Pocheon Art Valley Cheonjuho Astronomical Science Museum Tourist Attractions with Children

Pocheon Art Valley Cheonjuho Astronomical Science Museum Tourist Attractions
A place worth going on a spring trip with a child~Traveling to the northern part of Gyeonggi-do is not easy. It’s the same Gyeonggi area, but the route from the south to the north is more than two hours on average. It was a trip to the northern part of Gyeonggi-do that I had to make up my mind.~Yeolcimi~Pocheon Art Valley is one of the four winter tourist attractions, and it was a good experiential learning center to visit with children and families because you can look around leisurely from early morning to afternoon.
I parked in the parking lot and headed to the Stone Culture Promotion Exhibition Hall in Hantan River Geopark first. I looked around the exhibition hall for free like a sketch and bought tickets at the ticket office right next door. The fare was 5,000 won for adults, and the round-trip fare for monorail was 2,300 won extra.
I bought a round-trip ticket to Monorail and climbed up one by one. The slope section was quite long, but I could see the scenery of the quarry as a tourist destination in Pocheon.
For your information, there are two ways to get to Cheonjuho Lake from the entrance
monorail and walking. There is an uphill slope when you go up, so I think you can walk leisurely when you go down by monorail. If you’re looking for a place to go with your child, I recommend the monorail.
Before going to Cheonju Lake, I stopped by the Astronomical Science Museum first. It was a popular science museum for children. It was a good place to experience.
Astronomical Science Museum is a place where you can go right after getting off the monorail, but it was different from the way to Cheonjuho Lake.
The Science Museum is a three-story building that operates an astronomical observation room on the rooftop with the constellation you meet in Pocheon Art Valley.
Exhibition rooms are located on the 1st and 2nd floors, from 1st to 3rd exhibition rooms, and the 3rd floor has an astronomical projection room and a waiting room. On the second floor, we could see the sun and the solar system’s family’s planets. I’ve seen these planets since I was young, but it felt new to meet them at the science museum.
Learning the sense of the season by looking at the constellation of stars.. It’s a difficult constellation for me, but it was easy to remember and fun when I looked into it in conjunction with the season.
The sculpture of the zodiac was splendid. I was able to find out the constellations, related myths, and origins of the zodiac sign, and I was able to check the constellations that fit my birthday.
The Astronomical Science Museum runs an astronomical program. It’s being held from 9
30 a.m. to 18 p.m.
In addition, we run exhibition commentary programs on the first and second floors, explain constellations in the astronomical projection room, and the astronomical observation program is operated only on weekends, observing the sun during the day and stars and planets at night.
After looking around the Astronomical Science Museum, I followed the road to see Cheonju Lake in Pocheon. As I walked, Cheonjuho Lake was covered with thin ice in a place surrounded like a folding screen.
This place, famous for filming the drama, was frozen under granite, and the deck of the grandstand sparkled with a thick emerald lake.
Looking down from the observatory, the deep, blue emerald-colored scenery of Cheonju Lake harmonized like a picture.
Pocheon Art Valley, a hot spot worth visiting in Pocheon, was the only waste quarry upcycling Pocheon tourist destination in the world and was a granite quarry.
There were two deer standing under a cliff that was shining like a crystal. It was an art valley that was born as a new cultural and artistic space by preserving the old scenery and adding art works.
The dark blue emerald lake was like a mermaid in a drama, and the dragon seemed to ascend. When I looked up the granite quarry from below, the granite standing like a folding screen was spectacular.
Pocheon Cheonjuho Lake was naturally formed by the collection of rainwater and spring water introduced between the quarries of granite. The maximum depth is 25m, which is said to be a clean first-class water.
After looking around the lake, I headed to the sky garden. There is a monorail boarding area that goes down to the entrance on the way to the garden.
Sky Garden was a walking course with a view of Pocheon Art Valley.
As you walk, you can see the view of the quarry surrounding Cheonju Lake from a different angle because there is an observatory where you can see the view of the quarry right in front of your eyes.
I had a completely different impression when I looked at Cheonju Lake from the front and from the top. I could see the traces of the granite quarry.
Please note that the stone steps that walk down the sky park to the sculpture park are connected to the width of one person’s walk and can be dizzy due to the severe slope.
I got off to Sculpture Park and headed to the observatory where I could see the quarry closely. This was the venue for media facade performances.
The rose tunnel where roses bloom in May was a light tunnel lit by colorful light bulbs in winter. It was a place where I was happy because it seemed to be a consideration for the visitors.
Sculptures are installed everywhere in the large square, and photo zones decorated with flowers are prepared. If you visit Pocheon tourist attractions, there are many places to play in Pocheon and there are many good places to take pictures.
Pocheon Art Valley, which embraces the emerald lake, is a place worth visiting in Pocheon, and you can enjoy a trip to and from history and the present with your children. It was a Pocheon tourist destination with plenty of things to see and play even when spring is coming.

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Jeju Camellia Hill Jeju Island Flower Jeju Camellia Flower Spot Jeju Island Spring Trip

