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Jeju Island Spring Tour
Jeju Island Spring Tour, a tourist attraction in Jeju Island, where the spring energy of Jeju Island’s tourist attraction visited by the spring trip to Jeju Island, was filled with yellow and yellow scenery everywhere I went. It was a spring trip to Jeju Island where I could see cherry blossoms because it was a trip in time for the cherry blossom season. It was Lululala because it was Lululala.~Yeol Cimi~Jeju, where you can go anytime, has many places to go and places you want to go, so you can split your time. Seogwipo Jungmun course was a must for spring trip.
Yeomiji Botanical Garden, located in Jungmun Tourist Road, Seogwipo, is a hot place to visit in Jungmun, Jeju. It was the largest greenhouse garden in the East where you can see flowers and green plants regardless of the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.
From spring to autumn, you can look around the forest path of the outdoor garden, so it takes plenty of time to watch. There were so many things to see in Jeju Island that it would be enough to look around the indoor greenhouse if you were to visit in winter.
The greenhouse botanical garden consists of flower gardens, water gardens, cactus gardens, and tropical gardens, so you can observe plants according to climate change in greenhouses.
There are a total of 2,300 species of plants in the botanical garden, and you can look around 1,300 different plant groups in the greenhouse, which is half of them.
Entering each theme garden, I could breathe freely the comfort and clean air that I could feel in the dense forest that reached the ceiling of the greenhouse.
Since it is divided into various gardens, I could see unique flowers in each garden. In places that reproduced gardens from all over the world, including France, Italy, and Japan, you could enjoy the unique gardens of each country.
Saekdalbadang is a 3-minute drive from Yeoji Botanical Garden. It’s open from 17
00 p.m., so I made a reservation in advance and went there on time.
I thought it was unusual to open from 5 p.m., but I was surprised that people who made reservations in advance came on time around the opening.
When I entered the room, there was a large hall and an independent room inside. I reserved a room while making a reservation in advance and ordered a special menu for 4 people per bar.
Badang Special Course is a special sashimi course where you can taste high-quality fish species and fresh seafood caught in Jeju, and various jade stones are put in cypress trees.
I was surprised to see high-quality sashimi such as tuna sashimi, croaker, and sea bream. It was served on a jade stone and I could taste it coolly.
Shrimp, red-banded lobster, red-banded lobster, marinade, abalone, and sea cucumber that can be eaten as sashimi. Even fresh seaweed was put in a basket and there was an understated charm.
The quality of the menu that came out as a meal was also different. I was able to taste the style of Suki, including creamy shrimp, freshly fried sweet potatoes and shrimp, grilled mackerel and okonomiyaki.
Pot rice is Anago pot rice with fried conger eel on top. The staff mixed the rice evenly with the fried food and served it for each of us. I could eat the hot pot rice with a savory and light taste without the fishy smell of eel.
For mackerel sashimi, I wrapped it with perilla leaves and pickled onions. It was a delicacy because the scent of perilla leaves and the savory taste of mackerel were combined.
After eating raw fish, spicy fish stew was served as a must. A bowl of rice was instant when I ate spicy fish stew. The spicy and clean taste was excellent.
After a big dinner at Saekdalbadang, I headed to Mandal, a Jeju prop shop that is 5 minutes away by car. It was a good place to visit in the middle of Jeju Island for night shopping.
It was good to find a parking lot around the building without worrying about parking. The parking lot was so popular when I visited it in the evening.
When I entered the room, the lighting was brighter than outside, so it was good to shop. The exhibition stand is on the second floor, so I could look around at eye level.
Popular props such as magnetic, eco-bags, and pouches were located at the entrance. From the size of large and small to the design that resembles the four seasons of Jeju, it was the same, so it was various.
I waited for the guests to leave I used to take pictures. The exhibition stands were neatly organized without any disruption, so I felt good as if I was the first one to look around.
It was dinner time, but I realized that it was a popular place to visit in Jeju’s Jungmun because there were many tourists who visited the prop shop.
Mandal, which is full of items that are good for gifts, also had a variety of lucky souvenirs. It was a lucky item that I thought something good would happen if I kept fish, whales, and owls.
On the other hand, the Molang series, masking tape, etc., which are popular these days, and the back and handmade products that will provide subtle lighting, were also colorful.
A tangerine hat is a must-have item for a spring trip to Jeju Island. Hats are so popular that I was able to meet various variations of designs.
At the same time, you could find various items made of basalt in Jeju Island. It was good as a gift because there were various souvenirs using volcanic stones such as basalt bracelets, stone harvests, natural air fresheners, and pot stands that I like.
Air fresheners, diffusers, and vehicle air fresheners containing the scent of Jeju were also popular as thumb products that cannot be left out in Jeju tourist attractions.
Most of the food in Jeju Island was based on Jeju specialties. The raw materials of Hallabong, tangerines, and Udo peanuts were unique foods of Jeju.
You can see the variety of Jeju Island gifts such as basic makgeolli, ramen, and beef jerky. It was good to go shopping because it sounded light as a place worth visiting in Jungmun, Jeju.
In spring, Yerae Ecological Park is the number one place to visit in the middle of Jeju Island. It was a good park for a spring trip to Jeju Island as a tourist attraction where you can see a collaboration of yellow rape flowers and cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms did not bloom in Jeju City, but it was nice to see cherry blossoms in Yerae Ecological Park. The clean air was a bonus because it was a morning walk.
When I walked along the park in the morning, the cherry blossom tunnel road continued throughout the way, and the rape flowers blooming yellow lined up right next to me as if cheering.
The pink cherry blossoms among the white cherry blossoms were very pretty. The flower color is pretty, so I’ve been hanging around for a long time.
7 minutes drive from Mandal to Taeponjusangjeolli. It takes less than 10 minutes with Saekdalbadang. It was a good sightseeing spot in Jeju for a light walk.
Daepo Columnar Joints were designated as a natural monument in Jeju Island, and a walking deck was built along the coast, so you could see the columnar joints closely.
The columnar joint was surrounded like a folding screen along the coast. It was a vertical joint of a cliff cut with rectangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal columns.
After seeing the main joint, I went to the park along the deck road. I walked to the observatory where I could see the columnar joint while walking around the park.
Starting at the Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Jeju’s Jungmun attraction was a spring trip to Jeju Island, which was full of Jeju food and attractions as a prop shop Mandal where you can buy Jeju Island gifts and Jeju Island special sashimi course. It was always a good Jeju Island that I enjoyed with the warm spring sunshine.

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