Reading Is Repetition – Written by Kim Bum-joon

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Reading is a repetition. From the conclusion, you read a book three times. Three readings! Three readings! It’s hard to read once, but three times each?It can be thought that If you look at the method, you may change your mind.
Read number one – read it to the end for now.The way is just to look. Let’s see. There should be no pressure. One reading can be considered to be ready to enjoy. It’s a comfortable glance. I’m satisfied just by looking at about 10%. Read only the parts where the necessary keywords come out. (Find the good part)

Read number two-make it mine.It is a way to underline and read. Underlining has a learning effect. This is because it is mastered by repeating a specific method. Self-directed reading. If you underline it, you won’t be dragged around by books. (Attention to the better part of the good.)
3 Read-Repeat creates depth.When water is poured into the bean jelly several times, bean sprouts grow. The third reading is the stage of harvesting beans with bean sprouts. You should feel what you need in your life from the book and apply how it helps. (Make the good part of the book yours)
First choose the book to read.1 Reading
Folding (Reading quickly from beginning to end and folding the part of your interest).2) Reading 2 times
Underline (underline the folded part) Reading 3 times
Make it mine (apply to daily life When you reach 3 times of reading, move on to the next reading. Reading four times? No. I mean, it’s time to choose the next book.
The author tells me to read to show others. Show someone that you read a book. ‘Book Exposure’ is recommended. Reading to show others is the lifeblood of reading. You can brag about it if you did a good job of reading. ‘Positive SNS’Leaders Swag reader’Swag, blog, Facebook, and Instagram post the books they read. It is to brag about reading books that everyone in the world recognizes as good than other bragging. I am also showing off joyfully. What are the shortcuts to reading execution? It’s just ‘just’ I’m just saying get started. Start with ‘just read’and finish with ‘just do’and you’re done.
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