Driving course Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum Spring Flower Festa, a place

Drive Course Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum Spring Flower Festa
Seoul Nearby Drive 2023 Morning Flower Festa~Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum will be held for more than a month from April 21st to May 28th this week. I enjoyed the spring flower feast in the rainy scenery last weekend.~Yeol Cimi (2023.4.15)~The Morning Calm Arboretum, which was visited in a hurry because it was a weekend morning, was crowded with visitors who wanted to enter in time for the opening time at 8
30 p.m. It was a rainy morning, but I realized that it was a popular hot place near Seoul.
It was good that I could park wherever I wanted when I went there in time for the opening. If you go inside after ticketing at the entrance, there are two roads. He went to the left side of the bridge.
Pink double cherry blossoms bloomed on every thin branch of the road to Cloud Bridge, brightening the surrounding area. It was amazing that the yellow forsythia flowers were still blooming.
The arboretum viewing course is different from the entrance of the two forked road that starts at the entrance, and you can look around evenly wherever you start. If you’ve crossed the cloud bridge, you can choose a course to look around the valley water and the Sansugyeong Greenhouse.
If you climb the cloud bridge, you can see the landscape greenhouse and the garden of your hometown from the other side. It was a garden with watercolor scenery colored with spring flowers such as magnolia, magnolia, red flowers, and flower grass.
The raindrops became stronger and fell into showers, but travelers who visited the morning quiet arboretum looked around the arboretum with calm steps.
As I walked, there were small flower grass and daffodils blooming on the border of the stone wall, so it was fun to look around every corner.
In the morning ahead of the Spring Flower Festa, spring flowers were blooming everywhere in the Quiet Arboretum. Among them, the most colorful place was the sky road to the Moonlight Garden.
The sky road with beautiful tulips blooming in various colors bloomed against the backdrop of various patterns. It led to an S-shaped flower path, so it was a good place to go near Seoul where you can just walk along the flower path.
When I saw the raindrops on the pink petals, it felt like spring. The petals were pretty because the color of the flowers was fresher like washing them in rainwater.
Tulips are personally pretty before spreading the petals. It was most beautiful when the buds were closed and oval or the petals were slightly blooming.
Tulip Garden runs from Sky Road to Moonlight Garden. In addition, you can see it in Hagyeong Garden, J’s cabin garden, and arboretum, so it was a companion with flowers wherever you go.
The tulips blooming in the Sky Garden have bloomed a lot at the entrance, but they are blooming sequentially, so I think I can enjoy the tulip garden until early May.
On the contrary, the entrance to the Moonlight Garden is a green garden that does not even form buds, and it is designed to see tulips during the spring flower festival. The White Church, the signature of the Moonlight Garden, was being renovated.
When I looked around the arboretum with spring rain, soft sprouts and spring flowers harmonized everywhere I saw, and it was full of vitality.Cherry blossoms are in full bloom around the moonlit garden. Cherry blossoms and cherry trees in full bloom were beautiful, so I watched them for a long time. There is a tulip garden full of green leaves around it.
‘2023 Spring Flower Festa’You can enjoy more than 200 kinds of spring flowers and 100 kinds of trees in the theme garden of the Morning Calm Arboretum. It was a suburban drive where you can see 60,000 tulips on the sky road.
In the small pond I met on my way down to Hagyeong Garden, the heart pond made of mountain shadows added to the spring rain atmosphere.
Hagyeong Garden is the main garden of the Morning Calm Arboretum, and it is the most colorful garden throughout the four seasons. I was trying to express my soft spring vibes.
The hot place in the garden was a place where a full-length mirror was placed, and it was a good spot to take pictures with Hagyeong Garden in the background.
The arboretum, decorated with 22 distinctive themed gardens, has an exotic J’s cottage garden. The springy buildings and gardens in foreign movies are modeled after the British cottage garden style. In the spacious yard, it was a yard garden with small spring flowers.
There is also a Korean garden with hanok scenery. In summer, I used to sit on the Daecheongmaru to cool off. The garden was warm as if I had been to my mother’s house in the spring rain.
On the way from the Korean Garden to the Seohwawon, the eyes were fixed on the red plum blossoms blooming as if they were covering the hanok cafe. It was spectacular to see flower branches stretching in all directions around the hanok.
The red-bloomed Manchup Red Plum combines the silent spring rain with the deep scenery of the spring day. With the hipped-and-gabled hanok in the background, I could feel the antique style.The hot spot at the Quiet Arboretum this morning was Seo Hwa-yeon. I thought it would be the main part of Spring Flower Festa. Even the windowsill gate built against the backdrop of Seo Hwa-yeon was cool.
The five-color chairs placed while looking at Seo Hwa-yeon were a popular hot place where you had to wait in line to take a picture.
Around Seohwayeon, cherry blossoms in full bloom, white magnolia and magnolia bloomed abundantly, and soft sprouts grow around, making it the place where you can feel the spring energy where everything is alive the most.
Seo Hwa-yeon was so pretty that I turned around the edge of the pond twice and looked around again. I could see different scenery depending on the gaze, so it felt different depending on the gaze.
Spring flowers were in full bloom along the edge of the pond as if spring flowers were blooming toward Seo Hwa-yeon all at once. Magnolia, which blossomed in purple, also added flower branches toward Seohwajeong.
After carefully looking around Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum, I had lunch at the Food Garden on the way to Bonsai Garden.
The interior was crowded with many people. We were able to choose a seat from a table for two to a table for six. It was made of glass windows on all sides, so it felt like the fresh energy of the arboretum was sitting down.
The menu included country soybean paste stew, vegetable bibimbap, handmade whole chicken cutlet, bulgogi with earthen pot mushrooms, and snowflake cheese tteokbokki. My pick was a veggie chop steak cooked with beans. Ttukbaegi mushroom bulgogi was also good to eat because it had a lot of bulgogi.The Gapyeong Morning Calm Arboretum, ahead of the spring flower festival, was a spring flower trip that I enjoyed with a drive course near Seoul, including the sky road with colorful tulip flower paths, the moonlight garden in full bloom with spring flowers, and Seo Hwa-yeon surrounded by spring flowers.

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