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It hasn’t been long since I started Instagram. One day, I received a message that my Instagram account was changing to ‘dormant account’. I guess that’s when it started. I started to raise my account one by one, thinking, “Let’s keep it alive.” It’s not much different from blogging. Instagram has the advantage of being more comfortable than blogs because it is sns managed by ‘photo-oriented’. While looking around in the library, I came across the familiar title, Instagram and #x27 Ten laws of Instagram psychology and influencer that generate revenue were introduced. I’m not interested in raising sales. Influencers wondered how to manage Instagram. After reading the book, I think there is no shortcut. You have to invest your time and put your heart into it. I don’t think there’s anything for nothing in any field. In the book, I organized my Instagram into three circles. The table shows below.
Even though gender, age, region, and occupation are different, use Instagram ‘the law of those who earn more!Let’s even read a representative book of a travel agency that makes you want to travel with half a background and half a picture of #Marketer living like #24 hours #Hashtag, which delivers in-site with 20,000 followers in daily logs.CEO of a meat restaurant who started Instagram only for the enjoyment of customers on the 240,000-follower restaurant platform that advises the taste and plating of beauty influencers specializing in diet, “What kind of influencer do you want to be?”Instagram also has to be purposeful, professional, and specific. It is also known as the Three Circle.
It also introduces 12 topics of Instagram content that people post the most. It is said that it is the result of organizing content by subject with colleagues in the company’s marketing team one day. I hope it will help those who want their products or services to be posted on Instagram as ‘Proud’. That’s right~! Sns are mostly bragging. Let’s admit it and take a look. 1. Pretty or cute things, places, restaurants and food, travel destinations, home interiors, objects, and the scenery in selfies 2. Information that you find first, or want to inform, hot pl new product information, marriage news, etc. want to share stories and information with people around you.3. Interesting information Popular humor or memoirs, interesting movie or drama stories 4. Evidence of self-development, Miracle Morning, study, reading, competency resolution (sharing goals), etc.* People want to emphasize their smartness.5. Social messages and participation blogging (jogging trash), volunteer activities, donation challenges, etc. 6. Special items, luxury goods, big items, gifts from lovers, etc. 7. Relationships and personal connections, photos with celebrities, pets #lovestagram 8. Personalities Museum, wine, whiskey, body profile, tattoos, product sales, news, lecture, hobby, etc. *9. Financial compensation certificate sponsorship, discount coupons, gift certifications, etc. 10. Birthday parties with friends, travel destinations with family, etc. 11. Private stories, sad stories, hard moments, personal memories, internal resolutions, etc. 12. You can see #lovestagram above. What’s this? I looked it up
A kind of hashtag used on Instagram, a social network service. It is a new word that combines the English word “love” for love and Instagram’s “stagram.” It is used as a hashtag phrase on Instagram, a social network service. It is usually used to upload friendly photos taken with lovers, gifts from lovers, and couple items on their Instagram.Instagram is an online service that builds relationships between people and is an image-sharing-oriented social network service (SNS). Instagram has a hashtag, a function that allows you to search and share specific topics. Hashtag is a form of adding a ‘#’ symbol in front of a specific phrase or word, and you can search for posts with the same hash tag. [Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia] Lupstagram (Pmg Knowledge Engine Laboratory)
Newly coined words come up in no time (?) and say what does this mean~~’What does this mean?’ If you don’t know, let’s learn.Taken together, you can post most of your daily life on sns.It comes to the idea that They share from grand and great things to trivial and trivial things. There are various reasons and purposes, whether for sales, daily life, or boredom. Instagram is not bad if it helps you or others. ^^Instagram Psychology – Written by Moon Young-ho #BookGhost #Reading #Book #Reading #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #BookNote #Instagram #InstagramPsychology #Moon Young-ho #Lovestagram #GoodWritings #GoodWomen #HousewifeReading Research Center

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