[A famous restaurant in Sinjung-dong, Bucheon] Hwasarang Galbi (Building parking is available)

The place where Go Ju-mong, a meat restaurant that he often visited when he lived in Bucheon, was changed to Hwasarang Galbi.After the trip to Gangwon-do, my parents-in-law went down to the countryside, and I was wondering where to eat my last meal in Jeonjucheon. I decided to go with Hwa Sa-rang.It’s a good place to have a family dinner party because it has a large hall and many rooms of various sizes.Parking is convenient and the staff is very kind, so you can eat comfortably.However, the parking lot may be full during crowded times, and in that case, you can park at the parking tower in front of you and get a parking ticket from the store. The building’s parking lot is free of charge for two hours, but parking tickets are only available for one hour at the parking tower.When I grilled meat, it quickly passed an hour and some of the parking fees were paid by credit card.The side dishes are delicious.Salad Vegetables and pumpkin salad can be refilled freely at the refill corner.Our favorite side dish was muksabal~ muksabal with kimchi sliced was so delicious.Please provide as many side dishes as you need, and it is convenient to bring additional vegetables from the self-corner.Bossam radish kimchi is also delicious.The side dishes are neat and tasteful one by one.
I ordered pork ribs and king ribs, but my child and I personally liked pork ribs better.The king galbi is thicker, so it feels less soft to eat.To borrow a child’s review of the taste, the meat melts in his mouth.”
There’s a coffee area near the entrance, and there’s a small playground for children. Drinks and coffee machines including plum juice are freely available.The mannequins hung with disposable aprons looked cool, so I took a picture.
The price of eating out has gone up a lot these days.Especially, the price of meat seems to have gone up even more.Still, I think it’s better to just use the restaurant if you think you’re eating side dishes and grilled meat at home. #BucheonJungdongRestaurant #BucheonShinjungdongRestaurant #BucheonRotdaeDepartment StoreNear #BucheonCharcoalBulbeeFRestaurant #HwasarangGalbi #BucheonGalbiRestaurant #HwasarangParking #HwasarangMenuRecommendation

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