A Tear – The Last Note of the Year

Book Display

The cover of the book is white. be filled with blank spaces If you look closely, the letters are engraved.

I feel life.I think of a tearful death.Reminds me of a tearful memory.A tear is lost in thought.A tearful breath, a life is precious.A tear turns over the bookcase and a tear
A piece of writing engraved with numbers.At 58.59, a tear falls. Tears stream one after another.Pull yourself together and turn the pages again.Love life.Be thankful for life.Stick to the present.I don’t want to teach, but I feel teaching.
The weight and depth of the writing surround the whole body.Not many people will be able to write at the end of their lives. So it’s more precious. It’s short and calm, but it gives a deep impression. The author was full of curiosity about the book until the day of death. There are books that I haven’t read yet, so it’s heartbreaking to hear that I need time to read them. He was a master of creation who loved reading books and never let go of writing.

  1. It was time to say goodbye to the books, so the supreme commander went around every corner of the street as if he were inspecting the troops.There are some familiar ones that sometimes stop me with iron-legged weights.Each book has its own ideas to write and its own burning spirits to set fire to, but I just have to say goodbye now.My thoughts will forever be ashes and dust in that bookmark.Oh, God, it’s not because I want to survive.If you leave these kids behind, they’re all orphans.Among them was a book called Proust and Squid.I laughed because I was reminded of the current trend, <Squid Game>.I wanted to write in conjunction with the contents of this book and not with Proust, but with Zid’s “The Dictionary.”And that’s what “fake money” is.Isn’t the life of an illegitimate child born like fake money fun?So please give me a little time.’I want to talk to you.•The original title is Pruost and Squid, and it is introduced in Korea under the title “Brain Reading Books >”.• • It is also translated into the titles ‘Private’ and ‘False Offenders’.A drop of tears – The last note of the year #InsideBook #Reading #Book #Reading #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #Reading Note #Tear Drop #Year-Old #The last note of the year #Good #Good Writing #Tough Woman #Housewife Reading Research Center

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