The Rich’s Reading Method – Written by Song Sook-hee

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What is the rich man’s way of reading? Is the reading of the rich different from that of the general public? If you predict the rich’s reading method, you will likely read with a purpose, efficient reading, and reading that produces results. The idea that a rich man’s reading will not be idle is ahead. Rich people read books. Reading makes you rich. We are aware of that fact. But it’s still not enough. What is the reading method of the rich? Let’s take a look
First of all, what great men and successful people have in common are ‘thinking positive’and ‘reading books’. The essential qualifications for the self-made rich are ‘deaths do not owe.”Work to death.”Read to death’Why do the rich read so much? The reason is that the ability to work is the safest and most profitable asset, and reading books is an essential investment to secure, maintain, and grow these assets. So it is said that rich people read books to die. In addition to Warren Buffett (Buckshire Hathaway), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Elon Musk (Tesla), Kim Bum-soo (Kakao), and Kim Bong-jin (Baemin), the rich are known to read enormous books. Should I study rich by reading books to become rich? Yes, rich and reading exist in the same keyword. I think I should also be interested in books related to the rich. By necessity rather than attention? Anyway, it seems right to follow the rich man’s ideas. “Reading allows you to start ahead of others. Book readers are more likely to know the strategies and tactics of other industries than those who do not.”That’s what Alibaba co-founder Ma Won said. My head nods.
The study of the rich is an experience of getting smarter little by little every day, a study of great people as teachers, a strategic book reading (output type), and a book that reads without hesitation and writes without hesitation.
What to do during vacation is to read books 1. Collect books to read 2. Set the time to read books.3. Decide where to read books.4. Read one book at a time. 5. Read until the end. Deep reading refers to reading that creates opinions by reading in depth and thinking about the meaning of deep reading that develops intellectual combat power. It is a real book reading that becomes rich in reading, which critically thinks, understands, and accepts knowledge information that is spread everywhere, and combines one’s experience and knowledge with it to achieve results.
3 things that rich people don’t have (no easy and fast reading) – no imagination. (Reading deeply, reading properly, understanding, thinking, and reading) You should read each line with sincerity. You can’t really understand the content in a way like looking through, reading excerpts, or reading fast) – there’s no way (if there’s a shortcut like that, would the rich spend an hour reading a book every day that they’re so wasteful?)- No Outsourcing (because the reading effect is purely on the reader) Rich people read horribly
Reading also requires practice and training – you have to practice and train for a considerable amount of time to meet the goal of getting rich.Have you heard that there’s a gathering where super rich people gather and share their thoughts on reading books? You’ve probably never heard of it. They don’t participate in these meetings. There is no time to spare, but what matters to them is not the book reading experience, but the actual effect of reading and writing. The rich know very well that the process of reading, thinking, and self-magnifying books is the core of reading books, and this is only possible if you do it alone. “Making pearls is not a pearl-making seminar with other shells, but a small grain of sand that digs into the shell of the shell.”It’s written by Stephen King, an American novelist. Yes, the difference is the power to create by yourself. Even if you have participated in various events that talk about books and share the author’s thoughts, you must go through the process of magnetizing. You have to do this by yourself.
Reading books to become rich Golden Time rules Every day Same time-> Bunch time-Full of energy Time-> Sleeping time-> Reading books after sleep-> Reading books Only time to become rich Step 1 Find rich Step 3 Make rich Time 3 You need to read books and prepare at the same place every day
Right! This is what reading is like! Real reading is a time when you do your best to be fiercely, stealthily, and enormously intelligent. This is how the rich read. It is a time to concentrate and immerse your mind completely while reading a book. Reading time should be intense and relentless like a storm at once, not a gusty wind. The Rich’s Reading Method – Song Sook-hee’s Writing in a Book #Reading #Book #Reading #BookIntroduction #Book Recommendation #Book Note #Reading Method #Song Sook-hee #Rich #Good Writing #Good Writing #Dark Woman #Housewife Reading Research Center

A Tear – The Last Note of the Year

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The cover of the book is white. be filled with blank spaces If you look closely, the letters are engraved.

