Goheung Aerospace Festival Naro Space Center Space Science Museum and other places to visit in Goheung in April

Goheung Aerospace Festival Naro Space Center Space Science Museum and other places to go to Goheung in April
This year, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed our daily lives for about three years at the Space Aviation Festival in Goheung, Jeollanam-do. An aerospace festival is being held in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, the center of Korea’s space development, under the slogan ‘Star*Nan Space Travel Welcome to Goheung’.The festival was held at the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum in Oenarado, Goheung, where the Naro launch base, Korea’s first space launch vehicle, is located. In the grass square of the science museum, there was a booth for each experience, so you could participate in experience activities and programs.
This year’s 13th Goheung Aerospace Festival will be held for three days from April 21st to 23rd (Sun). The 2023 Jeonnam Science Festival was held from April 22 to 23 in time, making it a worthwhile place to go to Goheung with richer science experience programs than ever.
Starting with the opening ceremony at 10 a.m., the festival was held for each experience booth. I was able to enjoy more than 200 programs related to space science along with the Jeonnam Science Festival.
It was the first aerospace festival in four years, but the experience square was crowded from the first day of the festival. It was a place where children could create and experience the infinite imagination of the universe and experience indirectly.
The experience program consisted of differentiated experiences from other festivals, such as making smart airplanes, making model gunpowder rockets, making Nuriho models, and making pin buttons, and the children who participated in the festival were full of curiosity.
There were more than 200 experiences, but each booth was crowded with children who wanted to participate in the experience. It was a special Goheung Aerospace Festival where children could experience space and rockets to the extent that the three-day festival was regrettable.
Making an air rocket is an experience where you can learn about the actual propulsion of a rocket, and you can learn about its action and reaction. The experience of touching and connecting with your fingertips was simple, but it was a making that hid the principles of science.
The coil gun, an electronic energy launcher, took about 30 minutes to participate as an experience for 5th graders to high school students. It was a description of what a capacitor does and what a ferromagnetic body does. Even if I listen to it, it’s hard for me…But I thought I’d get used to hearing it if I made it myself and experienced it.
In this festival, there were various things to see and play in the experience yard, including space celestial experience, magic balloon show, bubble parade, and character performance.
The children’s hands were busy at the Nuriho model booth. I was able to experience science related to the connection of LED bulbs by learning the principles of rockets. The projectile assembled in the order of the top plate and the appearance was an experience of connecting the projectile to the acrylic support.
Most of the children’s activities were in the experience yard, but there were also adult activities where they could participate with children. I thought it would be possible if I participated in all three days to go around the experience booth.
There was also a rocket launcher on the side of the experience square. It was an experience of sending a rocket far away by putting pressure on it. The children participated with great interest.
At the edge of the experience yard, there is also a booth for specialties and social economy companies in Goheung-gun. Along with various hands-on activities, it was a local food direct market where you can taste and experience excellent products while looking back on Goheung’s representative specialties and economic companies.
Goheung, Jeollanam-do has many specialties that can be tasted in clean areas. Among them, Goheung citron and pomegranate are the best. I was able to find other special crops representing Goheung with confidence in the agricultural direct trading market.
I was also able to taste Gimbap where you can taste Goheung seaweed, the nation’s No. 1 seaweed production. Goheung laver, which grew up in Goheung sea, which boasts the largest amount of sunlight in the country, is registered as the 21st geographical indication of marine products.
Yuja, Korean beef, pomegranate, and laver from each farm were displayed on the stands at the agricultural product store. Enjoy the freshness of Goheung citron with drinks.
The food booth was far from the experience yard, so it seemed to emphasize that the flower of the Goheung Aerospace Festival was the experience yard. I really liked how the experience and food were arranged separately.
The festival experience was also held at the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum. On the first floor of the Space Science Museum, there is a permanent exhibition hall and a special exhibition room.
In the planning exhibition room, there is an explanation related to the Nuri, a Korean-style projectile that succeeded in launching last year, giving a glimpse of Korea’s dreams of space.
In addition, since the development of the space launch vehicle began in 2003, it was interesting to display the actual rocket products so that we could see the development history of Korean rockets at a glance.
The permanent exhibition hall is an exhibition space where you can learn about space, and you can find out what space science and artificial satellites do through actual experiences and information boards.
I was able to experience the space scale. It was a test to see how my weight changes on each of the planets that make up the solar system, and it was an experience to see that each of the eight planets in the solar system changes.
I also became an astronaut using Chroma Key, a technique that combines screens and screens to create new video images. Space travel to Chromaqui was also popular with children.
The permanent exhibition hall of the Narrow Space Center Space Science Museum was also located on the second floor. When I went up to the second floor, I explained the principles and tasks of human satellites operating in a space environment with a temperature difference of about 300 degrees between day and night, along with each model, which helped me understand.
The International Space Station, created as a space station, is realistically decorated to recognize the activities of astronauts in space. It felt strange when I actually went in.
Each exhibition space in the Space Science Museum was operated as an experience program. It was an experience center that would satisfy the infinite imagination of the universe.
After completing the experience activities at the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum, I moved to Deokheung Astronomical Observatory, which is open, operated, and experienced only on April 21. Deokheung Observatory was able to look around a telescope that could observe various stars in space. There was a dome-shaped experience center in the lawn yard.
I asked if it is possible to observe constellations because Deokheung Observatory is located at a low place compared to other observatories are high. It is said that there is no big city to light artificial lights around, so it can be observed even in low places.
With the guidance of an employee, I observed the sun through a telescope. It was amazing to see sunspots on the surface of the sun and the flamingos surrounding the sun.
There is an astronomical observatory behind the observatory. This place was not open to the general public, but it was a place that fostered and supported the dreams of space dreamers.
The large reflective telescope installed in the main observation room was a telescope that observed space through a mirror about 1m in diameter. It was a special telescope that helped selected teenagers experience astronomical observation through open recruitment.
It was the National Youth Space Center where the Goheung Aerospace Festival was held. This place was also running an experience program only on April 21.
You could try three experience programs here. The first was an experience of looking at various planets in the solar system, including the image of the Earth sent by NASA on a large circular screen suspended in the air called SOS.
Through the accumulated videos in real time, we were able to see the day and night of the Earth, and we were able to see the process of typhoons and earthquakes making and disappearing.
In the second experience, I was able to experience astronauts working on the surface of the moon, which has less gravity than Earth. The moon adaptation experience program reminded me of astronauts jumping on the surface of the moon on TV.
The child who participated in the experience showed his/her desire to experience it quickly with curious eyes. I wore a helmet and told the children what to prepare.
The moon is only one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, so it is said that the body is light even if the same force is applied as on Earth. I was able to experience gravity by letting go of the children’s bodies with springs.The third was a multi-axial rotational adaptation training program. It was nice to have a similar experience a long time ago. It was an experience to adapt to the sense of balance experienced by astronauts operating in space.
It is a program that fixes the body to a chair connected by three rotating shafts and maintains a sense of balance on the rotating shaft that shakes up, down, left, and right, and it made me dizzy just by looking at it from the side. The courage of the child who participated in the experience made me applaud.
I went around Mugwort Island as a place worth visiting in Goheung. It wasn’t easy to meet the time because only one car was operated per hour. I was able to visit there twice. Along with the Goheung Aerospace Festival, which will be held for three days, we toured the Naro Space Center Space Science Museum and had various experiences at the observatory and the space center. On the occasion of Science Month in April, I think it would be good to go on a space trip to Goheung, where our space launch pad is located.

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