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Seosan Gaesimsa Cherry Blossoms Peak~ After the white cherry blossoms are gone, the double cherry blossoms with red petals are at their peak of popularity. Since it is a flower that meets in the middle of spring, it has bloomed with flowers that are as rich as flowers filled with spring energy. It’s a happy season to visit double cherry blossom spots.~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.20)~This is Yeol Cimi who is busy with a trip to find flowers. At this time of year, double cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do. I went to Gaesimsa Wang Cherry Blossoms, which is famous for Seosan double cherry blossoms.
The opening examination I visited around 1 p.m. was crowded from the entrance to the parking lot. Normally, I would have visited it early in the morning, but I arrived in the middle of the day to stop somewhere else.
I barely parked and walked along the valley from Iljumun to Gaesimsa Temple. It was good to walk because it was full of fresh spring energy.
After walking for about 10 minutes from Iljumun Gate, the dense forest became a tunnel and continued to the precincts. The trees that formed the forest tunnel gave bright energy by sprouting light green shoots from branches that had been thin all winter.
I walked lightly with the bright energy of the light green leaves all the way up the stone stairs.
There is a long pond in a straight line on the way to Gaesimsa Temple. It was a good spot to take pictures of, so I was able to take pictures against the reflection of the pond and the dense forest.
After passing the pond and going up to the right, you could see the full-fledged Gaesimsa green cherry blossoms and Gaesimsa double cherry blossoms. I was impressed by the abundant double cherry blossoms that bloomed like sitting down in a shabby storage building piled up with stones.
The cherry blossoms of Gaesimsa Temple, which bloomed in deep pink, were quite large in size, so I was envious. When you get closer, small flowers gather together to express a big flower.
The double cherry blossoms of Gaesimsa in dark pink color were different from the color of the flowers, and the size of the flowers bloomed like rolling up a ball, so they were pretty.
I took a step back and looked at it and cheered automatically at the large flower. I couldn’t believe that the flowers in the same flower were grouped together.
The double cherry blossoms in the shape of an arch next to the shabby warehouse bloomed like dandelion puffs. I thought it was artificial flowers because there were plenty of flowers on every bony branch.
Small flowers bloomed like a flower, facing each other. The grayish soft branches seemed to be drooping because of the weight of the flowers.
Looking from a step back, it was a light pink double cherry blossom, but when I took a step closer, the entire flower petal was in a flushed mood.
Seosan Gaesimsa Temple was undergoing renovation and stonework before Jonggak. I was looking forward to how it would have changed since the construction will be completed by June 1st this year.
Small flowers gathered together and looked like one big flower. The tree itself was a flower as each branch blossomed abundantly.
Gaesimsa Temple is so famous as a famous place for double cherry blossoms in Seosan that many tourists visited on this day. There were royal cherry blossoms in Gaesimsa Temple, which were well over hundreds of years old, and it seemed to be surrounded by pink double cherry blossoms.
Among the double cherry blossoms in Gaesimsa Temple, you can see it on the way down to Myeongbujeon Hall. I couldn’t see the branches because they bloomed in all directions.
It was fascinating to see such a pretty flower color, but seeing flowers with grains like grapes made me feel healed just by looking at them.
wow~~ It was a paper flower made of hanji or a flower that would have been believed to be artificial flowers if I hadn’t seen it in person.
Double cherry blossoms resemble vine roses. The flowers are different in shape, but the petals are surrounded in layers and gathered closely to bloom into a single flower.
Most of the double cherry blossoms are pink, but you can also see white, jade, or red. The flower language is elegant and quiet. It doesn’t resemble the splendor and abundance of flowers, but I felt elegant just by looking at the flowers blooming on the branches.
Travelers who visited Seosan to see the cherry blossoms were busy taking pictures regardless of gender. Anyone wanted to capture the moment when the flowers were pretty.
Although Gaesimsa Temple is famous for its double cherry blossom attraction, the only green cherry blossom in Gaesimsa Temple is a rare species, and crowds gathered to see it from all over the country.
The green cherry blossoms with branches bent in the front yard of Myeongbujeon Hall were also mysterious because they were light green flowers.
If you look closely, it bloomed pink and looked like the color of the flower was changing to light green. It was the only green cherry blossom that was seen in Korea, but now it is said that cherry tree branches are being cut and reproduced.
The color of the flowers blooming in light green is interesting and unique, so I keep looking at them. Unlike the royal cherry blossom of Gaesimsa, the petals of the green cherry blossom looked soft.
The Cherry Blossoms of Gaesimsa Temple in Seosan Gaesimsa Temple have been designated as protected trees and are managed. Because they are such precious trees, it was a double cherry blossom spot that gathers from all over the country to see the royal and green cherry blossoms at this time of year.
The double cherry blossoms that bloomed greedily matched light pink and dark pink, making the flower color stand out more. I think I can see enough Seosan double cherry blossoms in full bloom until next week.
The double cherry blossoms that bloomed greedily along with the green cherry blossoms in Gaesimsa Temple in Seosan were worth visiting as a famous place in Seosan. The flowers from some cherry trees bloomed in abundance like the fruits of the eggs. If you go there once, it was a double cherry blossom spot that’s the case.

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