was Da Allia..
Tulips bloomed in the Horticultural Art Village as if they represent spring. When I entered the ticket office, there was a flower garden decorated with tulips, but the place was already withered, and as I walked about 50m inside, yellow red tulips led to a flower path along the edge of the road.
The flowers in the morning sun forgot my color and shone transparently as if they were conforming to nature. The flower colors were yellow and red, which were simpler than any other tulip flower garden, but they were blooming firmly.
The Namhae Horticultural Art Village has beautifully decorated houses and gardens centered on horticultural experts. There are 11 communal gardens in the village, and there are observation decks, trails, cafes, and outdoor performance halls.
As I walked along the road that was wide enough for one or two people, I felt familiar with the warmth of walking in the back garden. Even if the attractions are not colorful, it is a place where you can relax your mind just by looking at the small scenery, and it is a perfect place for a spring outing.
Among the flowers colored with spring light are violas and pansies. Flowers bloomed in color, and everywhere around them was full of bright spring light.
Walking along the walk, there are private gardens decorated with springy gardens in the drama. The lawn was planted in a large yard and a palm-sized pond was built on the side to provide the basic form of the garden.
The sculptures along the slope were also harmonized with the picturesque scenery, so it was like looking at a nice outdoor gallery. When I think about it, I realize how important the surrounding environment is.
The royal azaleas were in full bloom in the Namhae Horticultural Art Village. Tulips were blooming only at the entrance, but red azaleas could be seen everywhere.
Park Won-sook’s Coffee Story ‘ which sounds like an essential spot in the art village is good because you can look around the cafe and yard garden.
When you enter the entrance, the counter is divided into three centers and there is an outdoor door. Two of the three were independent spaces and one was a large hall.
Inside, there are pictures of Park Won-sook, who feels comfortable like a friend, everywhere, and I could see the pictures from Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together.
The tea table and chair were also outstanding, and the simplicity of the wooden and chair was outstanding.
Fortunately, when I visited in the morning, I looked around in detail because I could take pictures of the spots I wanted because there were few people in the hall.
If you go out to the outdoor garden, there is a rooftop-like space surrounded by pine trees, and there is a yard and garden. If you go down to two places, the rooftop looks like you’re trapped in a dense forest, and it’s all green.
When I was drinking warm citron tea and iced latte in it, I felt so comfortable that I thought there would be fresh play.
Enjoying a cup of tea and toddling to go on a spring outing again.. Even the jangdokdae placed in the garden harmonized with the tile wall and became a landscape.
At the foot of the gentle mountain, both families were having a relaxing time. The mother’s ease of playing with the baby sheep was so vivid that I didn’t think it was a sculpture.
Oh my~~ So pretty peacock.. The elegance of the peacock with its broad tail was as pretty as it really was, except for the fixed sculpture.
The Namhae Horticultural Art Village consists of about 20 theme gardens, including cafes and handicraft shops. There are cultural centers such as the Star Stone Gift Corner and the European Traditional Costume Experience Room. You can also look around European antique props.
The horticultural art village, which is decorated with flowers and trees, has been turned into a garden even on the way to the German village. Ladies Garden was an elegant and restrained garden.
It was a graceful scenery with violas on both sides of the walk and pansies planted in color. It was a garden where the overall atmosphere of the horticultural art village continued.
I planted pink tulips between the yellow pansies to look around the flowers again. I could see a neat garden around it.
The pink tulip with the flower bed between the yellow pansy bloomed in solid color. I wonder if the person who cultivated this flower garden would like pink..
The yellow daffodils surrounded by layers of petals were large in flowers. The red color inside the petals stood out.
At the end of Ladies’ Garden, there is a wall of ash that was built with concrete exposure. I don’t know if it’s built as a boundary between inside and outside, but it’s one of the good spots to take pictures.
When you leave the garden, it leads to a downhill road. It was a good trail to walk in eye contact with the dense forest around. ‘Windmill Story’ I was walking with a praiseworthy step past the building.
As you walk, there is a breakfast of the ranch, a gift shop, and a Bremen house where you can get a glimpse of European antique props, and a Mexican sage where you can see flowers and quilts. I couldn’t look into each place, but it was a Namhae horticultural art village that was abundant for morning walks and spring outings.

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