I feel life.I think of a tearful death.Reminds me of a tearful memory.A tear is lost in thought.A tearful breath, a life is precious.A tear turns over the bookcase and a tear
A piece of writing engraved with numbers.At 58.59, a tear falls. Tears stream one after another.Pull yourself together and turn the pages again.Love life.Be thankful for life.Stick to the present.I don’t want to teach, but I feel teaching.
The weight and depth of the writing surround the whole body.Not many people will be able to write at the end of their lives. So it’s more precious. It’s short and calm, but it gives a deep impression. The author was full of curiosity about the book until the day of death. There are books that I haven’t read yet, so it’s heartbreaking to hear that I need time to read them. He was a master of creation who loved reading books and never let go of writing.

  1. It was time to say goodbye to the books, so the supreme commander went around every corner of the street as if he were inspecting the troops.There are some familiar ones that sometimes stop me with iron-legged weights.Each book has its own ideas to write and its own burning spirits to set fire to, but I just have to say goodbye now.My thoughts will forever be ashes and dust in that bookmark.Oh, God, it’s not because I want to survive.If you leave these kids behind, they’re all orphans.Among them was a book called Proust and Squid.I laughed because I was reminded of the current trend, <Squid Game>.I wanted to write in conjunction with the contents of this book and not with Proust, but with Zid’s “The Dictionary.”And that’s what “fake money” is.Isn’t the life of an illegitimate child born like fake money fun?So please give me a little time.’I want to talk to you.•The original title is Pruost and Squid, and it is introduced in Korea under the title “Brain Reading Books >”.• • It is also translated into the titles ‘Private’ and ‘False Offenders’.A drop of tears – The last note of the year #InsideBook #Reading #Book #Reading #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #Reading Note #Tear Drop #Year-Old #The last note of the year #Good #Good Writing #Tough Woman #Housewife Reading Research Center

Reading Is Repetition – Written by Kim Bum-joon

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Reading is a repetition. From the conclusion, you read a book three times. Three readings! Three readings! It’s hard to read once, but three times each?It can be thought that If you look at the method, you may change your mind.
Read number one – read it to the end for now.The way is just to look. Let’s see. There should be no pressure. One reading can be considered to be ready to enjoy. It’s a comfortable glance. I’m satisfied just by looking at about 10%. Read only the parts where the necessary keywords come out. (Find the good part)

Read number two-make it mine.It is a way to underline and read. Underlining has a learning effect. This is because it is mastered by repeating a specific method. Self-directed reading. If you underline it, you won’t be dragged around by books. (Attention to the better part of the good.)
3 Read-Repeat creates depth.When water is poured into the bean jelly several times, bean sprouts grow. The third reading is the stage of harvesting beans with bean sprouts. You should feel what you need in your life from the book and apply how it helps. (Make the good part of the book yours)
First choose the book to read.1 Reading
Folding (Reading quickly from beginning to end and folding the part of your interest).2) Reading 2 times
Underline (underline the folded part) Reading 3 times
Make it mine (apply to daily life When you reach 3 times of reading, move on to the next reading. Reading four times? No. I mean, it’s time to choose the next book.
The author tells me to read to show others. Show someone that you read a book. ‘Book Exposure’ is recommended. Reading to show others is the lifeblood of reading. You can brag about it if you did a good job of reading. ‘Positive SNS’Leaders Swag reader’Swag, blog, Facebook, and Instagram post the books they read. It is to brag about reading books that everyone in the world recognizes as good than other bragging. I am also showing off joyfully. What are the shortcuts to reading execution? It’s just ‘just’ I’m just saying get started. Start with ‘just read’and finish with ‘just do’and you’re done.
Reading is Repetition – Kim Bum-joon Written #BookGhost #Reading #Book #Reading #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #Reading Note #Reading is Repeated #Kim Bum-joon #3Power of Reading #GoodWriting #GoodWriting #Tough Woman #Housewife Reading Research Center