Jeju Camellia Hill Jeju Camellia Flower Jeju Camellia Flower Spot Spring Trip
Jeju Camellia Hill~Jeju Camellia Hill was a popular spot that I visited every time I went to Jeju Island. As well as the seasonal flower festival, there is a greenhouse where you can see flowers throughout the four seasons, so it was a satisfactory place to visit any season.Camellia Hill, which was a famous place for camellia flowers in Jeju, still had camellia flowers. It was a camellia flower path where you can see the splendor of the peak, but it’s not disappointing. Now, I think only the camellia leaves are left with the camellia flowers falling down.In February, Jeju Island was warm with spring energy. It was burdensome to wear thick clothes on land. Camellia Hill was a green garden full of green leaves, as well as the winter scenery of travelers.
The camellia forest, which I visited in about a month, was a rare camellia forest where only the camellia that bloomed late, unlike the scenery of the flower palace.
The flowers that bloomed red in each tree disappeared one by one, but I was able to enjoy the March flowers while walking through the camellia forest.
Camelia Hill was selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization as one of the top 100 tourism destinations in Korea from 2021 to 2022. It was a good arboretum for a spring trip to Jeju Island with my friends and family.
The viewing course passes through the European Camellia Forest and the Baby Camellia Forest and follows the traditional Olle Trail with Jeju’s traditional thatched roof. The Olle Trail, which has a thatched roof and a jangdokdae, was warm because of the atmosphere of walking on the countryside.
Last time I visited, it was a splendid point as a famous place for camellia flowers in Jeju, but after a month or so, I felt that time was fast because only a few camellia flowers were blooming in the camellia tree.
As I walk, I wonder about someone’s safety in the text message that I pass casually, and
I miss you.. In front of Garland, I thought about the people I wanted to see. The text garland was a small way of walking between camellia trees and making eye marks.
Camellia flowers that bloomed late.. I looked up for a long time because the camellia flowers blooming in light pink were pretty.
While walking down the Camellia path, I found out that the flower that Gabriel Chanel loved the most, who created the world-class brand Chanel.
The glass greenhouse that I visited after passing through the camellia forest was colorful with flowers that forgot about the season. It was a greenhouse where you could heal the flowers with the scent of each flower.
The double-layered camellia, which bloomed in layers of light pink, had fresh petals as if it were blooming now. I was happy just looking at the flowers because the color of the flowers was pretty.
Azaleas? Azaleas? The flower that bloomed brightly in purple resembles an azalea, but it was a panacea. When I went next to it, the scent of flowers was fragrant.
Camellia flowers blooming in the greenhouse had neat petals. It was in contrast to the flowers that bloomed outdoors. It was a Jeju flower that bloomed beautifully in a greenhouse.
Now, the Jeju flower, which I have to promise for next year, seemed to be saying ‘Don’t forget me’.
The blooming flowers were pretty, so I only looked around… I felt like I was getting vitality through the flowers. It was good to have a flower outing in Jeju for spring.
I enjoyed a spring flower outing while looking at other large and small flowers. It was nice to see the flowers that I met during my trip to Southeast Asia.
There is a wish bead tree on the way out of the glass greenhouse to the Hibaknamu Forest Road. It’s a place where you can give a free hug, and if you tell a chestnut tree your wish, it’ll be granted, so I think it’s good to hear it lightly.
The light bulb lights up the forest path at any time. If you go on a rainy day, it’s a place that gives off a nostalgic atmosphere. It was a good spot to take pictures.
The way to the garden of the heart was the garden opened by the golden cypress. It grew so big that it was well over 2m that I felt like I was walking in the cypress forest.
There is a greenhouse cafe at the end of the cypress road. As soon as I entered the greenhouse garden with flowers and trees like the glass greenhouse I visited earlier, I was attracted by the scent of flowers.
I was vicariously satisfied because I could see Jeju camellia flowers in the camellia forest at the greenhouse cafe. There are various flowers besides camellia, so it was a place where you could share the healing of a cup of tea while looking at the flowers.
While looking at the flowers blooming in the greenhouse, I met plum blossoms blooming in the direction of the entrance outside. The plum blossoms that bloomed white.. It was even more nice to meet you at an unexpected place.
The petals looked especially white because it was a plum flower grown in a greenhouse. Unlike the plum blossoms I met outdoors, the petals were also shallow. Maybe it’s just me..
The plum blossoms that burst into bloom were just blooming, so I felt lucky because I was smiling.
Love flowers again because the light pink petals are pretty~~
There is a dense camellia forest path behind the cafe. At the peak of the camellia flowers, it was a popular photo zone where people waited in line. It wasn’t as fancy as then, but it was the spot where you can see camellia the most.
Thanks to the slow-flowered camellia flowers, I could see them until early March. The red camellia flowers were already gone and only the light pink flowers were bright.
If you go out of the Camellia Forest Road, there is a white observatory on the side of the wide square. It led to a gentle uphill with a view of the surroundings.
It was Camellia Hill, which is a famous place for camellia flowers in Jeju in winter, but it was a place where you can see flowers in any season, so I enjoyed my spring trip to Jeju Island.

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Yeosu Pension 1 night 2 days accommodation Ocean view Yeosu accommodation

Yeosu Pension 1 night 2 days stay Ocean View Yeosu Accommodation
Ocean View Pension Port & Port Yeosu 1 night 2 days ~ I went to Yeosu 1 night 2 days last winter. During the day, I spent a relaxing day riding a luge at Yeosu U-World and looking around the Teddy Bear Museum and Yi Sun-shin Square. I enjoyed a full vacation at Port & Port in Yeosu, where the sunset view is beautiful.You can’t leave out Dolsandaegyo Bridge for the night view of Yeolcimi and Yeosu. Along with the Dolsandaegyo Bridge, there is a point where you can enjoy the sunset view that falls on the horizon.Port & Port, famous for its design by Kwak Hee-soo, who won the World Architecture Award, was a Yeosu accommodation that was satisfied with just the original and distinctive view of the building.
I found Fort & Fort again where I stayed last fall while staying in Yeosu for 1 night and 2 days. At that time, it was a new Yeosu pension building that was just opened, so I felt good about the freshness as if it was new.Located at the top of Dolsan Mountain, Yeosu accommodation consists of Skyport, a detached high-end villa, and three double-decker maris types.
When I entered the lobby after parking, there was enough space for busking in a large hall like a square. It would be nice to use it as a stage to hold events for guests on weekends. I looked around as if I were sketching and got the card key after checking in at the info.I took a picture of my friend’s room key in room 203, and the Yeosu accommodation I stayed at was room 204. When I opened the door, there was a kitchen and a table at the entrance.
And inside it, a large king bed and a living room were arranged in a straight line. It was quite spacious at 30 pyeong.
Looking at it from the bed, it looked like it was divided into pigtails. On the left is the front door, and the front was Yeosu Pension with a view of the living room sofa and Yeosu Ocean View.
Large King Bed has plenty of room for 2 people and I liked the bed head and memory foam mattress at the bedside.
The white bedding felt so dry that it made a soft sound just by touching it. The feeling of the sun-dried cloth and the soft texture made me feel good.
The living room was a place with individual terraces bordered by whole glass, and the sofa that led to soft curves was hard enough to be used as a bed.
If you sit on the sofa and look forward, there is a wall-mounted TV with a tea table in between, and the kitchen and bathroom are separated on both sides.
Looking from the living room with sofa, it looked cozy because it looked like a dense room, and the back of the TV had a spacious bathroom, so it was convenient to use.
The kitchen with a table for 4 people felt neat with a straight sink. In addition, it was a Yeosu accommodation where cooking was possible, but kitchen supplies were arranged in the drawer and it was nice to see.
Coffee pots, electric rice cookers, microwave ovens, bowl sets, and cooking utensils were prepared for 4 people.
Along with a full-length mirror, a hot air dresser was placed on the front door, so it was refreshing to take care of the outer clothes that were active during the day.
The bathroom was the same straight as the living room and the room was spacious, so I liked it more than anything else. It felt hygienic because it could be used as a separate space between the shower room and the toilet.
There is a long washbasin and a jet spa on the terrace. There was a window that could be opened and closed right next to it, so it was a good location to enjoy the night view and spa.
While looking around Yeosu accommodation, I opened the window right next to it after receiving warm water, and it was a point where I could enjoy the ocean view and night view at Yeosu Ocean View Pension.
I unpacked my luggage at the accommodation and headed to the lounge cafe on the 4th floor before sunset. It was a weekday, but I was surprised that there were quite a few travelers who visited the lounge cafe. The lounge cafe located at the top of Dolsan Mountain was a popular hot place cafe.
The fact that you can taste the bread, cookies, and desserts that you made at the cafe was also the advantage of Port and Port Cafe.
There weren’t many kinds of bread because I went there during dinner time. If I went during the day, I could taste various kinds of bread..I thought it would be better to visit the lounge cafe diligently before sunset.
Each person ordered the drinks and bread they wanted to drink and brought them to the table, and it was plentiful. It was before sunset, so it was a cafe where I rested while waiting for the sunset.
When I ordered grapefruit and mango juice and drank it with ice, it was strong like fruit juice, so it was good to drink. The coffee was acid and the taste was soft.
Color What? The purple and mango color collaboration looked like a lemon ginger tea that you enjoyed with your eyes rather than tasting it. The grapefruit juice color was also pretty to take pictures.
Choco macaroons with lots of fresh cream on top, gulp in one bite!!It would have been nice, but it was a little big, so I split it in half. Contrary to expectations that it would be very sweet, the chocolate flavor was not greasy with moderate sweetness.
As I waited for the sunset time at the cafe, the sun was falling to the horizon. I saw travelers enjoying Infinity Pool in Skypool.
After looking around the main sky pool and going up one floor, I could see the sunset harmonized with the transparent dome on the rooftop this time. If you look around from the transparent dome, you can see the 360-degree Yeosu ocean view accommodation.
Under the stairs from Skypool to the lounge cafe, there is a cypress body temperature maintenance room and a nursing room, so I felt that it provides various convenience to guests using Yeosu Pension.
After enjoying the sunset view, we returned to Yeosu accommodation and had a pre-booked barbecue time. It was fresh because it was prepared in the room refrigerator when I made a reservation for a barbecue.
The barbecue set consisted of 2 people and 4 people, and the meat was abundant, including pork belly, abalone, and grilled rice cake skewers.
I was satisfied that I made a reservation for the barbecue set with basic sauce and vegetables such as instant rice, ramen, mustard sauce, green onion salad, ssamjang, kimchi, garlic, radish wraps, and lettuce.
When I grilled meat, abalone, shrimp, etc. on an electric grill, it was comfortable because the meat oil did not splash, and it was good to eat because it was cooked perfectly.
The meat and seafood were cooked and trimmed to make it easier to eat, so there was no other dinner. A bowl of rice was instant with just the barbecue set.
It was a night and two days in Yeosu where I had a relaxing dinner and enjoyed the night view at the jet spa.
The good thing about Yeosu Pension Port and Port was that you can eat breakfast. The breakfast consisting of freshly baked bread, drinks, and fruits at the lounge cafe was a satisfying Yeosu stay with the healing of Yeosu Ocean View Pension.

