Yeosu Pension 1 night 2 days accommodation Ocean view Yeosu accommodation

Yeosu Pension 1 night 2 days stay Ocean View Yeosu Accommodation
Ocean View Pension Port & Port Yeosu 1 night 2 days ~ I went to Yeosu 1 night 2 days last winter. During the day, I spent a relaxing day riding a luge at Yeosu U-World and looking around the Teddy Bear Museum and Yi Sun-shin Square. I enjoyed a full vacation at Port & Port in Yeosu, where the sunset view is beautiful.You can’t leave out Dolsandaegyo Bridge for the night view of Yeolcimi and Yeosu. Along with the Dolsandaegyo Bridge, there is a point where you can enjoy the sunset view that falls on the horizon.Port & Port, famous for its design by Kwak Hee-soo, who won the World Architecture Award, was a Yeosu accommodation that was satisfied with just the original and distinctive view of the building.
I found Fort & Fort again where I stayed last fall while staying in Yeosu for 1 night and 2 days. At that time, it was a new Yeosu pension building that was just opened, so I felt good about the freshness as if it was new.Located at the top of Dolsan Mountain, Yeosu accommodation consists of Skyport, a detached high-end villa, and three double-decker maris types.
When I entered the lobby after parking, there was enough space for busking in a large hall like a square. It would be nice to use it as a stage to hold events for guests on weekends. I looked around as if I were sketching and got the card key after checking in at the info.I took a picture of my friend’s room key in room 203, and the Yeosu accommodation I stayed at was room 204. When I opened the door, there was a kitchen and a table at the entrance.
And inside it, a large king bed and a living room were arranged in a straight line. It was quite spacious at 30 pyeong.
Looking at it from the bed, it looked like it was divided into pigtails. On the left is the front door, and the front was Yeosu Pension with a view of the living room sofa and Yeosu Ocean View.
Large King Bed has plenty of room for 2 people and I liked the bed head and memory foam mattress at the bedside.
The white bedding felt so dry that it made a soft sound just by touching it. The feeling of the sun-dried cloth and the soft texture made me feel good.
The living room was a place with individual terraces bordered by whole glass, and the sofa that led to soft curves was hard enough to be used as a bed.
If you sit on the sofa and look forward, there is a wall-mounted TV with a tea table in between, and the kitchen and bathroom are separated on both sides.
Looking from the living room with sofa, it looked cozy because it looked like a dense room, and the back of the TV had a spacious bathroom, so it was convenient to use.
The kitchen with a table for 4 people felt neat with a straight sink. In addition, it was a Yeosu accommodation where cooking was possible, but kitchen supplies were arranged in the drawer and it was nice to see.
Coffee pots, electric rice cookers, microwave ovens, bowl sets, and cooking utensils were prepared for 4 people.
Along with a full-length mirror, a hot air dresser was placed on the front door, so it was refreshing to take care of the outer clothes that were active during the day.
The bathroom was the same straight as the living room and the room was spacious, so I liked it more than anything else. It felt hygienic because it could be used as a separate space between the shower room and the toilet.
There is a long washbasin and a jet spa on the terrace. There was a window that could be opened and closed right next to it, so it was a good location to enjoy the night view and spa.
While looking around Yeosu accommodation, I opened the window right next to it after receiving warm water, and it was a point where I could enjoy the ocean view and night view at Yeosu Ocean View Pension.
I unpacked my luggage at the accommodation and headed to the lounge cafe on the 4th floor before sunset. It was a weekday, but I was surprised that there were quite a few travelers who visited the lounge cafe. The lounge cafe located at the top of Dolsan Mountain was a popular hot place cafe.
The fact that you can taste the bread, cookies, and desserts that you made at the cafe was also the advantage of Port and Port Cafe.
There weren’t many kinds of bread because I went there during dinner time. If I went during the day, I could taste various kinds of bread..I thought it would be better to visit the lounge cafe diligently before sunset.
Each person ordered the drinks and bread they wanted to drink and brought them to the table, and it was plentiful. It was before sunset, so it was a cafe where I rested while waiting for the sunset.
When I ordered grapefruit and mango juice and drank it with ice, it was strong like fruit juice, so it was good to drink. The coffee was acid and the taste was soft.
Color What? The purple and mango color collaboration looked like a lemon ginger tea that you enjoyed with your eyes rather than tasting it. The grapefruit juice color was also pretty to take pictures.
Choco macaroons with lots of fresh cream on top, gulp in one bite!!It would have been nice, but it was a little big, so I split it in half. Contrary to expectations that it would be very sweet, the chocolate flavor was not greasy with moderate sweetness.
As I waited for the sunset time at the cafe, the sun was falling to the horizon. I saw travelers enjoying Infinity Pool in Skypool.
After looking around the main sky pool and going up one floor, I could see the sunset harmonized with the transparent dome on the rooftop this time. If you look around from the transparent dome, you can see the 360-degree Yeosu ocean view accommodation.
Under the stairs from Skypool to the lounge cafe, there is a cypress body temperature maintenance room and a nursing room, so I felt that it provides various convenience to guests using Yeosu Pension.
After enjoying the sunset view, we returned to Yeosu accommodation and had a pre-booked barbecue time. It was fresh because it was prepared in the room refrigerator when I made a reservation for a barbecue.
The barbecue set consisted of 2 people and 4 people, and the meat was abundant, including pork belly, abalone, and grilled rice cake skewers.
I was satisfied that I made a reservation for the barbecue set with basic sauce and vegetables such as instant rice, ramen, mustard sauce, green onion salad, ssamjang, kimchi, garlic, radish wraps, and lettuce.
When I grilled meat, abalone, shrimp, etc. on an electric grill, it was comfortable because the meat oil did not splash, and it was good to eat because it was cooked perfectly.
The meat and seafood were cooked and trimmed to make it easier to eat, so there was no other dinner. A bowl of rice was instant with just the barbecue set.
It was a night and two days in Yeosu where I had a relaxing dinner and enjoyed the night view at the jet spa.
The good thing about Yeosu Pension Port and Port was that you can eat breakfast. The breakfast consisting of freshly baked bread, drinks, and fruits at the lounge cafe was a satisfying Yeosu stay with the healing of Yeosu Ocean View Pension.

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