Instagram Psychology – Written by Moon Young-ho

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It hasn’t been long since I started Instagram. One day, I received a message that my Instagram account was changing to ‘dormant account’. I guess that’s when it started. I started to raise my account one by one, thinking, “Let’s keep it alive.” It’s not much different from blogging. Instagram has the advantage of being more comfortable than blogs because it is sns managed by ‘photo-oriented’. While looking around in the library, I came across the familiar title, Instagram and #x27 Ten laws of Instagram psychology and influencer that generate revenue were introduced. I’m not interested in raising sales. Influencers wondered how to manage Instagram. After reading the book, I think there is no shortcut. You have to invest your time and put your heart into it. I don’t think there’s anything for nothing in any field. In the book, I organized my Instagram into three circles. The table shows below.
Even though gender, age, region, and occupation are different, use Instagram ‘the law of those who earn more!Let’s even read a representative book of a travel agency that makes you want to travel with half a background and half a picture of #Marketer living like #24 hours #Hashtag, which delivers in-site with 20,000 followers in daily logs.CEO of a meat restaurant who started Instagram only for the enjoyment of customers on the 240,000-follower restaurant platform that advises the taste and plating of beauty influencers specializing in diet, “What kind of influencer do you want to be?”Instagram also has to be purposeful, professional, and specific. It is also known as the Three Circle.
It also introduces 12 topics of Instagram content that people post the most. It is said that it is the result of organizing content by subject with colleagues in the company’s marketing team one day. I hope it will help those who want their products or services to be posted on Instagram as ‘Proud’. That’s right~! Sns are mostly bragging. Let’s admit it and take a look. 1. Pretty or cute things, places, restaurants and food, travel destinations, home interiors, objects, and the scenery in selfies 2. Information that you find first, or want to inform, hot pl new product information, marriage news, etc. want to share stories and information with people around you.3. Interesting information Popular humor or memoirs, interesting movie or drama stories 4. Evidence of self-development, Miracle Morning, study, reading, competency resolution (sharing goals), etc.* People want to emphasize their smartness.5. Social messages and participation blogging (jogging trash), volunteer activities, donation challenges, etc. 6. Special items, luxury goods, big items, gifts from lovers, etc. 7. Relationships and personal connections, photos with celebrities, pets #lovestagram 8. Personalities Museum, wine, whiskey, body profile, tattoos, product sales, news, lecture, hobby, etc. *9. Financial compensation certificate sponsorship, discount coupons, gift certifications, etc. 10. Birthday parties with friends, travel destinations with family, etc. 11. Private stories, sad stories, hard moments, personal memories, internal resolutions, etc. 12. You can see #lovestagram above. What’s this? I looked it up
A kind of hashtag used on Instagram, a social network service. It is a new word that combines the English word “love” for love and Instagram’s “stagram.” It is used as a hashtag phrase on Instagram, a social network service. It is usually used to upload friendly photos taken with lovers, gifts from lovers, and couple items on their Instagram.Instagram is an online service that builds relationships between people and is an image-sharing-oriented social network service (SNS). Instagram has a hashtag, a function that allows you to search and share specific topics. Hashtag is a form of adding a ‘#’ symbol in front of a specific phrase or word, and you can search for posts with the same hash tag. [Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia] Lupstagram (Pmg Knowledge Engine Laboratory)
Newly coined words come up in no time (?) and say what does this mean~~’What does this mean?’ If you don’t know, let’s learn.Taken together, you can post most of your daily life on sns.It comes to the idea that They share from grand and great things to trivial and trivial things. There are various reasons and purposes, whether for sales, daily life, or boredom. Instagram is not bad if it helps you or others. ^^Instagram Psychology – Written by Moon Young-ho #BookGhost #Reading #Book #Reading #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #BookNote #Instagram #InstagramPsychology #Moon Young-ho #Lovestagram #GoodWritings #GoodWomen #HousewifeReading Research Center

Psychology of Money – Written by Morgan Haujeol

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Why You Didn’t Become Rich. That’s right! Why is that? Why can’t I be rich when I live diligently? Can the answer be found in the psychology of money? Turn the pages. The first thing I noticed was that the more I studied and wrote about the financial crisis, the more I realized that it was better understood through the lens of psychology and history, not through the lens of finance.”Well, is this the key point? Psychology! Should I buy it? Should I sell it? Always thinking~! You have to study greed, anxiety, and optimism to know money. The psychology of money consists of 20 chapters. It looks difficult to access, but fortunately, ‘Big Lesson of Investing’ is prepared. I think it’s the core of the book. Just reading this part gives me a sense of it. Move some of them.

