Boracay Restaurant Three Real Restaurants Around D-Mall

Boracay Restaurant 3 Real Restaurants Around D-Mall
Boracay D-Mall Shopping and Pick a Restaurant!!And I went to Boracay in mid-January for three nights and four days. It was a pity that there was not enough sunlight throughout the trip, but I was happy to enjoy Boracay Beach to my heart’s content at the accommodation located in White Beach.~Yeol Cimi (2023.1.10-13)~ Thanks to my stay at Mayumi Pulvilla in White Beach, it was a Boracay trip where I enjoyed the sea yoke while ignoring the beautiful beach. When it was time to eat, you could enjoy a variety of food while walking along White Beach in the direction of Dimall. Among them, I recommend three places that were real Boracay restaurants.
The must-see restaurant in Boracay was red crab. It was famous in Boracay as the original crab restaurant introduced on TV ‘Battle Trip’. I could use the second and third floors of the building.
The second floor was a space that could accommodate 40 people, and the third floor had 80 seats for group travelers. The interior is full of travelers, so I realized that Boracay restaurant is the real deal. The picture was taken after the tourists left, so the seats are quite empty.
I sat down and ordered a variety of must-eat menus from Red Crab. The main menu of the red crab is Alimano, called mud crab, and you can taste the sweet chili crab, Shanghai rice, black pepper shrimp, crab, fried squid, and cream sauce crab.
Garlic butter crab stood out and looked delicious with morning bread-sized lettering bread. I realized that rice cakes that look good are good to eat.
I was able to take a proof shot with my friends first and then sit down. As if I had been waiting for that, the staff came up to me and trimmed the crab so that I could eat it comfortably without any difficulty.
The chubby claw was enough to eat just one. Full of flesh, Alimango was fresh crab and shrimp of Singapore export grade. The firm sweetness of crab seems to be the secret to the popularity of the taste that appeals to tourists who enjoy this place because it only cooks live crab.
Only the body of the shrimp in Carbonara is set with cream sauce. My acquaintance and sister who like cream sauce, unlike Carbonara, which I have tasted anywhere, are all-in with a light and savory cream flavor. Black pepper and red curry were more refreshing and savory to my taste.
I peeled the shrimp and dipped it in the sauce. The shrimp was so big that I ate it in two bites.
The crunchy sound of the fried squid was refreshing when I took a cracker. The freshly fried squid was so sweet that when I tasted it, I fell in love with the taste of the squid that I could chew gently.
My favorite morning glory was good to eat with my bare mouth or with garlic rice. Morning glory is soft and seasoned, so even if you eat a lot, it’s not salty and it’s ssam.
San Miguel beer was perfect for the crab and shrimp cooker. After drinking beer, I ordered mango juice and coconut juice for my mouth. Coconut juice was more delicious than mango juice on this day.
The second recommended Boracay restaurant was Shabukan, which just opened. It is located opposite Dimol Zolabi and is located near Dimol Lake.
The interior was quite spacious. There were so many customers at each table, but I liked the spacious space that there was no fear of bumping into each other while using the self-bar.
The shabu-kan fee is 699 pesos for lunch from 11 p.m. to 16 p.m. and 899 pesos for dinner from 16 p. The service charge is 12% different.
It was great to get a 12% discount with the VIP membership card of the restaurant discount I received in Dagabora at this time. Thanks to my trip with Daga Bora, I felt like I got Pona.
Like the newly opened Boracay restaurant, the interior was clean and pleasant. The self-bar is also managing the ingredients in a fresh way, so I trusted it.
The best thing is that beef is unlimited. I was able to see and eat the meat by slicing it on the spot. Khankan was the happiness to eat beef piled up.
On the other hand, it was a time when I was really excited about the happiness of eating because it had a variety of seafood that I liked. It was a famous Boracay restaurant where you can enjoy unlimited green mussels.
I lost track of time by using self-bar such as japchae, tteokbokki, gimbap, hamburger, sweet potato matang, and fried vegetables.
Each person brought his or her favorite food and prepared the ingredients for the shabu he or she wants to eat. The broth, which is divided into two compartments, has a normal taste on one side and a spicy taste on the other, so we divided it into meat on one side and vegetables on the other.
Yah~ I’m drooling at the visual!! There was also the luxury of eating mushrooms, shrimp, and beef piled up in the kancan, but I felt full even if I didn’t eat it because the kancan piled up.
As I like vegetables, I brought morning glory, bok choy, cabbage, sweet pumpkin, and mushrooms to my heart’s content. I added glass noodles, Chinese noodles, and Philippine noodles to it and tasted it.
I put a lot of beef on one side and vegetables on the other. Shabu tastes better when you put in vegetables and take them out right away. When I dipped the seafood and beef in it and ate it right away, I fell in love with the taste because the texture was fresh and chewy.
The broth kept boiling while eating, so it was enough to soak the ingredients and cook them. The shrimp was also sweetly cooked in boiling broth, so it was fun to peel and eat it, and the noodles that stuck to my mouth were noodles that I wanted to eat no matter what I ate. Especially, the Chinese side is chewy like a chewy snack, so it was my pick on this day.
On the third day of my trip to Boracay, I went to the Mooney Mooney restaurant located at White Beach Station 2. It was easy to find because it was right next to Starbucks.
The Mooneymooni of the three-story building is open to see White Beach on the first floor, indoor on the second floor, and rooftop on the third floor.
It’s dinner time, so we’re on the second floor. Boracay is a famous Mexican restaurant, so it fits perfectly with my picky taste.
I was able to order and taste the vegetable fried rice, enchiladas, pizza, quosadia, and shrimp evenly. Mooney Mooney’s signature was tacos.
Vegetable fried rice is made with whole shrimp and photoito. It was addictive when I tasted a spoonful of Charmaron enchiladas. On top of that, the chubby shrimp was so captivated by the sweetness and spicy taste of the shrimp that popped the more I ate it.
Taco was intense just by his visuals. I put cheese on top and set it up nicely. Fry tortilla crispy and eat it together was crispy and moist.
It was a pretty taco even with your eyes. It was served with paprika and chili sauce, so I could taste it fresh. However, it was uncomfortable to hold tacos in your hand and eat them because every bite you take was sticking out.
Quasadia with chicken was an indispensable taste in Mexican food. It felt like eating a vegetable burrito because it had less meat and strong vegetable flavor.
I tried the enchiladas by mixing it with the sauce. It tasted lighter than greasy, so I could eat it at once. I recommended three real Boracay restaurants. With Dagabora, a travel agency specializing in Boracay, you can pack sweet mango shakes and other amazing ibens, adding to the joy of the trip.
If you are planning to travel to Boracay, you will be able to find various Boracay news along with travel information at Boracay’s local travel agency. It was a reliable guide for traveling because Koreans always reside there.
Press down to find out various information.★★★★↓↓↓↓↓★★★★
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*This post was written after receiving travel support from Boracay specialized travel agency Dagabora.

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