I want you to be happy. – Park Chan-wi Essay

Book Introduction

When you read a book, there are articles that are good to think about and good to share. It is sometimes difficult to introduce articles that are easy to think about. This is because the content is profound and there are many times when only feelings are exchanged. Writing that is good to share is good to read lightly and sympathize with. So is the essay. Sometimes when I meet essays, I feel fluttering and flowers bloom in my mind. This kind of writing is good to share. It is an article that slightly touches emotions in a tight daily life. Reading emotional essays softens daily life. It relaxes and relaxes.The title is so nice. In the book, the precious keyword of life is love. People. It’s made up of life. I wonder what else is as precious as loving people in life. Meet a small emotional story. Draw a few short sentences and write them shorter.
How to meet a lover for a long time How to stay with a lover for a long time, it is not difficult.If you promised, keep it.Expressing love often.Not acting like you don’t like it.It’s trivial, but it’s about protecting the most basic things that lovers should keep.That’s all I need. Love is to talk to each other pretty, behave properly, and respect opinions. Love should be a teaching practice, not a one-way street. It’s coming and going. The other person is my mirror. My dream?Just a life with you next to me.Eating together, sleeping together, crying and laughing together.Life with you all the joys and sorrows.My world is full of you.That’s my dream.Is that a proposal? One of my unconditional supporters per day is enough.One person who remains by my side and stands by me in any situation is much more precious than 100 people who pass by for a while.Whenever I look back, whether I’m happy or sad, I’m the kind of person who always cheers me up next to me.If there is such a person, treat the relationship dearly.I’ll be the most reliable supporter of my life.//Everyone has at least one reliable supporter, right? Can I be a strong candidate for someone too?
The surrounding environment is the most important to increase self-esteem of the surrounding environment.I have to have people around who recognize my value so that I can love myself naturally without losing my value due to them.However, on the contrary, if I keep people around who value me cheaply, I have no choice but to reduce my value even by their influence.So please cut it firmly if it’s a relationship that undermines you.It is a short life to be happy with only good people and good words.I don’t need people around who tarnish my values.// He who knows how to love himself knows how to love others. When I am next to someone who supports me, my hidden talent begins to wriggle. If there is anyone who thinks my value is higher than me, I never fall down. Conversely, self-esteem can decrease due to someone who degrades my value. That kind of person… Let’s stay away from it
there’s bound to be my side.As I can’t love everyone, everyone doesn’t love me, so close your ears to the voices of people who hate me and live the life you want.There is always someone who will like you even if you don’t have to live up to other people’s tastes.// You can’t love everyone. As such, not everyone loves me. The relationship between the person who affirms me and the person I love is enough.
It means that a person who has already given several opportunities does not want to change in the first place.There’s no need to worry about it, and it’s not worth trusting more.You can cut it off.There’s nothing so useless as maintaining a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to try for me.// That’s right! People who don’t love me in the first place can’t try. If you don’t think so, just cut the radish and flirt with it!Distancing Everyone in this world has neither the right to hurt others nor the obligation to be hurt.Keep your distance from people who habitually hurt your shortcomings.Rather than trying not to be hurt in the midst of sharp people, I hope you will be happy without even a small wound by those who protect your vulnerability in the first place.// A caring person is less likely to hurt the other person. It’s good to be considerate. I like a caring life. It is better to care for a wound than to hurt it. I’m sure there’s no one who likes to be hurt. Dark cloud misfortune always intervenes in our lives without warning.But don’t be crushed by the misfortune that suddenly came to you.It’s not because you’re bad.It’s not your fault.It’s just a passing dark cloud.I’m sure it’ll be a good day again.It’s darkest before sunrise, it brightens when you go through the tunnel, rain and wind just pass by, darkness doesn’t stay, it doesn’t have to pass by. A good day comes after that. After night comes morning.
It exists even if you don’t see itJust as not seeing the sea doesn’t mean that the sea disappears, not seeing your value doesn’t mean that your value disappears.So don’t doubt your own worth.It’s definitely shining.If there is light inside, it shines. You, who are warm, are shining, too. All you have to do is acknowledge your light, don’t doubt your existence.
A self-esteem-boosting joonna is the most shining jewel in the world and the best art my parents have ever made.No one is worth more than me and no one can scratch me.I’m strong. It’s more beautiful than anyone else.The best happiness will surely come to me, who is strong and beautiful.// The probability of being born in this world? It’s a one in a billion chance. Your value is great just by being.
The gift of life When I look back on my life so far, so many things have happened.There were moments when I wandered, fell in love, was hurt and hurt, cried a lot, and there were happy moments.More things will happen in the future.There will be countless different days that I don’t expect.But no matter what moment comes to me, I will enjoy every moment of it.// It is the most valuable thing to do in life, laugh a lot, enjoy and love. Let’s grow a bowl to fill the gift of life. I want you to be happy. – Park Chan-wi Essay
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