Are you a safety-oriented or risk-oriented type of investment?”Each investor’s risk preference seems to depend on the individual’s experience.”It wasn’t intelligence, it wasn’t education. It is purely dependent on the coincidence of when and where you were born.
The sun can’t always rise. There are cloudy days and windy days. The same is true of business and investment. Even legendary investor Peter Lynch said this. If you’re the best in this industry, you’ll get six out of ten.”The important thing is not to win 100 percent. You win big when you win, and you lose small when you lose. Focus on the moment you win big. The tail wags the whole thing.
Having a lot of money doesn’t make you happy. But it is true that money is needed for happiness. It’s great luck and happiness to be able to do what I want, when I want, with who I want, where I want, as much as I want. And there is a need for money. The real value of money is right here.
Savings, what a ridiculous story. Why you should save money though. When you’re forced to do something you don’t like, when you want to have the autonomy to do what you want when you want, when you want to seize the golden investment opportunity that came unannounced, the savings that were dormant at that moment may save your life.
Few investments in the world are on a 100 percent upward curve. Few investors can maintain their sanity in the face of the plunge. Therefore, we cannot endure only a rational strategy based on numbers. This is why moderately rational and moderately emotional strategies are more dominant.
Benjamin Graham, the father of value investment, teacher of Warren Buffett, founder of corporate analysis, and investor of the century.He supplemented his theory and formula several times, agreeing with ‘future unpredictability’. Who anticipates, predicts, and predicts the future. The only thing that’s certain is the fact that unpredictable things happen in the world.
People change. Why don’t you put such a common proposition into your own investment? Making long-term plans is harder than you think. This is because over time, people change their goals and desires.
A successful investment comes with a price. The cost is not dollars or cents. You have to pay in the form of volatility, fear, doubt, uncertainty, and regret.
Ask yourself.Looking ahead to 30 years?Or are you planning to cash it in 10 years?Or are you going to sell it within a year?Or is it a day trader?Your investment should start with an answer to this question.
We don’t make financial decisions by looking at spreadsheets or textbooks. Important financial decisions are made at the dinner table. It is not intended to maximize returns, but makes decisions thinking about your spouse or children.Therefore, it is inevitable that it varies from person to person, and what is right for someone may be wrong for others.We need to find our own investment strategy.
People don’t see you when you’re driving a nice car. I only admire your car. I don’t respect you for your stuff.Money~! Hot and cold. It is both computational and emotional. They fill it up and take it away. Money depends on the person who uses it, but it does a lot of work. It’s up to the person who uses the money whether it’s cold or warm. As I approach money through psychology, I feel closer to warmth.Psychology of Money – Morgan Haujeol Written #Books #Books #Books #Reading #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #Book Notes #MoneyPsychology #Morgan Haujeol #Good Words #GoodWomen #HousewifeReading Research Center

[A place worth visiting in Gangneung] Chamsori Phonograph Museum & Edison Science Museum, where the passion of collectors is melted.