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Philippine Island Travel Philippines Boracay Pickup Sanding

Philippine Island Travel Boracay Pickup Sanding
Boracay, Philippine Island, departed for Boracay for three nights and four days, and from arrival to return, Boracay was with Daga Bora, a local company specializing in Boracay. Not only the flight, but also the accommodation, food, play, and sightseeing were full and beautiful.I took the 8
20 a.m. flight and flew 4 hours and 30 minutes to Kalibo Airport. It was a busy schedule from early morning, but it was a happy journey with full of excitement without knowing that I was tired.
Boracay, which I visited on a trip to the Philippines, was just amazed and glad to see everything I saw for the first time. Just by looking at the initials of Boracay written in color, I could feel the exotic feeling.
When I arrived at the airport, a car from Dagabora was waiting for me to sand for Boracay pick-up. Boracay had no direct flights, so it took about an hour and a half to travel from Kalibo Airport to Katyklan Dock entering the island.
After arriving at the dock, we traveled by boat for about 20 minutes. The reservation for the moving ship was accompanied by a small process such as procedures and carrier transportation, and the Bora staff proceeded well, so I moved comfortably.
My accommodation for 3 nights and 4 days in boracay was mayumi pool villa located in white beach. It was a pool villa that I used alone with my group. It was an accommodation where we could relax comfortably.
Mayumi Pool Villa is a three-story building with two rooms on the first and second floors, and one on the third floor, a total of five. It was a spacious room with individual bathrooms in each room.
The 3rd floor was wider than any other room like a VIP room and had an outdoor terrace, so it had a room with a garden atmosphere. It was a view spot where you can enjoy the view of White Beach when you go outside with a sunblock.
From the bottom floor, I could see the grayish-white body of the palm tree, but from the third floor, I could see the abundant leaves of the palm tree at eye level, so I realized my overseas trip.
The terrace with the jet spa was located in the center of the wood, so I could enjoy the spa while looking at White Beach.
Hamppok from Southeast Asia trip ‘Activity’… Among them, the hopping tour enjoyed in the sea is the best schedule for Yeolcimi. The Dagabora Hopping Tour was held in a variety of one-day courses, including sunset sales.
The Mamma Mia with the blue dagabora logo is a new boat with clear white and blue painting and a clean impression.
The paddle boat was a kayak-like ship, with stepp and two people on board and traveling around the sea. I also looked around the caves where bats live and the uninhabited islands. On this day, I enjoyed the waves as if I were surfing.
We also had time to take life pictures. It was a shot of me swimming in the sea while doing free diving. I’ve never done free diving before, but I was relieved to go into the sea 5M with the staff.
I couldn’t go down to the bottom because it was my first time doing free diving, but I could go down deeper next time with free diving that I was satisfied with.
The sense of preparing drinks and fruits during the hopping tour~ The hopping tour was Dagabora ‘1 stroke black pack’ If you use the product, you could enjoy the trip with a cost-effective and fruitful composition along with Boracay pickup sanding.Ramen that you eat after playing in the water is the truth!! Cup noodles that are hot were more chewy and light than any other place.
If you go to Boracay, Malum Party is a must-see activity holy place. Malumpati is a blue lagoon located on Panai Island in the Philippines, and was a popular vacation spot for locals in the Philippines.
The tubing here was so popular that I was waiting for my turn. Tubing was a one-on-one valley tour paired with a step on a rubber tube.
What was surprising was that the staff took a drone shot of a palm tree that looked 20 meters taller. I couldn’t believe it even when I saw it in front of my eyes.
After tubing and diving and swimming in the valley water, we enjoyed a local Filipino lunch dinner.
After the tubing experience, I also enjoyed ATV. It was a course where I rode ATV along the road through the dense forest. The ground was muddy maybe because it was after the rain, but ATV running through the forest was excited.
We also had a sunset sailing on the beach right in front of us during our accommodation in White Beach. I didn’t see the sunset because of the cloudy weather, but it was refreshing to go out to sea on a yacht that sailed without power.
I was walking along White Beach from my accommodation, passing through Demol shopping street, and stopped by Bora office. It was a good place to hear lightly, such as currency exchange, travel schedule, and luggage.
If you use Dagabora products, you received membership cards, souvenir shop gift certificates, raw mangoes and travel brochures that can be used in drinks and restaurants.
The souvenir shop was Green Coco, located right next to the office. It was a newly opened place and had high-quality souvenirs.
Inside, the wooden yard was placed on both sides and products were displayed in the middle. The items were neatly organized, so the space looked spacious.
I was able to buy a variety of coconut oil and noni products, including snowballs that can only be bought here.
Spa used kabayan spa located inside dimall street. If I travel to the Philippines, one spa a day was a break that I could use as a basic rule.
Massage oil, aroma, stone, etc. were various. It was a newly opened place, so the facilities were neatly managed, so it was easy to use.
I was looking forward to the meal time during the Boracay trip in the Philippines for three nights and 4 days. It was the reason why I fell in love with the various crab and shrimp I ate at the red crab that I found for my first meal.
I tasted Mexican food at the Mooney Mooney restaurant in White Beach. It was my first time tasting these foods, but it felt like I was tasting fusion foods.
Lapurapu restaurant located at the end of the market alley tasted local Filipino cuisine. It was prepared like a regular home-style meal, but I think it was plentiful.
I ate shabu shabu without a break in the shabu kan where I could eat shabu shabu. I was able to eat my favorite seafood and vegetables to my heart’s content, and I was happy to enjoy eating beef because it was unlimited.
If you make a reservation for Boracay pick-up sanding at Dagabora, Kalibo Airport BK Lounge is included. You can get a boarding assistance service to use the lounge, and drinks such as a snack bar, snack bar, and calamansi and iced coffee were also provided. Instead, the meal was separate.
Only BK lounge apart from Boracay pick-up sanding was available for reservation. The lounge was available for 15,000 won per person including meals and 10,000 won without meals.
BK Lounge has a restaurant where you can eat, and there is a lounge next to it that you can use as a rest area.
The lounge is a two-story building with a sofa and a table on the first floor, and the second floor was a snack bar. If you use the BK lounge, the snack bar was free, so it was convenient.
I ordered squid over rice at the lounge while waiting for boarding time. It was so delicious that I emptied the bowl cleanly. After that, I finished my trip to the Philippines with a cup of coffee. Boracay, where I want to go again, can’t wait to meet with Dagabora.

