(Picture book review) You’re lying.

Looking at the cover of the book, it looked like a fable with a rabbit.A singing rabbit – Lee Tae-kyung
Me sinking in the water.I didn’t understand the beginning and end of the cover, but I think I know after reading the story.
On my way home.Lee Tae-kyung wants to hang Gyuri’s feet.I said no, but Lee Tae-kyung knocks Gyuri down and denies that I did it.Gyuri, who is seriously injured, wears a cast, Gyuri’s mother complains to me, and my parents don’t listen to me, saying they don’t repent of their mistakes.
I’m known as a bad guy who doesn’t apologize after doing something wrong, and no one accepts my innocence.
I’m alone.I can’t stand it at all, and I lie, saying I walked Gyuri’s feet and reflected on her mistakes.
The teacher thanked the children for their courage and asked them to applaud
Lee Tae-kyung sighs with relief as she looked at it.
When I was cleaning alone, I looked outside, and Lee Tae-kyung secretly touched someone’s bag and made eye contact with me.
I was angry when I read the last sentence.The last time I go home alone on a snowy afternoon is also upsetting.
A situation where the truth becomes a lie.So I’m angry at the situation where I have to cover up the truth with lies.This book is never a happy ending.a very realistic endingWhat does it mean to believe in the truth?How often do we stand on the side of falsehood with misunderstanding and prejudice?It’s a picture of an animal character, but the main characters with a very human name are very realistic stories.So it would be nice to read and talk with senior children even though it is a picture book.(Question reading) 1. What is the result of Lee Tae-kyung’s lie? 2. How can the main character ‘me’ overcome this situation? What if you find a way that’s not a lie?3. Reading books and defining lies 4. Have you ever misjudged by looking at the appearance (rabbit, crow)? Let’s find a similar case in the article.#Reading Elementary Books #Elementary Recommended Books #Question Reading #Lies #Elementary Reading Activities #Elementary High School Recommended Books

Habsburg 600 years, masterpieces of fascination, on-site reservations and major works.

I didn’t make a reservation in advance, but I had to buy an on-site ticket, so I made an appointment with my friends to meet at 9
30 p.m.On-site ticketing starts at 9
50 and the line is incredibly long!!And, tickets were sold out in no time.”Tickets sold out until 11
00.”200 out of 750 copies are currently sold out.”The person concerned comes to the back and guides me, but I’m afraid people who line up late may not be able to buy tickets.
We lined up at around 9
40, and we were issued tickets in line for about an hour.After 11
30 p.m., only tickets were left, so I issued a ticket at 12 p.m., drank a cup of warm tea at a tea house in the museum, melted the cold, and entered at 12 p.m.
When I lived in Hungary, Austria was so close that I visited the Vienna Museum of Art History, the Belvedere Palace, and the Schönbur에n Palace, but my memory is dim because I don’t leave it as a record.
Armor that was also considered a symbol of wealth, as well as to protect the body.The sophistication of various armor caught my eye.
Jewel mosaic work<Scenery with bridges and waterwheels these days>It is a small-sized work, and it is unique because it is a painting that has been completed by cutting and assembling jewelry stone tablets.
Symbols of wealth. Props shining in gold.
A representative work of the Habsburg Royal Family Special Exhibition ~It would be nice to see it before going to the exhibition Video. Rubens’ work.It is displayed in an independent space Maria Theresa and Marie Antoinette.Maria Theresa, who thought of the people while trying to be a frugal king.Palace of Versailles, Marie Antoinette, remembered as the epitome of luxury and waste.The two women’s very different lifestyles in one space Empress Ceci, whom Hungary loved. I remember going on a spring picnic to the Ceci Palace in Goehallö. If you look at it now, the photos of the eventThe scene of the feast was left as a painting
It was so nice to have flowers in the space where the still life paintings were placed.
It was nice to see some of Raphael’s series of tapestries here that I was impressed with in the Sistine Chapel.The last space of the exhibition.a gift from Joseon to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations
It takes about an hour and a half after visiting the entire space.It is said that a YouTuber left such a comment.Don’t take the kid you don’t want to see. Just look at your mother.[Laughing]I saw a child brought by my mother’s hand, and she was having a hard time.You can enjoy watching it only when you want to see it.The movement is long and there are many people, so a lot of energy is consumed.#National Museum of Korea #600 Years of the Habsburg Royal Family Operation #BinArtHistoryMuseum #On-Site Reservation for the Habsburg Royal Family #Habsburg Royal Family #Recommended Exhibition #Exhibition to visit #Exhibition to visit #Seoul