(Picture book review) You’re lying.

Looking at the cover of the book, it looked like a fable with a rabbit.A singing rabbit – Lee Tae-kyung
Me sinking in the water.I didn’t understand the beginning and end of the cover, but I think I know after reading the story.
On my way home.Lee Tae-kyung wants to hang Gyuri’s feet.I said no, but Lee Tae-kyung knocks Gyuri down and denies that I did it.Gyuri, who is seriously injured, wears a cast, Gyuri’s mother complains to me, and my parents don’t listen to me, saying they don’t repent of their mistakes.
I’m known as a bad guy who doesn’t apologize after doing something wrong, and no one accepts my innocence.
I’m alone.I can’t stand it at all, and I lie, saying I walked Gyuri’s feet and reflected on her mistakes.
The teacher thanked the children for their courage and asked them to applaud
Lee Tae-kyung sighs with relief as she looked at it.
When I was cleaning alone, I looked outside, and Lee Tae-kyung secretly touched someone’s bag and made eye contact with me.
I was angry when I read the last sentence.The last time I go home alone on a snowy afternoon is also upsetting.
A situation where the truth becomes a lie.So I’m angry at the situation where I have to cover up the truth with lies.This book is never a happy ending.a very realistic endingWhat does it mean to believe in the truth?How often do we stand on the side of falsehood with misunderstanding and prejudice?It’s a picture of an animal character, but the main characters with a very human name are very realistic stories.So it would be nice to read and talk with senior children even though it is a picture book.(Question reading) 1. What is the result of Lee Tae-kyung’s lie? 2. How can the main character ‘me’ overcome this situation? What if you find a way that’s not a lie?3. Reading books and defining lies 4. Have you ever misjudged by looking at the appearance (rabbit, crow)? Let’s find a similar case in the article.#Reading Elementary Books #Elementary Recommended Books #Question Reading #Lies #Elementary Reading Activities #Elementary High School Recommended Books

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