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  • This post was written after receiving all the sponsorship from Dagabora, a local travel agency in Borakai.

Saipan travel expenses 4 nights and 5 days travel course First overseas trip

Saipan Travel Expenses 4 nights and 5 days Travel Course First overseas trip
Saipan Security Saipan Play Cost-effective Go Go Go~ When overseas travel was blocked, I used to touch Guam and Saipan travel with vague longing. It’s a place that I looked forward to, making my own resolution that I must go after Koshi-guk. As soon as the Coshi country was lifted, I went to Guam in October last year, and my first overseas trip to Saipan was in January this year.~Yeol Cimi~ It was a trip to Saipan that I really wanted to go to, so while looking around the four-night, five-day travel course, it was such a good schedule that I couldn’t miss the time. It was a schedule that was static for me, who likes to be active, but it was the reason why I enjoyed the trip while resting well.
I made a reservation for the Saipan 4-night 5-day trip through Saipan Play. It was Saipan’s first overseas trip because I made a schedule according to my schedule, such as pick-up, accommodation, food, activities, and hopping tours. For your information, the airfare is available from $350 in March to $100 in April.
I left Incheon Airport in the morning and flew 4 hours and 30 minutes to Saipan in the afternoon. A hotel pickup car was waiting on arrival. The round-trip pick-up sanding at Saipan Airport was $45 per person and was available for more than two people.
Saipan, which I saw while driving on the road in a pickup car from the airport, was familiar as if it resembled the scenery of Jeju Island in Korea.
I enjoyed a four-night, five-day trip at Crown Plaza Resort located in downtown Garapan. There is a micro beach right in front of the resort, so it was $248 per night as a point where you can enjoy a walk on the beach and sunset.
The accommodation was a view spot with an ocean view from the ocean front on the 7th floor. The twin rooms were spacious, so it was enough for me and my sister to use.
After unpacking the coconut prepared as a welcome drink, I enjoyed the feeling of traveling leisurely and drank coconut. Coconut drink that was prepared sensibly~
There is a well-kept garden, pool, tennis court, and walking course around the resort from the veranda, and the horizontal line is in a straight line with the sky, so the ocean view was clear.
On the first day, I was able to enjoy enough afternoon time in Saipan thanks to the morning flight. For dinner, I ate raw ribs set, creafish, and tuna sashimi at Yewon, a tuna sashimi restaurant. The set of raw ribs is $48 per person and $80 per person, and if you make a reservation on Saipan Play, you’ll get a 10% discount.
On the second day, I took a yacht pick-up car from the resort at 9 a.m. and went sailing to Garapan Beach. It was a non-powered eco-friendly yacht because it was sailing.
The yacht was non-powered, but I was pushed by the sea wind and looked around Managaha Island and relaxed endlessly toward the open sea. Sitting on a yacht and looking at the waves, it was like a fresh game.
It was a time when I sat on a boat and fell in love with the color of Saipan sea, avoiding the hot sunlight of the day. I took a picture on a yacht on my way without much shaking and enjoyed the romance of the sea.
Saipan sailing yachts and snorkeling cost $45 per person, with up to six people on a seven-seater yacht with two operational hours
9 a.m. and 14 p.m.
After lunch at a Korean restaurant, I looked around I Love Saipan and luxury shops. I Love Saipan is an outlet mall that was good for buying small accessories, souvenirs, and gifts.
Not only clothes, but also various beach items such as shoes, bags, dolls, hats, etc. needed in daily life or during a trip to Saipan.
Ronjin’s Amber Suther Reggie Page, whom I met while shopping at a luxury shop, made a sound as soon as I saw his face. I became a fan after watching it on Net*** drama 2 years ago, and it was very nice to see you in Saipan as if we met in real life.
I went on a sunset tour with Jerry. Sunset Dinner Cruise was $69, including dinner. It was a luxury to enjoy the beautiful sunset of Saipan with Jerry’s husky voice.
It was a special time of memories because I could listen to the live performance with the beautiful sunset of Saipan for the price including unlimited drinks and dinner.
Sunset diner cruise had different pickup times for each hotel. I picked up at 16
55 p.m. at Crown Plaza Resort.
After the sunset dinner, I relieved my fatigue with a massage at the newly opened spa ocean. It was a newly renovated place, so I felt good because all the items in the shop were new. I strongly recommend the massage!!Massage was the best place I’ve been to recently.
On the third day, I headed to Managaha Island, a beautiful island representing Saipan. I enjoyed snorkeling and hopping tour in Managaha Island. When you enter the island, you have to pay $10 in environmental taxes.
Managaha Island was really very beautiful sea. It was a fantastic view with gradation of the sea color. Snorkeling, which I fell in love with when I was sailing, was the best way to enjoy the sea color.
The snorkeling and hopping tour of Managaha Island cost $85 to enjoy snorkeling in the morning and went out to the sea in the afternoon for a hopping tour.
I made a reservation in advance through Saipan Play and received it from the hotel and had lunch on Managaha Island. Squid bulgogi, sausages, egg rolls, and other side dishes that you can eat with your bare mouth.
The hopping tour was done on the sea a little away from Managaha Island by ferry. Snorkeling, including fishing, was done at the point where you can see beautiful coral and tropical fish.
After the tour, I drank instant ramen, pork belly, and beer. It was a boat tour that was different from the snorkeling I enjoyed on Managaha Island. If you make a reservation at Saipan Play, you can use it at a discounted price.
After returning to the accommodation after the hopping tour, the Atari Dinner Show was held in the resort in time for sunset.
The Dinner Show was a dinner show with dinner and was a showtime with the Atari natives. It’s only held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
It was held at the Native Dinner Show located on the beach in Crown Plaza Resort. The dinner show was $69.
I could listen to beautiful music, performances, and musical instruments by using various traditional instruments. The operation lasted for two hours from 17
30 to 19
30.The fourth day was a day of play-mung shimung before the starlight tour. I spent my morning and afternoon leisurely and had dinner at a sand restaurant.
After dinner, the starlight tour was held. I was excited to see the sky at night in Saipan when the stars were pouring down.
The Starlight Tour was held at the Manse Cliff. Along with the brief introduction of the program, we listened to mythical stories related to stars and took life shots with the stars in the night sky. The Starlight Tour cost $30.
On the last day of the Saipan 4-night 5-day trip, we had a tour of northern Saipan. As a tour to look back on the history of Saipan, we toured the Korean memorial peace tower, Manse Cliff, Bird Island, Suicide Cliff, and the Japanese military’s last command.
The northern Saipan tour cost $35 to learn about the history of Saipan with a Korean guide. The new history story was interesting, but it wasn’t always fun.
I looked around the Manse Cliff and took a proof shot on the way to the Suicide Cliff because I fell in love with the beautiful scenery.
I was fascinated by the ocean view from the beautiful view of Saipan. The sea of Saipan from here looked like a picture painted with gradation.
The most beautiful place on the Northern Tour was Bird Island. The island built on the sea is Saeseom. The grayish-white edge of the island was a sign of the seagulls’ territory.
Originally, I had a Grotto schedule… Too bad! The waves were so strong that Grotto couldn’t go in. The reason was that the seawater entering the cave was so strong that the seawater level was high, so it was dangerous.
I was sad, so I only wandered around Grotto. I promised myself that I would play it next time I go.
The cost of Saipan, which was $1,350, was more than 1.5 million won, looking back on the four-night, five-day travel course. It was a trip to Saipan that you can enjoy for around 400,000 won to 500,000 won, excluding air and accommodation. Thanks to enjoying the hotel vacation in a quiet atmosphere in January, I was able to fully enjoy the charm of the resort.

