Gunpo Azalea Festival Blooming Period Near Seoul Gunpo Azalea Garden

The Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held in Gunpo Azalea Garden for the first time in four years at the Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held in Gunpo Azalea Garden. This year, away from Koshi, spring festivals are being held under the title of ‘After 4 years’. Starting with the Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival, the flower festival is held in relay, so it is a happy spring flower outing.On my way back home from the afternoon schedule from ~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.18), I headed to Gunpo Azalea Garden looking at the blue sky that stretched out neatly. I took a cell phone with me on the way without any preparation. I took all the pictures with my cell phone.
The parking lot was prepared from parking lot 1 to parking lot 3. I parked there by blocking the entrance to the festival and telling me the bypass. I parked in the second parking lot. The place close to the festival venue was the first parking lot.
On the way up to the azalea garden, the pink double cherry blossoms were just blooming. The flowers were not in full bloom, but I was looking forward to next year more than this year when I saw the flowers blooming greedily.
On the way up to the flower garden, red azaleas were lined up. I was satisfied because the color of the flowers and the condition of the flowers were good.
I went there after the rain, so I could see drops of water on the azalea petals. When I took it with my cell phone, I could vividly capture the petals with water droplets.
The entrance from the parking lot was about 10% blooming. I was looking forward to seeing the flowers a week earlier than usual, but the scenery was full of buds from the entrance.
When I went up from the parking lot, I passed the graveyard of Lee Ki-jo, who was registered as a cultural property designated by Gyeonggi-do. After passing there, standing on a hill, wow~~
The azaleas blooming like flowing down the foot of the mountain were spectacular. Even though it wasn’t in full bloom, it felt like it was blooming.
I found it when the rain was just clear, so all the flowers were smiling. They were flawless petals without a speck of dust.
It was a gentle slope when I walked down the road after passing the observatory where I first met. When I walked along the road, it was a flowery path that I walked along the flower wall.How can I be so beautiful… I wanted to ask. The azaleas are currently blooming at about 10%, and I think they will be in full bloom this weekend.
It was Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival with large raindrops on each flower. The azaleas, which seemed to flow down the gentle hillside, were like red castes.
Gunpo Azalea Garden, where the azalea festival is being held, is said to have planted 220,000 trees, including azaleas and jasan red, on 16,900 pyeong. I couldn’t estimate all those numbers, but I had no objection to the beautiful flower palace.
I went up and down the stairs and looked around the flower garden. The wooden stairs led to various movements as if they were pruning from east to west.
The flowers blooming at the edge of Gunpo Azalea Garden were slow every year, perhaps because they were shady. If you look at this place alone, it seems to show the flowering period of about 4-5%.
The azalea garden in Gunpo, viewed from the other side, was not colorful because azalea flowers had just begun to bloom around, but I thought it would be spectacular when the flowers were in full bloom.
The eco-friendly mat between the flower roads was a consideration that made it easier to enjoy the Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival. The floor was a dirt road, so it would have been slippery after the rain like this day, but it was good to walk with an eco-friendly mat.
The azaleas, which had lost their vitality due to the disappearance of the gray sky and the full blue sky, seemed to have a strong flower energy.
The flower road, which was wide enough for two people to walk, was a spot that would be the main character no matter who walked. It was a flowery road with flower walls on both sides.It was a time when I fell in love with the colorful colors and was fascinated by the abundance of densely planted flowers. It was so pretty that I went up and down the stairs to see the flowers.
During the Azalea Festival, busking performances such as Azalea Garden and local small business goods sales and promotional events will also be held. The Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held for three days from April 28 to 30.Under the title of
‘Into the Pink World’, azalea festivals are held in Gunpo City, including azalea hill, azalea park, Chomakgol ecological park, and Sanbon rodeo street.
I enjoyed the flower view from the top where I climbed the mountain, went to the end of the edge, and came down the road. It was a flower gallery where you can see another scenery if you look up from below.
The Gunpo Azalea Festival will be held for three days from April 28 to 30. Prior to that, Azalea Week continued from April 21 to April 30.
I went down to the bottom and walked along the flowery path to the parking lot. The flower wall, which was covered more than usual, made me feel like I was walking in the flower.
Looking at the azalea garden, it was spectacular as flowers bloom along the slope as if flowers were flowing down. If azaleas are in full bloom this weekend, you can enjoy a feast of colorful flowers.
Flowers with flower buds covered more than adults waited for their turn. The flowers that bloomed in deep purple were beautiful.
It is said that azaleas are divided into jasan red, Yeongsan red, and mountain azaleas. The meaning of the flower is ‘Joy of Love’, and I think it would be good to fully enjoy the joy of love at Gunpo Azalea Garden, where the Gunpo Azalea Festival is held.

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