In March, Ilsan Lake Park, a spring destination in Korea, plum dating course, Ilsan Drive

Ilsan Lake Park, a spring destination in Korea in March, Maehwa Date Course Ilsan Drive
Ilsan Date Course Lake Park, a spring destination in Korea, I headed to Ilsan Lake Park for March. It was a relaxing day from morning to afternoon while enjoying a drive in Ilsan. It was a good spring destination in Korea for Ilsan dating course.~Yeol Cimi~(2023.3.3)~The weather was cloudy as if it was going to rain soon, but the temperature was warm, so it was good to enjoy a walk in the park. In the lake park that I visited around lunch, local people who went out for a light walk or exercise diligently walked along the park path.
There was no rain forecast, but when I arrived at Ilsan Lake Park, I was in a gloomy mode, adding to the desolation and even the empty atmosphere.
In this weather, it is right to just look forward and walk around..It is. In front of a small cat sculpture that I met while walking in the park indifferently, I laughed because I was glad to see a cute statue.
A large full moon sculpture I met while walking across the park.. She wore a reddish color, so the surroundings were bright. The full moon sculpture was installed in December last year and was only open until the fifteenth of lunar January on February 5, but it was nice to see it on this day.
Before Koshi Station, I visited Ilsan Lake Park once or twice a year, but I think there was only one time when I walked from beginning to end like this day. Perhaps because of that, the sculptures and landscapes I walked in the park were desolate winter scenery, but it was interesting because there were many things to see.
In front of poet Jung Ji-yong’s ‘Lake’Sibbi, I used my imagination in a line of poetry and walked while savoring the poetry.
When I looked for a travel destination in March this time, I was looking forward to autumn foliage as the Meta Shequire Road was formed here and there in Ilsan Lake Park. I thought it would be a good spot not to run 3-4 hours to the countryside to see Metashequaire autumn leaves every fall foliage season.
Old willow trees are lined up around the lake park. It still had a winter atmosphere, but the spring energy seemed to surround the tree. Willow leaves that will turn green soon..
I walked slowly along the park I found as a spring destination in Korea with my friend and headed to the place where Wolpajeong is located. This is the place I visited only once a long time ago, and it is in Dalmaji Island.
Walking along the park road surrounding the lake, I was able to see the photo zone and sculptures so that it was not boring. I don’t know if it was there before or if it was newly built, but the photo zone I met in the park was a helper that I could take a walk without getting bored.The Metasequoire Road.. The wooden body, which would have been well over 200 years old, looked like a thick and reliable pillar. I definitely want to visit again this fall!!
The weather was gray, but the temperature was warm, so it was a day where the thin coat was not overshadowed. Looking at the people who went on a date in Ilsan in March, I felt like I was wearing spring energy.
I parked Ilsan Lake Park at 3-1 in front of the Goyang Flower Exhibition Hall and started walking, so I felt like I walked quite a lot to the rose garden. Normally, I would park in the 3rd parking lot and go to the rose garden first.
It was a rose garden that I only visited when the roses were in full bloom, so the empty scenery with only iron frames was awkward. In the desolate landscape, the white and red iron frames were quite noticeable and looked lively.
From the flower exhibition hall to the traditional garden, I set a goal and walked in love with the Metasequoire road that I encountered everywhere. It is a good place to visit all four seasons on a date in Ilsan, and it was a spring destination in Korea where you can enjoy flowers and dense forests at the same time.
It was my first outing as a travel destination in March, but the water silver grass along the lake, which is moving in the wind due to the wind swaying in the lake park, fully showed the bleak winter scenery in the autumn atmosphere.
A good walk along the lake.. It was a place where it would be a green and green world that would gradually rise in the next two to three weeks.
How long did he walk? As I walked with my eyes fixed on the lake, I arrived at the traditional garden at the end of the lake park.
There was a dense bamboo forest behind the road to the traditional garden. The bamboo forest that made the arch-shaped tunnel reminded me of Odongdo Island in Yeosu.
The traditional garden located in the innermost part of Ilsan Lake Park was a place where you can get a glimpse of the traditional Korean style. There are thatched, jangdokdae, well, and garden.
Outside the fence with a pavilion and a pond, there is a colony of plum blossoms. Did the plum blossoms bloom?It was a traditional garden that I visited with the expectation, but I thought I could see the plum blossoms from the third week of March.
The plum trees that diligently bear flowers on the thick branches.. It was just amazing that we overcame the long and cold winter and formed a flower bud.
I looked back to the traditional garden and met a work called “The Way to the Parking Lot ‘ The Bowman ‘.” I thought it might be a self-portrait of us who are believing in the media while watching TV and bowing.
Ilsan Lake Park, a domestic spring destination, was slowly taking off the winter scenery. It was a little early to go on a trip in March, but it was full of vitality with the energy of busy moving to greet spring.

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