Saipan #SaipanTravel #SaipanExpense #First overseas trip

Make a reservation at Saipan Play for the 4-night 5-day trip course!!!▼▼▼
*This post was made after receiving travel support from Saipan Play and visiting in person.

Seogwipo City’s attractions, Jeju Yongmeori Coast, Jeju Island’s food and entertainment

Seogwipo City’s attractions Jeju Island’s food attractions
Jeju Island’s attractions Sanbangsan rape flowers are the hottest spots in Jeju Island in March. The yellow flowers under the arch-shaped achromatic mountain gave a lot of bright energy on a warm spring day.~Yeolcimi~Sanbangsan Mountain is a place that travelers can visit easily, and there is a natural stone cave, Sanbanggul Cave, about 200m above sea level, and a Buddha statue is enshrined inside the cave.
In early March every year, yellow rape flowers bloom in the garden below Sanbangsan Mountain. It was a flower garden where you could enter with a fee of 1,000 won, but it was a flower garden where you could enjoy the happiness of 1,000 won.
It was good to go inside along the road to the flower garden, send a proof shot with yellow rape flowers in the background, and take a picture of the memories with Sanbangsan Mountain in the background.
After looking around the rape flower field, I headed to the coast of Yongmeori in Jeju. Admission to Yongmeori Coast is restricted due to the weather on the day and only the tide, so you have to check the viewing time before you go to see the failure.
The Sanbangsan Ticket Office is located on the way to the beach after passing the Hamel Permanent Exhibition Hall. The entrance fee was 2,000 won for adults and 1,000 won for children, and it took about an hour to walk along the coast.
Visiting is restricted until 15
30 p.m., so we decided to walk along the Yongmeori Coast of Jeju Island first and look around the Hamel Permanent Memorial Hall after visiting.
If you walk along the trail to the sea, on the left, the wavy strata are curved, and on the right, the sea is blocked by the horizon.
When I went down to the sea, it was bumpy as if shells were embedded on rough rocks, and when I touched it, it was a rough and sharp floor.
The dragon’s head was connected like a single rock like a huge lump of rock, and the wave-patterned stratum was beautiful as if it were a rock swept away by waves.
Even if I wore shoes on the floor, I could feel the texture of the floor. When I stopped on my way and sat in place and touched the rock, it was sharp as a cut in my hand.
The Yongmeori Coast was blocking the waves that were rushing in like water, with wide rocks under the cliff becoming a breakwater. The height of the rock was not very high, but it was a wave that fell helplessly against a hard rock.
The rocks hanging toward the sea were piled up into strata and strata, creating wavy patterns. I couldn’t imagine how many hours I’ve been here.
Jeju Yongmeori was named because the volcanic body that has been shaved over the years resembles a dragon’s head and enters the sea.
The coastal road I looked at while walking along the Yongmeori coast of Jeju Island followed the sea road under the rugged giant rock.
The walking path is bumpy, so sneakers or low-heeled shoes would be good. It was bumpy, but the walking course wasn’t that bad.
Walking along the coast of Jeju Yongmeori, the arrival point was just around the corner. I walked along a flat rock path and on a rock with holes.
Even though the strong waves came over the rocks, the rocks that formed each layer did not move as if they were each breakwater. Rather, the surging waves were broken by the grass and fell, leaving white foam as a trace.
Walking along the coast of Yongmeori in Jeju, you will take a step back from the wonders of nature. The vertical cliff standing like a folding screen was beautiful as if it had a horizontal line pattern.
As you walk along the coast, educational materials that can identify the topography of Yongmeori Coast were on display. When you cut the rock, you could see the shape of the orange lava flowing inside and slowly cooling down.
If you walk along the rocky coast, you can see the beautiful ripples of the stratum on the floor, as shown in the contours, and you can see large holes in the vertical sea cliff.
The rock layers formed each pattern to confirm the beauty of the stratum. Jeju Yongmeori Coast seemed to be a huge sculpture made by nature.
I walked along the coast of Yongmeori and had lunch at a pier restaurant close to Moseulpo Port. It is also a place that Ryu Hyun-jin acknowledged as a bucket list. It was a Jeju food that many celebrities visited.
The pier restaurant located on the beach had a proof shot of Ryu Hyun-jin’s visit on the glass side of the entrance, indicating that it was a good restaurant for yellowtail sashimi.
The pier restaurant, which has been running a restaurant in Moseulpo Port for 45 years, visited after lunch, but the hall was still crowded with many people. The picture was taken after the customers left.
I ordered braised hairtail and sliced raw beef. The large and large sliced raw beef and braised hairtail with red sauce made my mouth water with just the visuals.
Braised hairtail seasoned red is deliciously seasoned enough to be eaten with a bare mouth. It was fun to cut the beef sashimi into thick slices and taste it one by one bite.
The Great Defense Society has a reddish-brown cube-shaped side meat on the top, and a belly button next to it, as well as a kiln-shaped lantern.
The yellowtail sashimi, which is good to eat in winter, has a savory taste when you eat it without lettuce wrap. When I ate lettuce wrap, the seasoned soybean paste was more savory.
Since you ate the beef sashimi, hot pot must be a must. It was fun to choose and eat it because it was full of chubby flesh.
When I took out a spoon of ladle and tasted the soup, I felt that the spicy and clean taste went well with the broth.
Braised hairtail likes radish more than hairtail. A piece of radish and a bowl of rice would be convenient. Just a spoonful of red sauce was enough.
The thick and large braised hairtail looked big just by looking at it. Even if I ate two pieces, I thought it would be gone if I ate it with my bare mouth.
The Sanbangsan rape flowers and pier restaurant, which I visited as a place worth visiting in Seogwipo City, is located within 10 minutes by car, so I could look around lightly as if I was taking a walk and taste winter delicacies. It was worth finding just by the texture and savory taste of Daebo-ri.^^

Where Seogwipo City is worth seeing #Jeju Yongmeori Coast #Jeju IslandFoodTest #Jeju IslandFightTest #Jeju Island Play

Ilsan Aqua Planet, a place to visit in the Seoul metropolitan area, a drive course to go to Ilsan

