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Gangwon-do Travel Site Recommendations Gangneung Tourist Site Date
Gangneung Tourist Site Gangneung Date Free Ticket ~ There is a free ticket to visit Gangneung Tourist Site, so I bought a 48-hour ticket. ‘Gangneung to Gangneung’ It was a free pass. It was a friendly pass that allowed you to use Gangwon Province’s attractions and Gangwon Province’s attractions for free or discounted prices within 48 hours of receiving the ticket.~Yeol Cimi~The joy of traveling will be the pride of enjoying the place you want to go and what you want to eat. In that sense, this trip to Gangneung using a free pass was a friend and companion who could leave recklessly.
I prepared a ticket before going on a trip. I selected 48 hours from the link above and issued a ticket. There were many options for using 60 affiliates evenly, and it was convenient to use without installing the app.
If you buy a ticket, a QR code will arrive on your mobile. A mobile QR code is all you need to prepare for your trip to Gangneung Just looking around the recommended spots in Gangwon-do Province, the satisfaction level of the free pass seemed to be overflowing.
I took a look at the list of partners and made a schedule the day before the trip, thinking about the movement path lightly. There are many places I want to go, so I thought it would be good to go for two nights and three days.
There was a mission field in the free pass, so I went there first. I’m looking forward to seeing plum blossoms at this time of year. It was a tourist attraction in Gangneung where you could see Sansuyu, red plum blossoms, and plum blossoms at the same time.
Free admission if you show the QR code you received the day before at the ticket booth~ 5,000 won for adults was saved as a free pass, so I was excited. The free pass has been counted for 48 hours since I first used it.
The mission site was designated as a national folk cultural property and was a luxury hanok stay consisting of a 300-year-old relic museum, a traditional food museum, and a traditional culture experience center.
Plum blossoms were blooming at the entrance to the old house. The flower that bloomed quickly was already falling and was blooming lively as if filling its place.
After seeing plum blossoms at the entrance, I let go of the idea of looking back at the luxury old house for a while and chased around looking for flowers, but it already seemed to be withering depending on the place.
On Baekho-gil, where you can see the mission field, Sansuyu and plum blossoms are blooming, so it was a lively garden.
I felt happy to see the yellow corns lined up along the walking course. I was popping yellow cornelian oil from a slender branch even before the spring sun came up.
I stopped by the museum’s relics exhibition hall on the way down the Baekho-gil and down the Baekho-gil. It is an exhibition hall where you can see the living tools that have been preserved for 300 years and 10 generations, and you can get a glimpse of the life of the four great families.
Gangneung Missionary Center was selected as the best traditional house in Korea as a state-designated cultural property. It was a house built in the late Joseon Dynasty by the 11th generation of Prince Hyoryeong.
There is the Heo Gyun Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Hall 5 minutes away from the mission site toward Gangmun Beach. Gyeongpo Gasiyeon Wetland and Gyeongpo Lake are located around it, and Gangneung Green City Experience Center is located. Just looking around it, I could see the Gangneung tourist attractions evenly.
Heo Gyun Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Hall was a place where I stopped by because I thought spring flowers would have bloomed for free admission. Red plum blossoms were in full bloom around the memorial hall. It was a tourist attraction in Gangwon-do that I recommend to travel destinations in Gangwon-do.
The red plum blossoms, which bloomed well over the roof tiles and fences, bloomed splendidly as if hiding the scrawny winter tree scenery around them. Even if it wasn’t blooming in groups, it was a red area with just a few trees.
The exhibition hall was built as a park, and there was a traditional tea experience center and a park organized as a walking course, so I could look around lightly.
When you enter the gate of the birthplace, there is a love yard and a main house. The main house is divided into a main house and a detached house.
There is a cafe in the traditional hanok style within a 2-minute walk from Heo Gyun Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Hall. It was convenient to park right in front of the cafe because I drove my car. Affiliate visits were available every hour.