I visited the Chamsori Phonograph Museum, which I visited as a young man in his 20s, again as a mother of a child in his 40s.More collections and a larger gallery.What hasn’t changed, however, is that the collector’s enthusiasm for collecting what he likes constantly melts.If you are planning to go to the Chamsori Phonograph & Edison Science Museum, I recommend checking the docent time.
When we visited, the explanation began at 12
20.Rather than just looking at the exhibits, you can listen to the sound of the phonograph and enjoy the sound of the music box 150 years ago. You can also watch movies with a projector from a long time ago at the movie museum.And, it will be a time to feel as much as you know and as much as you can feel as much as you see and see Edison’s various inventions.Most of the viewing places are restricted from taking pictures, so there are not many pictures.the invention of EdisonIt was good to be able to meet the sound, light, and video of 100 years ago in one space through persistent collection by a collector who fell in love with Edison’s passion for creating various fields and products by expanding the scope to sound, light, and video.I remembered the sound I heard as a young man 20 years ago.The old songs from the old speakers were so good that I cried a little.
Although it has changed so that you can enjoy music comfortably in a more comfortable chair and wider space, the sound delivered through the speaker still conveys old memories and old moods.

Not long ago, I thought about the meaning of ‘collection’ through Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s works in Busan.During this trip to Gangneung, it was a meaningful time to see the ultimate goal of the collector to achieve through collection rather than through collection itself, the joy, emotion, frustration, and challenge that must have been felt through the collection process.Even if I don’t collect something, I want to learn that passion.I want to be like him.#EdisonMuseum #GangneungTravel #GangneungTravel #GangneungHotPl #GangneungTravelTournamentRecommended #ChamsoriMuseum #SoundMuseum #GangneungMuseum #Collector’s Spirit #Collector’s Passion #EdisonInvention #Sound #EdisonJeonGoo #Edison Yeongsa

[A famous restaurant in Sinjung-dong, Bucheon] Hwasarang Galbi (Building parking is available)

The place where Go Ju-mong, a meat restaurant that he often visited when he lived in Bucheon, was changed to Hwasarang Galbi.After the trip to Gangwon-do, my parents-in-law went down to the countryside, and I was wondering where to eat my last meal in Jeonjucheon. I decided to go with Hwa Sa-rang.It’s a good place to have a family dinner party because it has a large hall and many rooms of various sizes.Parking is convenient and the staff is very kind, so you can eat comfortably.However, the parking lot may be full during crowded times, and in that case, you can park at the parking tower in front of you and get a parking ticket from the store. The building’s parking lot is free of charge for two hours, but parking tickets are only available for one hour at the parking tower.When I grilled meat, it quickly passed an hour and some of the parking fees were paid by credit card.The side dishes are delicious.Salad Vegetables and pumpkin salad can be refilled freely at the refill corner.Our favorite side dish was muksabal~ muksabal with kimchi sliced was so delicious.Please provide as many side dishes as you need, and it is convenient to bring additional vegetables from the self-corner.Bossam radish kimchi is also delicious.The side dishes are neat and tasteful one by one.
I ordered pork ribs and king ribs, but my child and I personally liked pork ribs better.The king galbi is thicker, so it feels less soft to eat.To borrow a child’s review of the taste, the meat melts in his mouth.”
There’s a coffee area near the entrance, and there’s a small playground for children. Drinks and coffee machines including plum juice are freely available.The mannequins hung with disposable aprons looked cool, so I took a picture.
The price of eating out has gone up a lot these days.Especially, the price of meat seems to have gone up even more.Still, I think it’s better to just use the restaurant if you think you’re eating side dishes and grilled meat at home. #BucheonJungdongRestaurant #BucheonShinjungdongRestaurant #BucheonRotdaeDepartment StoreNear #BucheonCharcoalBulbeeFRestaurant #HwasarangGalbi #BucheonGalbiRestaurant #HwasarangParking #HwasarangMenuRecommendation

And everything changed – written by Anita Murzani.

