2023 Gurye Sansuyu Festival Information Sansuyu Village March Flower Viewing

2023 Gurye Sansuyu Festival Information Sansuyu Village March Flower Tour
Inside the Gurye Sansuyu Flower Festival in March, Gurye Sansuyu Village, surrounded by yellow flowers, is an hour away from Gwangyang Maehwa Village. It was Gurye Sansuyu Village in yellow spring where you can enjoy the spring energy brightly.~Yeol Cimi~2023 Gurye Sansuyu Festival will be held from the 11th to the 19th at Jirisan Hot Spring Tourist Site in Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun. I’m just glad to hear that it’s been about four years since the festival was held. I’m looking forward to seeing the seasonal flower festival this year. For your information, the picture is the one I went to before.The yellow-bloomed corvina.. It is a flower that blooms with yellow dots on a thin branch without a single green leaf. If you look closely, it’s a colorful flower like a crown.
The Gurye Sansuyu Festival, which marks its 24th anniversary this year, is being held under the theme of ‘Finding eternal love~’. Considering the time when flowers bloom and fall, I think 10 days is short.
During the Gurye Sansuyu Festival, a shuttle bus will be operated for four days on weekends. I think it would be good to refer to the festival guide map.
You have to walk along the village road to see Gurye Sansuyu. Some sections can be satisfied with the walking course, but I think it would be good to go around the village by car.
Among them, the places that tourists usually visit are Sansuyu Sarang Park, as well as Bangok Village and Sang, which are close to the park.It’s a lower village. If you look back to Hyeoncheon Village, a little further from there, it is a full tour of Gurye Sansuyu Village.
Located above Sansuyu Sarang Park, the upper lower village has an observatory where you can see the scenery of the village where the Gurye Sansuyu Festival is held.
Award if you plan the order of looking around Sansuyu Village.You can look around the sub-village, look around Sansuyu Sarang Park, and travel short distances to Bangok Village, which is located below the village road. Hyeoncheon Village is far from this place.
If you walk along the Sansuyu tree, you can see Gurye Sansuyu, which has fallen brightly on the slat roof of the shabby warehouse building. It was a yellow flower that made the achromatic color stand out.
Among the Gurye Sansuyu Festival villages, my personal favorite was Bangok Village. There is a deck road between the flower roads, and at the end of the road is Seosicheon Stream, which photographers like to visit.
Sansuyu seems to have been touched with yellow paint with a brush on a black branch, but if you look closely, there are about 2-3 small flowers talking.
Very small flowers are coy flowers with only four straight petals behind them like an array.
Each flower had a high quality like a crown with a long flower stand. It’s a pretty flower the more I see it.
Bangok Village, which is harmonized with Doldam-gil, is a flower path that heals just by walking along the Doldam-gil, and I was able to look around the countryside with the rural atmosphere.
The festival is only a few more days away, but it is said that flowers are blooming quite brightly as of March 6th. During the Gurye Sansuyu Flower Festival, I think I can see Sansuyu in full bloom.
Gurye Sansuyu Village, which is recommended as a tourist destination in Jeolla-do in spring, was surrounded by yellow flowers, and it was a watercolor landscape that stood out more than the village.
The flowers that bloomed like pouring over the stone wall gave off an old atmosphere.
The Gurye Sansuyu Festival, which begins at the same time as the Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival, was a spring flower festival where you can enjoy plum blossoms and Sansuyu at the same time. I think it would be good to have a bright spring with flower outing as a travel destination in Jeolla-do.

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