The cafe with a gate to collect was a traditional hanok-style building with tile walls. If I didn’t know it was a cafe, it would be easy to misunderstand it as a traditional house.
The cafe consists of each building. The space where you can drink tea was divided into a cafe and a separate house, so I enjoyed the time.
Since it was a bakery cafe, the food such as freshly baked bread, cookies, and pancakes were colorful. Among them, potato bread was a must-try food in Gangwon-do.
Traditional yakgwa, sweet potatoes, egg tarts, etc. were not as many types of bread as any other cafe, but I miss it, so I recommended a travel destination in Gangwon-do, which had a special taste that could only be tasted at the cafe.
There is a space for tea on the toenmaru of the backyard. The jangdokdae and cypress trees lined up under the tile fence were impressive.
If you use a free pass, a cup of Americano is free… It was so loud that I couldn’t help but laugh. The 48-hour ticket was 19,900 won, so I felt like I was paid back half of the time for a cup of coffee with the missionary.
I had lunch at my favorite Chodang Altang. It was a place I decided as soon as I saw it on the list of affiliates because I felt like I was an altang lover.
When I ordered fish roe soup from Chodang Altang, it came out in a large amount of hot pot. The boiling hot pot made me think of a glass of dew.
Wow~~ I’m happy to eat Goni, who I like, because he’s full. Because I like fish roe soup, I sometimes make it at home, but the taste of eating it in Chodang fish roe soup was not strong and it was as savory as cooked at home.
Even when you pay after eating, you can use the free pass!!! If you order for more than two people, it was 20% off and a can of beverage was provided free of charge, which was very generous.
It was good to enjoy the places you want to go and what you want to eat because you have a free pass. It was a recommendation for a travel destination in Gangwon-do that had no reason to hesitate because one cup of Americano was free when I thought of coffee.
After having a meal, I visited the Coffee Copper Museum for coffee time. A long time ago, I used to go to the coffee-copper museum located in a remote place, but it was my first time to visit this place located in the city.
It was a place where you can use both a cafe and a museum, so I felt like I received a big dinner. I parked and went to the entrance and ordered coffee first.
I thought it was a good thing that I bought a free pass just because I could use Americano for free. In Gangneung, the home of coffee, I think it will take days and days just for the coffee tour. Next time, I want to go on a coffee pilgrimage with a free pass.
The first floor where I drank coffee also served as an exhibition hall. It was a tourist attraction in Gangneung where you could see coffee grinder, coffee cups, and coffee roasters around.
The Coffee Copper Museum is a four-story building, and the first floor is a cafe, the second floor is a cafe, the third floor is a museum, and the fourth floor is a roaster & grinder is a coffee extraction tool.
On this day, the museum was restricted to the second floor. Various and rare coffee-related artifacts were displayed on the second floor, so it was fun to look into them one by one.
I also found Monday and Tuesday streets that I like to go on dates in Gangneung. When I visited during the day, it was more relaxing than ever.
The Wolhwa Garden cleared up the silver grass that had been lush all winter and only the green scenery remained. It was neat and tidy as if it were refurbished for spring.
There is Wolhwa Twisted Bread on the side of the road right in front of Wolhwa Dongsan. If you take a free pass, you can eat two twisted bread sticks for free, so it sounded light.
It was located at the corner of the road, so it was a Monday-Tuesday twisted bread stick where people came and went to Musi. I liked the fact that it was a healthy twisted bread stick that was matured by grinding round horse and corn.
If you take a QR code, you can taste two twisted bread sticks for free, so I ate them as a snack. I felt like I was looking around more abundant Gangwon-do travel destinations than ever with just a free pass to Gangneung again. It’s ‘Gangneung to Gangneung’ that I want to use again on my next trip. At that time, I’ll only pick recommended places for Gangwon-do travel.

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*This article was written after receiving a free pass and a small manuscript fee.

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