The Rich’s Reading Method – Written by Song Sook-hee

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What is the rich man’s way of reading? Is the reading of the rich different from that of the general public? If you predict the rich’s reading method, you will likely read with a purpose, efficient reading, and reading that produces results. The idea that a rich man’s reading will not be idle is ahead. Rich people read books. Reading makes you rich. We are aware of that fact. But it’s still not enough. What is the reading method of the rich? Let’s take a look
First of all, what great men and successful people have in common are ‘thinking positive’and ‘reading books’. The essential qualifications for the self-made rich are ‘deaths do not owe.”Work to death.”Read to death’Why do the rich read so much? The reason is that the ability to work is the safest and most profitable asset, and reading books is an essential investment to secure, maintain, and grow these assets. So it is said that rich people read books to die. In addition to Warren Buffett (Buckshire Hathaway), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Elon Musk (Tesla), Kim Bum-soo (Kakao), and Kim Bong-jin (Baemin), the rich are known to read enormous books. Should I study rich by reading books to become rich? Yes, rich and reading exist in the same keyword. I think I should also be interested in books related to the rich. By necessity rather than attention? Anyway, it seems right to follow the rich man’s ideas. “Reading allows you to start ahead of others. Book readers are more likely to know the strategies and tactics of other industries than those who do not.”That’s what Alibaba co-founder Ma Won said. My head nods.
The study of the rich is an experience of getting smarter little by little every day, a study of great people as teachers, a strategic book reading (output type), and a book that reads without hesitation and writes without hesitation.
What to do during vacation is to read books 1. Collect books to read 2. Set the time to read books.3. Decide where to read books.4. Read one book at a time. 5. Read until the end. Deep reading refers to reading that creates opinions by reading in depth and thinking about the meaning of deep reading that develops intellectual combat power. It is a real book reading that becomes rich in reading, which critically thinks, understands, and accepts knowledge information that is spread everywhere, and combines one’s experience and knowledge with it to achieve results.
3 things that rich people don’t have (no easy and fast reading) – no imagination. (Reading deeply, reading properly, understanding, thinking, and reading) You should read each line with sincerity. You can’t really understand the content in a way like looking through, reading excerpts, or reading fast) – there’s no way (if there’s a shortcut like that, would the rich spend an hour reading a book every day that they’re so wasteful?)- No Outsourcing (because the reading effect is purely on the reader) Rich people read horribly
Reading also requires practice and training – you have to practice and train for a considerable amount of time to meet the goal of getting rich.Have you heard that there’s a gathering where super rich people gather and share their thoughts on reading books? You’ve probably never heard of it. They don’t participate in these meetings. There is no time to spare, but what matters to them is not the book reading experience, but the actual effect of reading and writing. The rich know very well that the process of reading, thinking, and self-magnifying books is the core of reading books, and this is only possible if you do it alone. “Making pearls is not a pearl-making seminar with other shells, but a small grain of sand that digs into the shell of the shell.”It’s written by Stephen King, an American novelist. Yes, the difference is the power to create by yourself. Even if you have participated in various events that talk about books and share the author’s thoughts, you must go through the process of magnetizing. You have to do this by yourself.
Reading books to become rich Golden Time rules Every day Same time-> Bunch time-Full of energy Time-> Sleeping time-> Reading books after sleep-> Reading books Only time to become rich Step 1 Find rich Step 3 Make rich Time 3 You need to read books and prepare at the same place every day
Right! This is what reading is like! Real reading is a time when you do your best to be fiercely, stealthily, and enormously intelligent. This is how the rich read. It is a time to concentrate and immerse your mind completely while reading a book. Reading time should be intense and relentless like a storm at once, not a gusty wind. The Rich’s Reading Method – Song Sook-hee’s Writing in a Book #Reading #Book #Reading #BookIntroduction #Book Recommendation #Book Note #Reading Method #Song Sook-hee #Rich #Good Writing #Good Writing #Dark Woman #Housewife Reading Research Center

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