Ilsan Aqua Planet, a place to visit in the Seoul metropolitan area, Ilsan Drive Course
A place to go on a drive in the Seoul metropolitan area. I went to Ilsan Aqua Planet in the spring breeze. Aqua Planet is located in Yeosu, Jeju Island, and Ilsan. This is my first visit to Ilsan, so I was looking forward to it.Ilsan, which is an hour away from home from ~Yeol Cimi (2023.3.3), is one of the destinations that you visit in the flower season, and it is a popular hot place with colorful tulips in full bloom when April begins. Tulips are still a long way off, but this time I looked around the nearby destinations, starting with Aqua Planet as a drive course in Ilsan.
Aqua Planet, which I visited on weekdays, was quiet and relaxed. If you park in the parking lot, there is an information desk in front of you, but there was a pre-booked ticket, so you entered the entrance right away.
You could only see the exhibition hall if you went up to the second floor by escalator. On the way up, marine animals spread their wings and seemed to welcome travelers.
On the second floor, there is a photo zone with sculptures of sharks and walruses showing sharp teeth. It was a place I found worth going to Ilsan, so a photo of the visit must be taken~
I made a reservation in advance, so it was convenient to enter after taking a QR code I received on my mobile. The entrance was a colorful jellyfish tunnel, and the section was short, but it was an impressive place to visit in the metropolitan area due to the colorful lights.
The horned chicken shrimp hidden between the rocks resembles the creafish I saw in Saipan. I don’t know if it’s the same species, but it looks like a lobster. Horned chicken shrimp are characterized by having antennae twice as thick as the body, hiding around rocks, grass, and floors They’re promoting at night.
The aquarium had a variety of views by adding decorations to the plainness where you can see the inside transparently. The photo zone decorated with hearts felt full of things to see.
‘Aqua’Eorak Challenge in Folk Painting was being exhibited under the sponsorship of Seodaemun Natural History Museum. Aqua Planet is a light spot on the Ilsan drive course, and it is open from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., and Sky Farm can be seen from 10 a.m. to 17
30 a.m.
In each large and small aquarium, fish I saw for the first time swam around the aquarium. The fish I saw for the first time were interesting.
The transparent acrylic arch tunnel turns into a flashy color every time the lighting changes, so it was fun to take pictures. I don’t know if the color changed when I entered the tunnel.
On the other hand, there was a background picture inside the aquarium to create a deep deep-sea atmosphere. It felt like I actually went into the deep sea.
Ilsan Aqua Planet was not large compared to other regions. Instead, I was able to meet a lot of marine life by using the space properly. The diversity of aquariums was one of them. The fish in the concave aquarium were able to see in detail as if they were observing with a magnifying glass.
Jellyfish that is transparent and leisurely without hiding anything.. The gesture was elegant, so I could see the movement that did not look like air in the water.
The aquarium was arranged in various shapes and sizes, and it was fun to look around. There was also a fluorescent aquarium that drew attention from afar.
I could see various jellyfish in the jellyfish museum. The lighted jellyfish has a transparent body, so the color of the light is fully projected.
Seahorses on the scale.. It was so cute that I looked at the movements for a long time.
If you follow the viewing route, you will find another fan-shaped tunnel. We could see giant sharks, rays, and fish here.
The shark swimming diligently in the transparent glass was shaking just by looking outside the aquarium. It was thrilling to enjoy the Ilsan drive course.It’s a sea turtle!! When I was in the water, I couldn’t tell how big it was, but I could imagine that it was actually huge.
Aqua Planet consists of three floors, the first floor has a food court and ticket office, and the second floor is Jellyfish, Deep Blue Ocean, and The ParadaIsu and Gift Shop are located, and there are Touchpool, Ocean Arena, and Penguin Village on the 3rd floor.
Spotted seals were easy to distinguish because they had dots on their bodies like black spots. It is a mammal of the seal family designated as a natural monument in Korea. The spotted seal I saw from the aquarium made me feel like it was gentle.
Cute penguins stood in their own style where there were groups of penguins. I haven’t moved for a while, so I thought it was a sculpture. Penguin friends have a reason for their various behaviors. I also observed penguin friends’ behavior while looking at the information panel.
It was fun to look around while observing big sea friends in places where you can see walruses, African penguins, seals, and piraruku together.
Performances were held on a hourly basis in the main aquarium. If I went there on time, I could experience various things according to the time.
Alice’s Mysterious Magic Trips
12 a.m., 13
30 a.m., 14
30 a.m., and you can watch stingray feeding and walrus performances.Piranhas are fish that would have thought they were pretty with shiny silver if they weren’t watching the movie. After watching the movie, I was shaking just by watching it.
Pretty fish that shine brightly in silver and orange in the aquarium..
After watching Aqua Planet, I looked around Sky Farm. Sky Farm is a place where you can meet animal friends, and you can meet cute animal friends such as monkeys, mirror cats, and rabbits. I went to Aqua Planet as a place worth visiting in the Seoul metropolitan area. It was good to go on a spring trip with my friends on the Ilsan drive course.

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Gwangyang Maehwa Festival Maehwa Village Spring Flower outing Maehwa attraction

Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival Maehwa Village Spring Flower Outing Plum Blossom Spot Flower Excitement~
Shall we go on a spring flower outing?The Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival is being held in Gwangyang Plum Blossom Village from March 10 to March 19. It was the first spring flower festival in four years after the relaxation of the coccy country, so the number of people who went on a spring outing was great. At the festival site that arrived after 8 a.m., it was urgent to find a place to park.~Yeol Cimi (2023.3.15)~I arrived about 4 hours and 30 minutes by car. Parking was done on the Seomjingang River beyond the opening of the direct market, the driving venue. It was early in the morning, but I parked quite far from the festival venue. When I got out of the festival hall after 10 o’clock, I thought it was even close, so the crowd who visited the festival site didn’t rest.
When I got out of the car, the air in Namdo was full of the scent of spring, and a few red plum blossoms on the way to walk stopped on the colorful road. The flowers that bloomed red on each branch were so pretty that it was a happy moment to run a long way.
The red-bloomed red plum blossoms showed us the brightness of spring as if it were rewarding us for overcoming the monotony of achromatic colors throughout the winter.
I looked into the flowers that bloomed round for a long time, not like plum blossoms, but like straw roses. I also felt like I was looking at a bunch of flower petals.
Oh my~ Even pink plum blossoms are smiling.. Pink plum blossoms are a rare flower, so I was very glad to see them. It was an elegant plum blossom that didn’t stand out too much.
The flower cycle was short, but the red plum flower felt especially short. Maybe that’s why I thought red plum blossoms were precious, so I looked at them for a long time.
On the way to the festival, short plum trees were blooming in a row. The branches stretched out in all directions were flower branches wrapped in white flowers.
The entrance to the festival venue was accessible in 5 courses from Maehwa Parking Lot. We walked past the driving ground and walked down the street with a wall painting street.
It was a happy morning to see the blooming plum blossoms that I had seen before entering the entrance. When I see flowers, I feel excited, so I don’t mind the effort of running for four hours to find the heart of flowers. I was so touched that it was the flower happiness of the Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival for the first time in years.
‘Hongsang-ri plum family’ The festival site, which starts from standing stone, was once again surprised by the view of Gwangyang Maehwa Village from the entrance. Unlike when I went there a long time ago, it felt like spring started splendidly by planting red plum blossoms in places.
On the way to the Cheongmaesil Farm, there was a jangdokdae on a fence-like stone wall, which looked like a vase with plum branches blooming over the fence.
One of the hot points of the plum farm in Hongsang-ri was the innumerable jangdokdae. Red plum blossoms bloomed around it, and the spring sun was as bright as melting.
It’s been a few years since I found it, so the flowers’ hem has changed a lot as many years were empty. I felt like there were more flower paths where I could enjoy flowers.
A plum tree with straight branches as if it were arranged flowers.. It looks like plum branches are standing one by one, but in reality, it was a plum blossom that bloomed straight from the branches.
Where there are flowers, the passion of the monks is hidden. I also ran into a passionate friend who ran on the dawn to film the sunrise. Applause for that passion!!!
The bamboo forest was the same as before, but the bamboo trees seemed to grow more densely. It was a course where you could take a walk along the side road to the forest.
The Gwangyang Maehwa Festival was a photo spot everywhere I went. Even if I looked at it differently, the view of plum blossoms in Gwangyang Maehwa Village was spectacular.
In the white plum farm, red plum blossoms, pink plum blossoms, and yellow corns were combined to create a spring flower festival scent.
The newly-roofed yellow thatched roof was surrounded by flowers and looked like a bright yellow symbol of Maehwa Village, and the Seomjingang River was flowing beyond it, so it was beautiful.
The white plum blossoms burst flowers on branches as thin as popcorn. It’s so white that you can hear the sound of milky plum blossoms.
Plum branches are the best with curved branches!! I felt like I overcame a more severe winter than straight branches.
The plum blossoms, which spread out five petals, were one of the Four Gracious Plants symbolizing the upright incision and wisdom of the old ancestors. I think the strength of overcoming the cold winter and blooming flowers is a bigger attraction.
The walking trail along the Maehwa flower path is connected by a flat road, gentle uphill and downhill roads. When I walked while looking at the flowers, I was so drunk with the deep scent of plum blossoms that I forgot that I was walking.
Even though I grew up stretching out flower branches, the flowers bloomed clearly as if they knew their way.
There are three observation decks in Maehwa Village, which covered Baekunsan Mountain in white. One of them was the observatory going up from the bamboo forest road. If you go up further from there, you can see the red-flowered red plum community.
Seeing the red plum blossoms, I thought it would be good if there were more red plum blossoms. The plum blossoms that seemed to flow down along the foot of the mountain were superb.
The plum blossoms blooming at the foot of the mountain seemed to see a colony of Jopop trees, perhaps because the flowers were small, and the red plum blossoms blooming above them seemed to be colored like points.
The plum blossoms are small and cute. I was wondering if a tree with small petals is different from any other plum tree.
It was regrettable that the view from the observatory 3 could not overcome the cold winter and see the whole view of the Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival because the winter trees standing firmly blocked the view.
After looking around the observatory, I went down and headed back to Observatory 2. Gwangyang Maehwa Village is called Seomjin Village because it is located along the Seomjingang River.
The flower complex built at the foot of Baegunsan Mountain was a white flower field with plum blossoms in full bloom that seemed to flow down the mountain. In the meantime, I realized that it was the season of fresh green with the combination of green shoots.
The plum branches, which bloomed large petals, were so close that the flowers were stuck together that the branches were invisible.
The pale pink plum blossoms that bloomed shyly were flushed with the morning sun. It looks like a shy girl.
The white flowers looked like pear flowers from a distance, and they seemed to form a colony of Jopop trees. With the deep scent of flowers, I could be sure that it was a plum flower. It was more spectacular because the blue sky opened above the flower garden and the white petals stood out more.
The view of the Gwangyang Maehwa Festival from the observatory looked more relaxed than it was a long time ago, but the beautiful scenery remained.
The symbol of Gwangyang Maehwa Village looked like a watercolor painting with octagonal pavilion, plum blossoms blooming white around it, and the Seomjingang River flowing slowly behind it.
I went up all three observation decks, and I could see the octagonal pavilion to the left the best.
Octagonal Pavilion is located overlooking the Seomjingang River, so it is a resting place for travelers and a good spot to take pictures, and it was a place you could meet when you walk along the flower path wherever you go.
The Gwangyang Maehwa Festival, which I looked around carefully with time to spare, looked around the pond as the last spot. It was a day when the reflection of the blue sky was clearly reflected in the pond. The plum blossoms in Gwangyang Maehwa Village will be vivid until the weekend when the festival ends. The scent of plum blossoms at the spring flower festival made me feel excited.

Gwangyang Plum Blossom Festival #Gwangyang Plum Blossom Village #Spring Flower Festival #Plum Blossom attraction #Spring Flower outing #Real-time

Tokyo Travel Tokyo Tower Observatory Location Height Admission Ticket

Tokyo Travel Tokyo Tower Observation Deck Location Height Admission Ticket
Retro Emotional Tokyo Travel~ There is no room for boredom in Tokyo travel. That’s why there are so many places to go, play, and eat. Shibuya Sky Observatory and Tokyo Sky Tree, which are hot these days, are considered essential destinations, while Odaiba, Ginza, Ueno, Roppongi, and others are optional.Before the Tokyo Skytree was created, the Tokyo Tower was the signature. It’s a retro spot now, but it used to be a must-have hot place in Tokyo.
My accommodation was near Asakusa Sensoji, so I didn’t feel very uncomfortable while traveling to Tokyo. That’s why there was a station less than 10 minutes from the accommodation.
While walking to Asakusa Station, it was fun to walk while looking at the shopping streets that continued, and it was also fun to see the surrounding scenery coming and going on both sides of the road.
If you go to Tokyo Tower from Asakusa Station, you will arrive after passing 10 stops from Kuramae Station to Akabanebashi Station by Oedo Line. I could get off at the station and walk for about 10 minutes.
If you come to Shiba Park while walking, you can cross the crosswalk and find it there. On this day, I walked around looking for the photo points that my friends wanted to go to.
The point of the picture I found while walking.. The pleasure of finding it was for a while, and I hesitated whether to line up behind the long standing MZ generation and passed by because I thought it would take quite a long time. It took quite a long time for couples and teams to take various directing photos against the backdrop of Tokyo Tower.
It wasn’t a spot point, but I walked toward Tokyo Tower while climbing a gentle climb. When I came here a long time ago, it was a bright red steel tower, but when I found it after 10 years, the color was light and faded. It’s a bit bitter..
Looking directly at the Tokyo Tower, which I haven’t seen in a long time, my heart was moved~~ and I had mixed feelings that I didn’t know what it was. I’m reminded of the tangled scenes in my head.It is not an exaggeration to say that Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo travel, and it appears as a regular subject of countless dramas and movies, and it has the same status as Namsan Tower in Korea. The height was 333 meters, about half the height of Tokyo Skytree 634 meters.
I went around Tokyo Tower with a warm heart. It was a landmark of my trip to Tokyo that imitated the Eiffel Tower in France.
Tokyo Tower has been climbed before, so I only looked inside and around the tower on this day. There is a ticket booth on the first floor, and it was a weekday, but there were quite a few travelers, so I realized that it is still a popular place.
Tickets for the 150M main deck were 1,200円, the top deck was 2,800円, and the on-site reservation was 3,000円.
In the hall where the ticket booth is located, I could vividly see the process of the Tokyo Tower being built through pictures.
Tokyo Tower, which is more colorful at night than during the day, was a hot place for lovers as a night spot. It was a view point where you can enjoy the night view of Tokyo from the Tokyo Tower Observatory.
Tokyo Tower is 333M with a ticket counter on the first floor, a restaurant on the second floor, a tower gallery and a cafe on the third floor of the information.
The tower consists of a 150M main deck and a 250M top deck. The main deck has a skywalk, a souvenir shop, and a cafe, and the top deck was the rooftop Tokyo Tower Observatory.
I didn’t go up the tower, I just looked around the first floor. ‘Utano Prince Sama’ After the video was played, a sign saying “Free admission” was put up right next to it, but I turned around and came out.
On the way down after a round trip around the Tokyo Tower, the photo spot point was still waiting in line. It was a line that didn’t shrink.
I didn’t go up to Tokyo Tower, but I wanted to take various pictures, so I headed to Shiba Park, which is located between the roads.
If you take a picture with Tokyo Tower in the background, the point taken at Shiba Park was also good. I was able to capture the whole view of the tower. Shiba Park is a small park, but it is so historic that it is comparable to Ueno Park. It was a view point with a stable view of Tokyo Tower.

