Places to visit in Saipan, including the North Tour BEST5, Free Trip to Saipan

Saipan Free Travel, including the Northern Tour BEST5, Saipan Free Travel
Saipan Free Travel, which was visited by Saipan Free Travel, was a healing schedule while resting for 5 days and 5 nights. It was a tour where I enjoyed a hotel vacation because I only had two or three schedules a day. I made a reservation for accommodation, entertainment, and attractions through Saipan Play.On the last day of my trip to Saipan, I made a reservation for the northern part of Saipan. I picked up at the hotel and looked back on the half-day schedule with a Korean guide. I was able to look around all the places worth visiting in Saipan.
For the first course of the northern Saipan tour, I visited the Korean memorial peace tower first. It was a place to commemorate Koreans who were killed in Saipan during the Pacific War, and my heart ached.
The tower in the center of the grass square read ‘Pacific Korean Memorial Peace Tower’. Large and small headstones were erected around it to commemorate it.
The sky from the Peace Tower was clear and clear enough to make my eyes ache. A memorial monument was erected around the memorial tower against the backdrop of Mafisan Mountain, and the lion statue is said to be looking at Korea.
If you drive north from the Korean memorial tower for about 3 minutes, there is Manse Cliff on the coast. It is said to be the place where the Japanese army fought until the end. Well… I felt like I didn’t know what it was here.
The Manse Cliff is said to be the place where the Japanese soldiers who were defeated by the shaved cliffs jumped on their own. Around the Manse Cliff, you could see a memorial monument in Japanese. It was a basic course to visit Saipan.
I went to the suicide cliff that I saw from the world cliff. I was so careful that I was afraid to call you by name. It’s located behind the Manse Cliff.
The view from the suicide cliff was beautiful. We could see the horizon at the highest point in northern Saipan. It is said that the Japanese and Japanese jumped down the cliff instead of surrender to the U.S. military.
After getting off the suicide cliff and passing through the Emerald Sea View on the way to Bird Island, I fell in love with a tree standing on the edge of the road and took a break. I felt like I was watching a tree in the movie.
While driving on the road again, I stopped my way because there was a spot where the bony tree standing on the side of the road and the ocean view were beautifully matched. It was good to take various directing pictures like a scene in a commercial.
Bird Island, which is good for birds, was an island for birds. From the observatory, it looks like there is a gray island, but it was originally a black rock island. It is said that the sea birds flew in and left traces, and became the color they are now.
It was refreshing to stand facing the new island because of the sea breeze. The edge of the coast was emerald with shallow water, and the sea where the waves swept away was cobalt. It was one of the best places to visit in Saipan.
1.5 km from the new island, there is Grotto, a hot snorkeling attraction. It was a place I expected a lot from the northern Saipan tour, but I couldn’t go into the water due to weather conditions, but I only looked around.
I even changed my schedule to go to Grotto, but it was a pity that I didn’t have a relationship on the last trip. Instead, I was able to walk around the observatory where I could see Grotto.
Around the entrance down to Grotto, there were photo zones one by one, including murals, so it was okay to take pictures.
Grotto was a cave under the cliff of Cape Syphilis, where you had to go down 100 steep stairs to the same place as the diver’s holy place.
On the left side of the entrance to the cave, there is an observatory where you can see the sea as well as a shelter. I thought it was a resting place for travelers who visited this place.
One of the must-see places in the northern Saipan tour is the park with Saipan sculptures. I felt like I came to Saipan only after taking pictures here. I got to know this spot thanks to my sister who went to Saipan earlier.
The Saipan sculpture standing in mint color was suitable for taking pictures with various directions along with the alphabet. With my friends, it would be nice to go into each alphabet and direct it.
During the northern Saipan tour, I was able to see the traces of Japanese troops everywhere. The last place I visited was the Japanese military’s last headquarters located under the cliff of Mount Mafi.
The surrounding area is a large park like a lawn square, but it was bitter because the remnants of the fierce Pacific War were displayed in it.
I was nervous because there were weapons and guns in the park that would have been used at the time. Behind it is a staircase leading up to the cave.
collectively called ‘Last Command Post’ you can also see traces of a 2m hole in the rock during the bombing during the war. I got goosebumps!!
The stairs were low enough for one person to climb. I hesitated about going up and went up. A wooden fence was installed around the natural rock wall and walked along the edge.
The Japanese military’s last command used natural caves as its command, and the entrance to the cave was narrow, but the inside was quite wide. I didn’t go in because I got goosebumps, but I think it would be good to hear it lightly as a place worth visiting in Saipan.
Other monuments and large and small monuments were erected in memory of the Okinawans. I think it’d be nice to stop by on the way.
I did one massage a day while traveling in Saipan. Among them, I stopped by the newly opened Ocean Spa. I made a reservation through Saipan Play as a place I liked because the facilities were clean and the interior was luxurious.
Ocean’s Par, which I visited during the evening, was picked up from the hotel and I was able to move comfortably. It was a dark night, but thanks to the lighting poured out through the entrance, the wooden gate felt eco-friendly, so I entered comfortably.
When I entered the room, there was a counter and I felt like I was herbal therapy with hydroponic plants and air purifying plants around me.
The passageway leading to each room was decorated with gravel stones, creating a natural and luxurious atmosphere. It was refreshing because it was a newly opened place.
The course has a full body care course, and there were aroma stones that were heated with basalt stones, followed by candle therapy, and foot massage.
There was a room with a sink and a bathroom in the shop, so I could use it comfortably. It was a good place to visit in Saipan, and it was a good place to find a place to recover from fatigue and rest after traveling with the northern Saipan tour.

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*This trip was written by Saipan Play after receiving all the support from SaipanNorthernTour.

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