Introduction to the book

The story of a woman who has reached cancer, near-death experience, and complete tea.Something hard to prove to the world sometimes happens. It is believed that one of them is ‘ near-death experience’. It is said that life and death are not different. But death is a place I haven’t been to, so I don’t know. The story of a person who has experienced death is sometimes encountered through books. It’s hard to believe and it’ This is because it is not easy to empathize with ‘yes’ without experiencing and feeling it in person. It’s just a prediction through the book. <Why don’t we fear death><Read from your previous life> Not a near-death experience, but brain scientist Jill Bolt Taylor<I thought I was dead.A similar story can be heard in >. The content works. We are all connected to this cosmic energy, and we all feel strongly that we are one with that energy. If you guess in advance through their stories, you often come to the idea of living a good life. It’s easy to forget in time, though. It is said that laughing and having fun have become more important. It is said that during the near-death experience, they did not judge anything, there was only compassion, and there were no conditions for the love.There is a lot of writing I want to convey. You can’t move them all. I suggest you read it at least once. This is because I think it will help me think about how to live.
During the near-death experience, I felt strongly that we were all connected to this cosmic energy, and that we were all one with it.We are all allowing this magnificent and mysterious life force to flow through each cell. It is not any external entity, but a state of existence, that is, an internal phenomenon. It’s inside, it’s outside, it’s everywhere. It doesn’t matter what race we are, what religion we have, what culture and belief system we belong to. As long as we’re alive, we’re all connected to this energy. In fact, we are this cosmic energy. We don’t have to do anything to reach this energy, we don’t have to be anything, we don’t have to prove anything. We are all majestic and powerful beings, and everyone touches this energy. Because this energy is us.When we begin to truly listen to what we are, as life desires, to what we are, we connect to our majestic souls. When we regain our power by allowing this connection, we feel clear, and so life is back on track. I don’t feel the need to force a change in the world or anyone else. Going out and changing the world means they’re judged wrong, so I’m trying to fix them to fit my wishes or ideas. But everything exists in the way it should at that point in time. I know the only thing I’m going to do is just have a ‘#x27’. All I have to do here is to be myself, as an expression of love that is myself, and to see perfection in me and in the world around me throughout my life in this physical dimension. This is all we all need to be.To be my love, to be myself. After the Imsae experience I never felt like I was back for something ‘fulfillment’. I’m just back for being and being. So everything I do comes from love. When I feel negative about things that make me angry, I allow that feeling as it is. This is because it is much better to experience such emotions vividly than to hold them tightly. Again, it’s not fighting against my current feeling, it’s just allowing it. This very act of allowing without judgment is the act of self-love. This act of being kind to oneself makes life much more enjoyable than pretending to be false positive.We always bring in similar things, attracting perfect results without an inch of error. Therefore, the more kind I am to myself, the more kind things will appear to me to reflect my attitude. If you treat yourself harshly or put a standard of judgment, corresponding situations will unfold. The universe always stands by me, saying that my thoughts are right. I mean, what I think about me is right!’Oh, life wasn’t supposed to struggle like that. Life was all about having fun, living fun! You didn’t know this! And everything changed – by Anita Murzani #WritingInBook #Reading #Book #Reading #Book Introduction #Book Recommendation #Book Note # And everything has changed. #PregnancyExperience #Am #GoodWrit #GoodWrit #GoodWomen #Housewife Reading Research Institute