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Trip to Cebu, Philippines, 3 nights and 5 days, Oslop Moalboal Tour worth visiting

Trip to Cebu, Philippines 3 nights and 5 days Oslop Moalboal Tour Places to visit
Cebu, Philippines 3 nights and 5 days worth visiting~I went on a trip to Cebu after a long time. It was past midnight when I arrived at Cebu Maktan Airport because the flight was 8
20 p.m. from Incheon Airport. It was a night flight, but it was a detailed itinerary that added excitement to the trip because it was a well-organized schedule for the first time.~Yeol Cimi (2023.3.7)~This trip was with BIOBI Tour. We have prepared meticulously and thoroughly for the flight ticket, accommodation, and travel schedule with a full three nights and four days schedule that departs by evening flight and returns by early morning flight. If you book a detailed tour, you will get free travel insurance and pocket Wi-Fi.
I arrived at Incheon International Airport 3 hours before departure, checked in by myself, and finished the self-baggage check-in. The check-in process is self-service, but the passport, boarding pass, and English vaccination certificate were checked first at the counter entrance and entered.
Since it was my first overseas trip after renewing my passport, I was so excited with infinite expectations for the first stamp to be stamped on my new passport.
Cebu, Philippines, flew 4 hours and 30 minutes to Maktan Airport. I was relieved that there was a Korean guide from the BIOBI tour waiting at the airport.
BioB provides free accommodation pick-up and drop at no additional cost, and it was comfortable that we could use our own vehicle when we made a reservation.
the five – day trip to cebu stayed at the jpark island resort in lapu lapu city. It was a luxury resort with 7 outdoor swimming pools, 6 restaurants, 2 bars and lounge facilities.
The scale is so vast that I took a walk around the resort in the morning and evening. The facilities were as colorful as the endless roads.
The view from the room was especially good because it was surrounded by dense forests as if it were entering an arboretum. It was refreshing to see the green summer scenery with fresh green.
I had to go through the security checkpoint at the entrance when I entered the accommodation. At first, it was uncomfortable, but later I passed the checkpoint with familiarity.
After passing the search bar, a large lobby decorated with marble spreads out like a square. It was a five-star resort used by flight attendants.
The accommodation was spacious with twin beds. When I entered the entrance, there was a bathroom, and there was a full-length mirror and a bedroom inside.
There was a veranda with a garden view and an ocean view on the border of the sliding door, and tea tables were placed inside and outside, so it was good to enjoy tea time without paying attention.
Individually packaged amenities are prepared and coffee and tea are placed. And it was convenient to use because there was a private safe, which is a necessity of the resort, and there was a coffee pot and a dryer.
I had breakfast at Avalon on the first floor. I was able to enter from 6 in the morning, but I had a lot of morning schedules, so I enjoyed the morning leisurely.
The restaurant was as spacious as a square. The buffet-style breakfast was a dinner hall with Korean food as well as multinational foods such as Japanese food, Chinese food, and India.
There were various types of bakery, so I felt like I was in a bakery. It was fun to pick and eat because there were so many things.
My favorite vegetables such as freshly baked potatoes, corn, and sushi were also prepared in a variety, and I was satisfied enough to enjoy breakfast for about an hour.
It was breakfast, but 3 plates was a must. I enjoyed the instant kimbap because it was not different from the taste in Korea. For your information, the BIOBI Tour offers free airfare, accommodation, and tour reservations, so please ask me anything you want to know.
I enjoyed snorkeling and diving in Hilutongan and Nalusuan on the second day of the best detailed itinerary for 4 nights and 4 days of Biobi. On the third day, I went to see the Oslop whale shark that I had been looking forward to.
I left the hotel after 1 a.m. and ran for 3 hours to arrive in Oslop. It was 4
30 a.m. when I arrived at Oslop after running down the street in the dark. There was a team in front of us and our team was second. As time passed, travelers flocked, and there were so many people that I was surprised by the crowd.The whale shark was visible from six o’clock. The teams got on the boat in the order of the reservation. Before that, I could hear whale sharks and related precautions.
After a short trip from the beach by boat, I got off the boat right away and did whale shark watching. As soon as I put my face into the water, the giant whale shark was swimming in the same direction as the whale shark to shoot the video, and it was overwhelming. As I followed him, I wanted to climb on that huge body like Conan. It was thrilling with the reality that I couldn’t believe even when I saw it in front of my eyes.
to follow a whale shark around like that I was so surprised when I almost bumped into a whale shark…However, such a surprise was Oslop who was busy looking for whale sharks for a while.
After whale shark watching in Oslo, I ran for an hour and moved to moalboal. There is a sea turtle and sardines show-watching schedule here.
For your information, Tomalok Falls, the filming location of the avatar movie, was excluded from the tour due to restrictions on admission on this day. Usually, Oslop and Moalboal Day Tours include Tumalok Falls. I hope to visit Tommalok Falls next time!!
Moalboal is a well-developed coral reef and is one of the most popular diving sites in Cebu. You could see a sea turtle and sardine show there, which is designated as a sea turtle and sardine reserve.
Sea turtles could be seen in shallow waters near the beach, not in the deep sea. I took a proof shot with the sea turtle and followed it around as it moved. I followed the turtle around so that I couldn’t reach it.
As a colony of coral reefs, how beautifully colored tropical fish are around the coral reefs… The stripes were basic, and it was a heat seam that was so exciting to chase tropical fish such as yellow, blue, and fluorescent.
I snorkeled in Moalboal, which I went on a trip to Cebu, but I enjoyed swimming in the sea as if I were diving in the deep sea. The sardines’ graceful movements were fantastic. How happy I was when I moved along with that move.. If you plan to go on a detailed tour, make sure to go there.On the third day of the Bioby Tour, we had a city tour. I only looked around hot places to visit in the Philippines. Shirao Garden, which is hot with beautiful flowers and background, was one of them.
Shirao Garden was a garden composed of photo zones that are good for taking pictures. While I haven’t been there, there are photo zones that have been newly installed and there are points that have been newly colored.
On this trip, a Korean handsome guide from Australia who accompanied me took various pictures, so I liked it because there were many pictures of me.
On the way down from Shirao Garden, there is a temple of Leah. There is also a 360-degree view of downtown Cebu. It was a popular destination not only for foreigners but also for locals.
Lea Temple is a Greek temple building built by a Filipino businessman to his wife. It was also popular as a wedding venue because there were many good points to take pictures.
When I entered the room, I was impressed by the crystal chandelier and the statues of angels and lions on both sides.
one of the indispensable five-day, three nights trip to cebu was the cross of magellan and the church of santorino. At the entrance of the road to the cathedral, I could feel a pious atmosphere from the desperation of people lighting candles.
I also lit a candle riding on that atmosphere. Anyone can participate in lighting candles, and the amount is put in the box autonomously. On this day, the church of Santorino was in worship time, so I looked around the scenery as if I were sketching. I finished my trip to Cebu after shopping at Ayala Mall.
The trip to Cebu for 3 nights and 5 days was a travel course that time flew by. It was a schedule that was more heart-warming than ever.

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