The days of public baths are coming to an end.

After reading the story of the public bathhouse in a news article not long ago, I would like to leave a post that I went to the public bathhouse because I have a lot of regrets about the disappearing local bathhouse.

Among the previous articles, there are quite a few related to baths and saunas. That much, the bathhouse must be a space that I love and like. After 두 two months, the child finally took off his cast. In the meantime, to prevent water from entering the cast, I put plastic on it and roughly took a shower, but I thought I needed to shave the dirt, so I took him to the bathhouse. The sign “I take a bath” at the entrance of the bathhouse is warm. When I was a baby, I think I took him to a women’s bath once or twice, but the gender is different, so the child should be divided into a men’s bath and I should be divided into a women’s bath. The exact opening date is unknown, but it is a bathhouse that has been in operation for well over 10 years because I have not forgotten to visit every time I enter Korea from Hungary.I went there since the time of 4,000 won for the 목욕, but now it has doubled to 8,000 won. Most of the saunas, which were seen one or two in each neighborhood, were closed at the height of Corona. The aunt of Seinsa Temple said that this bathhouse was also considered closing several times, and I’m glad and grateful that she endured it. When you put your shoes in the 신발 closet, lock them with your key, open the door of the women’s bath, and enter the entrance, you will see a snack bar selling shampoo, rinse, dirty towels, all-in-one underwear, nurungji, and baked eggs. Most people order cold coffee from the store lady and go into the soup, but the price has been frozen 2,000 won since before. Wouldn’t the price of coffee in the bathhouse be the only thing that hasn’t gone up in 10 years? Wrap your hair around the closet key, go up on the scale, check your weight, and open the bathroom door and enter. warm air The countless drops of water on the ceiling. After taking a shower, I go into the bath and look at the drops hanging on the ceiling without thinking.”Mom! It’s really refreshing.”How cool would it have been to remove the old dirt? The child’s face glows brightly. Husband is lucky. I have a son to go to the bathroom with. It’s annoying that I don’t have a daughter to go with me to the bathhouse.#The Age of Baths #BathtubHealingPoint #NeighborhoodBathtub #SweetBathtub

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