The Wisdom of Getting People – Written by Balthazar Gracian

Book Introduction

When you need wisdom, when you are desperate for someone’s advice, the first book you open!Before I started reading in earnest, I used to find and read short sentences. It’s a book like wisdom to get people. This is because it is not burdensome and you can read it briefly or open it regardless of the page. Even if I look at it for a while, I think I would have kept it close to getting energy. If it is burdensome to start reading, I think it is a book worth trying. Timing is the key when asking a favorSome people in the world are good at doing favors and others are good at refusing. Those who do favors well are like lock-free safes, so they can get what they want without difficulty. However, when you ask someone who unconditionally refuses, you need some skills.First, it’s better to ask him by surprise when he’s in a good mood, after a meal, or when he’s sober. A man is bound to do favors when he is in a good mood.However, visiting someone immediately after they are rejected is tantamount to booking a rejection. It’s also better not to ask after he’s gone through something sad.If the other person is not shallow or ungrateful, it is much easier to get consent if you ask him after doing him a favor in advance.
Distinguish between what to say and what not to say We don’t own anyone completely. They cannot be wholly owned or owned by each other, not only in the most intimate human relationships such as blood ties and friendships, but also in relationships that bear considerable professional and social obligations. Because total trust and total possession are different.No matter how close a friend is, there are things to keep, and there are things to not say between parents and children. There are things to confide in some people and hide from others, and vice versa.Therefore, we need to know what to reveal and what to hide, and how to distinguish according to the person at the time. Without realizing this logic, no human relationship can lead to deep trust.
Control your tongue well. Tongue is like a beast. Once the reins are released, it is hard to gag.The tongue is the pulse of the mind. A wise person identifies the mental health status and reads the mind through the other person’s words.What’s unfortunate is that the person who should be most careful with his tongue makes fun of it.반면 On the other hand, wise people always show that they do not fall into anxiety, avoid embarrassing situations, and have excellent self-control by being careful about what they say. Wisdom of getting people – Balthazar Gracian Written by
#BalthazarGraussian #Reading #Book #BookIntroduction #BookRecommendation #BookNote #Wisdom #BalthazarGraussian #GoodWriting #GoodWomen #HousewifeReading Research Center

Blog Average Data Check – What is your blog’s identity?

I looked at the blog average data.It is an average of less than half of the top group, but I am proud that it seems to be growing steadily.
Why did you start blogging?When I first went to Hungary, I used Facebook as a tool for communication with my family and acquaintances in Korea.A very pretty age.Facebook, which was used to share the image of a child growing up, often misses the feed that they want to see because of a completely unrelated connection, including strange friends (?) foreigners. I delete the app because I don’t like the alarm that pops up frequently and the messy environment.I didn’t back up the pictures I posted then, so I’m sad that there aren’t many pictures left when the child was so pretty.Kakao Story is the communication tool that I used after Facebook.Much of Hungarian life is contained in cas.Daily life shared with close friends, family, and acquaintances.The stories we exchanged through Cass were very good, but at some point, strange neighbor requests came in, and the feed began to be full of advertisements.It’s hard to find information or stories you want to know.It was burdensome that an unspecified number of people might see Cass full of personal information ahead of his reinstatement, so he revised it all to see only me and blocked Cass.a period of rest for a whileI started dieting and thought of keeping a record of a salad diet every day, so I found a blog that I left unattended after using it a long time ago.
I kept a simple record of what salad to eat every day, but accidentally became a neighbor with Healing Forenim, got to know the blog village, and got to know Lake Bam, so I dipped my feet deep in the blog.Honestly, I’m not sure what kind of identity my blog has.The first category that I thought of as the most important focus was <Read, empathize, and ask questions>.I like fairy tales and children’s books, so I started to leave reviews.While reading and recording hard during the leave of absence, the number of postings decreased significantly after returning to work.The number of books read has decreased, and there are too many books that I read but couldn’t leave as reviews.The 23-year goal is to post more than 100 book reviews in this category. We need to wake up early in the morning to secure reading time.I hope I can meet a lot of good books this year and ask myself questions that are essential.100 days of writing that started to interest the blog
100 days of writing that decided to start abruptly after reading this book, and the category of writing Miya> began to fill.
It was burdensome to write one article every day, but it was fun.I enjoyed the process of thinking, thinking, and choosing words that capture my heart every day when I find something to write.However, as time went by, the burden of writing increased. It seems that writing became difficult when the moment when the desire to write well pressed the passion to write came.However, through Miya, I was able to get closer to myself by thinking about what I really wanted to write and what I really wanted to say.And another category<Cleaning your mind>
A space where you meditate on words and organize your thoughts.This year, I decided to share my cuteness with my child by [cutie-in]. I decided to meditate on what I said and try to keep it on record!My eyesight got so bad that I promised my child to reduce the use of smartphones.It is necessary to change the form of writing first in a notebook and then transferring it to a blog.
Spend more time reading.Finding and writing a story that I really want to write.Back to basics and firmly establish the root of the word.I hope this year will be a year to find the identity of my blog and build it up.#BlogAverageData #BlogIdentity #BlogNumber